The Most Embarrassing Pregnancy Problems (that nobody likes to talk about)

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Let me guess, you’re expecting a child and experiencing quite a few embarrassing pregnancy problems that nobody told you about? It’s normal! We’ve all been there before and there are ways to deal with it without the world knowing. This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All messy opinions are mine alone. #SeventhGenerationFemCare #CollectiveBias

The Most Embarrassing Pregnancy Problems (that nobody likes to talk about)

I always pictured pregnancy to be this glamorous, fabulous thing. I’d rock a cute baby bump and wear the most adorable maternity clothes ever made. I expected a little morning sickness and maybe swollen ankles, but I could deal with that. What I didn’t imagine is all the embarrassing little things about pregnancy that required me to pick up a ridiculous amount of Seventh Generation™ feminine care products.The Most Embarrassing Pregnancy Problems (that nobody likes to talk about)

Yes, feminine care products while pregnant. If you’ve been pregnant before then you know exactly what I’m talking about and if not, then here’s all the embarrassing pregnancy things that nobody talks about. You’re welcome.

My Embarrassing Pregnancy Problems

“Get pregnant,” they said. “It will be fun,” they said. Yeah, it’s great. I’m growing a child inside of me. I’m basically a miracle worker. I get away with things that I normally wouldn’t get away with because I have a big ole baby bump. But, what they didn’t tell me about was the messy, yucky, unladylike things that I would experience the entire time. Yes, thanks mommy friends for conveniently leaving this stuff out. I’m so grateful – not. They didn’t talk about it so either it was intentional or they forgot. Well, I’m 6 months pregnant and wondering why nobody talks about this stuff. So, I’m here to talk about it in hopes that this is normal and I’m not some freak of nature.


that’s how bad it is.The Most Embarrassing Pregnancy Problems (that nobody likes to talk about)

Free & Clear Pantiliners (50 Count) come in handy. Just stick one right in those pretty little panties and the world will never know. I’m sure you thought being pregnant meant that you can throw all those feminine products in the cabinet for a year. Well, your body and baby has other plans for you. Disgusting plans for you. And, instead of bringing up the messy subject to friends or your mother, you can head to a Target near you for these feminine products. I prefer this brand among others because there’s no fragrance, natural or artificial! Basically, your vagina wont smell like powder or any of those other weird fragrances that people think we need to feel fresh. WINNING.

Raging Hormones

I don’t know about you, but I find it pretty embarrassing to be normal one second, enraged the next, and bawling at a commercial right after. Those raging hormones aren’t a joke! If my husband looks at me the wrong way, he gets the full wrath of this mama. But no worries, I’ll be crying immediately after from the guilt. Maybe you’ve heard of crazy hormones while pregnant, but I don’t think people talk about them enough. You will likely wonder who the heck you’ve become. Don’t worry, I’ve heard you become your normal self after baby comes…maybe.

Yucky Skin

Why didn’t anyone tell me that I’d be breaking out like a teenager while pregnant? I wake up every week to a few new visitors on my face. The last thing I want to do while I’m out of breath with swollen ankles, is wear makeup to cover these zits. Thanks, hormones.

The Most Embarrassing Pregnancy Problems (that nobody likes to talk about)


Want to practice giving brith out of your bum? That’s basically what you’ll be doing as the baby crowds your bowels and screws up your digestive tract. I hope you’ve already taken some birthing classes because you’ll need to keep breathing on the toilet. Don’t strain too hard, though, you don’t want hemorrhoids – another pregnancy problem.

Low Sex Drive

All I’ve heard about since I got pregnant is this incredibly high sex drive that women have and how great the sex is. Well, the bus skipped this station because I feel too huge, too tired, and too uncomfortable to even think about making out with my husband. Maybe this high sex drive comes later? Maybe I’m just a prude. Whatever it is, it sucks. Just ask my husband. I’m sure he has some complains.

Bladder Leakage

Thank you to my friends who told me that pregnancy is the most beautiful thing in the world. Peeing myself when I laugh, sneeze, or cough isn’t pretty. Changing my panties because that joke was a little too funny isn’t cute. There aren’t enough panties in the world to save you from bladder leakage while pregnant, ladies. Every bathroom break is urgent and you need to be prepared for all those moments in between.

The Most Embarrassing Pregnancy Problems (that nobody likes to talk about)
I even packed Seventh Generation™ feminine care products in my hospital bag – just in case!

When I’m leaving he house, I have Free & Clear fragrance-free Ultra-Thin Pads with Wings (18 Count) in my emergency bag and since they have a nice comfort fit are leak-free, I wear one (even in my pretty panties). The PureFit™ design conforms to my body so I don’t feel like I’m walking around with a diaper on. It’s just the right amount of protection I need for those embarrassing moments!

Difficulty Grooming

Can someone please tell me how the heck they reach “down there” to shave or trim? I find myself in the most awkward position trying to maintain my well-groomed status. The same goes for shaving my legs. This belly is too big for me to reach down to my ankles. I’ve made it work up to this point but it’s required some gymnastics and contortions that my body isn’t used to.

I know you’re thinking, what about leaky nipples? What about pooping during delivery? Well, my friends, I’m not there yet and if you’re wondering about it then you’ve heard about it so I don’t need to mention it. I’m not one of the “lucky ones” and I don’t expect anything to be glamorous about pregnancy or delivery anymore.

The Most Embarrassing Pregnancy Problems (that nobody likes to talk about)

Seventh Generation™ feminine care products. It’s a step in the right direction and the next step is to deliver this baby and get back to a menstrual cycle that allows me to use the brand new Seventh Generation Comfort Applicator Tampons (18 Count). Am I weird to wish for a period again? Probably, but I’m curious about tampons that are Certified Organic Cotton and hypoallergenic. I bet my lady bits would be thankful!

The Most Embarrassing Pregnancy Problems (that nobody likes to talk about)

What are your most embarrassing pregnancy problems?

Visit the feminine care aisle in a Target near you or to pick up these Seventh Generation™ feminine care products and be sure to check Cartwheel for special deals and offers.

The Most Embarrassing Pregnancy Problems (that nobody likes to talk about)

What are/were your most embarrassing pregnancy problems?

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  1. I’m SO glad I’m not the only person who experienced pregnancy the way you’re experiencing pregnancy. My boobs also started leaking at about 17 weeks with my first and it was DISGUSTING. Yellow gunk EVERYWHERE, my pajamas crusted to my boobs when I woke up in the morning. Being pregnant is pretty much the most disgusting thing ever.

  2. I have encountered all of those things except bladder leakage (and now I am blessed with that as an older woman) and low sex drive. The rest albeit I had with at least one of my four pregnancies. Being pregnant is great though, for the most part.

  3. The raging hormones were the worst! It’s not that I really got overly mad, but if I found something funny, I’d hysterically laugh and then end up crying. Lol

  4. Every girl encountered this when they got pregnant, and for me, it’s not embarrassing. That is a part of the pregnancy stage. After a while, it is all worth it feeling those things.

  5. No worries about that, We are all experiencing that. I don’t feel embarrassed about that, instead, I feel proud.

  6. You hit the nail on the head here with these problems! You lose all sense of dignity when you are pregnant haha. I still get the raging hormones now, oh to be a woman! – great post, I enjoyed.

  7. Everyone talks about childbirth. That was the easy part. Pregnancy comes with its own lovely issues, as does the postpartum period. That was actually the hardest part of the whole deal for me.

  8. LOL! Mine might be a little overboard, but mine was vomiting anywhere and everywhere….how about the McDonalds drive through when I had to order a shake to help with nausea. People were staring that were in the drive thru behind me.

  9. This was such an interesting post to read! I’ve not had any kiddos yet so haven’t experienced pregnancy myself yet, but this post has definitely given me some things to not look forward to haha!

  10. With my first pregnancy, I fainted frequently. Like one moment me and my husband were talking, the next moment, I’m just lights out. After that was resolved, it was bladder leakage! How unglamorous. Haha.

  11. I was so glad my drive came back after the 2st trimester! You are spot on, though. Pregnancy is far from a 100% beautiful experience!

  12. The only thing I had during all 3 pregnancies was the coughing or laughing too hard and almost wetting yourself part, the rest was all smooth, no morning sickness or anything else BUT those pads work wonders 😉

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