It’s okay to demand the type of friendship that you deserve – in fact, it might be necessary.

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Friendship expectations; who needs them? Me. I do. 

I know what a real friend looks like. 
I don’t accept excuses because I do have friends with busy lives that always manage to make time for me – whether it be through a conversation on Facebook, a good video chat, or an hour long phone call. I know what a good friend is which is why I can say that I will not accept anything less. 

There’s no excuse for being a shitty friend. 

I refuse to be anything other than a priority. 

The 5 types of women that I want to be friends with (and why these are the best types of friends)

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  1. Powerful. I wish i had a friend i coukd text or talk to daily. Truth is i spend a lot of time alone. This pist is powerful a nd inspiring.

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