Drop Shot – A Board Game With a Twist

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links

Drop Shot

Drop Shot is a very unique version of a board game. Upon first glance it reminds me of the Price is Right Plinko game because at some point, you have to drop a ball through a slot to see where it lands. It’s much more fun and unique than Plinko though. First of all, it’s table top game. It isn’t very big, like it may look in the pictures. It comes with two pieces. The back (Plinko like) board, and the bottom board for game play. The point of the game is to make it to the very top with out being knocked back by an opponent or by the ball drop. This game is so much fun because you can sabotage your opponents by blocking them with walls, knocking them back with the yellow ball, or by landing on them and knocking them back. I like to think of the yellow ball as a huge boulder rolling down the road, like in cartoons. 

Drop Shot Games

So here’s how it works. There are 4 rows you can play on and 4 colored tokens. There are 3 walls and 1 die. The die has the numbers 1-3 on it and a yellow colored side and a blue colored side. If you land on the number, you move your piece that number of spaces- vertically or horizontally (some restrictions apply). If the die lands on the blue side, you can move a wall to either block our opponent or to place behind yourself in case the big yellow ball comes rolling down your lane. If you land on the yellow side of the die, you get to drop the yellow ball down the backboard. The point is to get the ball to roll down your opponents row and knock them back as many spaces as possible, so you can take the lead. One rule is that you MUST move the number of spaces on the die or you can’t move at all. To win the game you must make it to the top space and survive the ball drop from your partner. 

My boyfriend, mom, and I played this together and we had a blast. We played it back to back because it was so fun. I loved sabotaging them muahahaha! This game is fun for children and adults. It’s easy to understand and it’s a real hoot. This is one of the most unique games in our household and one of the favorites!

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