DIY Blueberry Lemon Sea Salt Hand Scrub (with only 4 ingredients) & 25 Uncommon Uses for Baby Oil

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One of my many hobbies is to come up with different uses for household items. Whether it be through research or my own creativity, I try to get as many uses out of the items in my home. Rather than buying a big bottle of Johnson’s® Baby Oil and keeping it in the cabinet for months, like most people do, I decided to put it to good use with this DIY Blueberry Lemon Sea Salt Hand Scrub. 

DIY Blueberry Lemon Sea Salt Hand ScrubThis is my first time ever creating my own sea salt hand scrub, but it was only a matter of time. I’ve used a million face, body, and hand scrubs in my life. In fact, I exfoliate my skin every chance that I get. Basically, I know exactly what a woman needs in a hand scrub: safe & healthy ingredients, a really good scent, and something that’s effective. In a DIY hand scrub, she needs ingredients that are either already in the home or easy to get right in Walmart’s body care aisle.

DIY Blueberry Lemon Sea Salt Hand ScrubThe main ingredient I want to focus on in this tutorial is the Johnson’s® Baby Oil because it’s something everyone has in their home. I think by now, we all know that baby oil isn’t just for babies. We use it for all sorts of things: cleaning, grooming, and even polishing. Johnson’s® Baby Oil has been a household staple for as long as I remember because if it’s safe enough for a baby’s bottom, then it’s safe for just about anything. I knew my DIY Blueberry Lemon Hand Scrub needed something that moisturized your skin, so this was an obvious choice. I decided to include a few other natural ingredients that I know are great for your skin and that every woman like me has in her home already. 

DIY Blueberry Lemon Sea Salt Hand ScrubDIY Blueberry Lemon Sea Salt Hand Scrub

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DIY Blueberry Lemon Sea Salt Hand Scrub25 Uncommon Uses for Baby Oil

  1. Untangle a chain
  2. Moisturizing those locks!
  3. Cleaning leather
  4. Moisturizing dry skin
  5. Massaging Oil
  6. Eye makeup remover
  7. Shave with baby oil
  8. Smooth skin after shaving
  9. Stretch Marks
  10. Cuticles
  11. Shining Wood
  12. Bath Oil
  13. Polish metal
  14. Loosen zippers
  15. Fix squeaky hinges!
  16. Remove the goo!
  17. Cleaning makeup brushes
  18. Dry Heels
  19. Remove paint from skin
  20. Cleaning appliances
  21. Wood floors
  22. In a paper shredder
  23. Soap Scum!
  24. Remove stuck rings
  25. Detailing your car

What other hacks do you have for Johnson’s® Baby Oil?

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