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Disney Descendants Headphones

This post contains affiliate links. 

Disney Descendants is taking the tweens by storm. I think everyone secretly watches it though. You know how it goes. The kids fall asleep or leave the room and you “accidentally” watch the Disney Channel for hours. haha. It’s okay, I watch it while my boyfriend is at work and I don’t even have kids. There’s no excuses that I can make. haha. The movie is basically about the kids of all the classic Disney characters that we know so well – the daughter of Maleficent, the son of Beast and Belle, the daughter of Fairy Godmother, and many more! I don’t know one single parent that’s children aren’t completely in love with this movie. When you love something that much, you want to involve yourself into it as deep as possible. If you want to make your child’s Christmas complete, you have to grab the Descendants Headphones from eKids

Disney Descendants Headphones

Disney Descendants Headphones (1)

These headphones come in packaging that is truly designed to attract the Descendants’ fans. Displaying two of the characters on the front of the package, no fan will walk past these without stopping and grabbing a pair.  As for the headphones themselves, I just have to say, “Wow”! I was instantly attracted to the bright and vibrant colors on the headphones. Purple, pink, and gold – oh my! I love that the sides have the Disney Descendants emblem in gold. It really makes the headphones POP! As I mentioned, these are children’s headphones, but I squeezed them on my head for photos. I will be surprising my 10-year-old niece with these beautiful babies! She watches Disney Channel every day, so I don’t even have to ask her how much she loves Disney Descendants. You can tell that these are for children and the are bit of a tight squeeze. They are very comfortable, though. The ears are cushioned and the sound quality is very clear.The rope cord is also a great touch! Seriously, these headphones are dreamy. 

Disney Descendants Headphones (2)

The Disney Descendants Headphones are a great gift for kids. Whether it’s for Christmas or a birthday, your child will be surprised and excited about these. I love the idea of giving these as a gift, along with the Disney Descendants movie. 

Disney Descendants Headphones (3)

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