Cute and Curly Holiday Hair

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One of my favorite holiday hairstyles is lovely flowing curly locks! When I think of the holidays, I picture either a high tight bun or long curly hair. There are many different kinds of curls- spiral curls, tight curls, loose curls, barrel curls, and waves. My go-to curls for the holidays are barrel curls. I like large curls at the ends of my hair for the holidays. I think it’s beautiful. Knowing the different kinds of curls, it is obvious that there are different sized curling irons. I am obsessed with trying new curling irons, especially before the holidays! I am so happy to have come across the QT Performance Tourmaline Ceramic Clipless Curling Iron because I know that my holiday curls will put others to shame! 

The QT Performance Clipless Curling Iron Results

The QT Performance Tourmaline Ceramic Clipless Curling Iron is 1-1/2″ curling wand. It is ceramic so it will heat and style your hair without damaging it. If you have never used ceramic styling tools, now the the perfect time to start. The ceramic smooths, softens, and shines your hair when styling. It also tames the frizz in your hair. As you can see from my video, this curling iron works great! I love the size of it. It creates long and wide curls look completely natural. The tip of the iron is heat resistant so you can twist your hair without burning your fingers. Speaking of heat resistant, the wand includes a glove that you can wear to protect your hand while curling! I love how quickly the iron heats up and how easy it is to curl your hair. My hair was so beautiful after curling with this iron! My poofy, frizzy hair was tamed so easily! I never thought I would be able to say that. I was amazed at how pretty my hair looked. I usually straighten my hair before using a curler because my hair will still be frizzy afterward. This time, I curled my natural hair and it turned out beautiful! I got everything that I expected out of the QT Performance iron! My curls were so gorgeous that I had to go out the night that I curled them, just to show them off. This is definitely an iron that I would consider for my holiday looks! Make the ladies in your life happy this year and put a QT Performance Tourmaline Ceramic Clipless Curling Iron under the tree for the beauty queens in your life!

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  1. Wow. Your hair turned out great! I see ceramic curling irons at salons but did not realize that it is less damaging than my regular one. I try to not curl my hair everyday because I do not want to damage it any more than it is from coloring. Thanks, I will look into this curler more.

    1. Hey Mandy! Thanks for the comment. Yes, ceramic curlers or straighteners are better for your hair. I do not using styling tools every day either because that would not be healthy and it is too much work! haha. It really is a great curler. I hope that you pick one up or at least add it to your Christmas list 🙂

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