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Well, as everyone knows it is time for back to school shopping! Some may have already finished and some may still be battling their way through it. I know that it can be overwhelming at back to school time. Whether you are a parent or a student, back to school shopping is expensive and something everyone loves and dreads at the same time. hahaha. I would like to easy your pain a little bit by offering you a great deal for your back to school shopping! Below you will find a link to a coupon for Target! This link will provide you a 10% off coupon for ANY Purex Detergent! I know it isn’t much, but it is a great deal that can help anyone! Take a second to click on the link and download your coupon. I hope this helps! You can also scroll through the other coupons while you are there 😉


Get started on your Back-to-School shopping, with the help of some awesome coupons.

Now through the end of August, get 10% off any Purex detergent at Target stores with a #Cartwheel coupon!

With the link that we provide you, download a coupon and be one step closer to awesome savings.


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