Down 11lbs on Nutrisystem in Month 3

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Nutrisystem Results

Hey folks! I am so excited to say that I have lost 11lbs thanks to Nutrisystem! Nutrisystem has completely changed my life. I have learned to be more careful with the way I treat my body and with what I eat. I’ve learned what foods are good for me, which foods are completely terrible for me, and about portion control. I will admit, I have not eaten Nutrisystem all day, every day. I go out to eat and eat home cooked meals every once in awhile. I’ve changed my way of life so much that when I eat fried food, I get sick. My stomach is like, “hey! Don’t bring that stuff back in here!” I am so happy and so grateful for this program. I would do it over and over again if I could. I feel like a new woman. I am confident again. I am wearing clothes that have been pushed to the back of my closet for so long. I don’t walk around in big t-shirts all the time anymore. I have been wearing dresses again! Ahh. It’s like a new found look on life. My energy levels are up and I am more motivated. My life has completely changed in these 3 months. I just need to get back on track with my exercising and I will be good!


Current Weight: 121.4 lbs (Down 11.00 lbs) 
Waist: 31.0 in (down 4 in)
Hips: 35.5 in (down 3 in)

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