Choose Happy Currently Series – Vol. 1

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Hello my pretties. This is week 1 (for me) of the Currently Series created by Choose Happy. What a fun idea! I am excited for you to get to know me better and I hope to see you in the series too. In this series I will be sharing what I am currently up to, each Monday. Want to join the fun? Click the button below to join! 



I am Currently…


Reading – A Kindle E-Book called The Cellar. It’s so creepy and you’d probably think I am insane for reading it. It’s about a guy that kidnaps young women/girls and keeps them in his Cellar as his “flowers”. He makes calls them by new names, makes them dress, and act a certain way. I’m almost finished with it. It’s a suspense that’s for sure! 2015-06-22 00.53.18

Watching –  A new series called The Whispers. It’s pretty creepy. I am a few episodes behind, but I love it so far. It’s a paranormal show about an “imaginary friend” named Drill that is making kids do horrible “games” that involve violence. I definitely recommend it! 

Creating – an “exploding box” using this idea from Pinterest. It wasn’t perfect, but I did what I could with what I had. I just bought a ton of craft supplies today! I am back to crafting again and it is so much fun. 

Exploding Box

Celebrating – My 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend! We’ve come so far. We’ve traveled, loved, laughed, fought, cried, and completely adored each other. He’s my rock and I can’t wait to spend another great year with him. 


Writing – An new Blog Series on Addiction. I am a child of an addict and I want to tell my story to help others dealing with addicts. I am not sure when I will be releasing Vol. 1 of the series, but hopefully it will be soon. I want my first post to be gripping! I already have a few ideas lined up and a guest poster. Keep your eyes peeled for this. 

Wearing – I am currently obsessed with these Keds! They are so comfy and cute! They match just about everything! 

Keds champion tribal

Listening To – I am currently obsessed with three songs that I just discovered. I am not sure if they are new or not, but I love them! I hope you will too. 

  1. Water Ran – Lily Wood & The Prick – I discovered this by (accidentally) listening to the Lily Wood station on the iTunes Radio app! I immediately purchased it and fell in love. haha. 
  2. ICU – Lou Doillon – This song was a recommended song on the Lily Wood station too!
  3. Ulay Oh – How I Became the Bomb – You just have to watch the music video. It’s so beautiful and emotional! I discovered this song after reading this article:

You see, back in 2010, Abramović famously presented a 736-hour-and-30-minute piece called The Artist Is Present, in which she remained seated at a table in New York City’s Museum of Modern Art, inviting spectators to come and sit opposite her. On opening night, Ulay surprised her. The pair hadn’t seen one another since they ended their love affair in the ’70s in most dramatic fashion — by walking the length of China’s Great Wall and meeting in the middle for a final embrace. – See more at:

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  1. The Currently Series is such a fun idea! Happy 2 year anniversary! I also love making new DIY crafts that I’ve found on Pinterest <3

  2. You are certainly keeping yourself busy and happy! I read a lot and once in a while I come across a book that scares me almost to death–ir is fun though–isn’t it!!

  3. I love the idea of the “choosing happiness” series…I need a constant reminder not to get bogged down in life and actually choose happiness. And don’t worry about people judging you about creepy books…I love Defending Jacob and people look at me like I’m a total weirdo!

    1. OH it’s actually a “Currently” series and the Choosing Happy is the blogger that’s doing it 🙂 Is Defending Jacob about a school shooting? I can’t remember. I know I’ve heard of it though.

  4. oh WOW so many great things. I love crafting and haven’t made an exploding box in awhile so I might need to pull that idea back out. They are so fun and exciting to open up.
    I’ve recorded the Whispers but I haven’t watched yet. It intrigues me so I’ll probably do a binge one day when hubby is working.
    Stopping by from the link up – Jenny

  5. Awwww sounds like a lot of fabulous thing are going on for you!!! Congrats on the 2 year anniversary:):) xoxo

  6. Love your list! These are always so fun. I actually haven’t heard of your “listening to” songs, but I’m going to check them out. I need new songs in my life.

  7. Happy 2 years anniversary to you and your boyfriend. The book Cellar seems intense. I think this would make a really scary and suspense-filled movie when they decide to make a movie out of it.

  8. Happy anniversary! Hope you have many more to come! I saw a clip of the Artist is Present before, it’s so touching!

    ~*~ Stopping by from the Currently Link-up ~*~

  9. I am also watching The Whispers. I am loving it so far. That book sounds interesting. And I am also the daughter of an addict. I will have to check out your series.

  10. Congratulations on your anniversary! That’s pretty awesome. I just hit 3 years last month with my boyfriend. I hope you two have an amazing 3rd year together.

  11. Great blog post idea! You and your BF are perfect match, for real. So sweet of you guys!

  12. Awwww. Love the exploding box!!!
    Happy Anniversary 🙂
    Adorable KEDS!
    Thank you so much for joining my Currently Link up this week! I love hearing what you are up to!!
    Choose Happy XOXO Becky

  13. I love this post. That book sounds super creepy – right up my alley! Once I finish rereading Game of Thrones (so addicted to that series), I will have to check it out. I just started using my Kindle again. I wanted to watch the Whispers but we missed recording the first episode and as you know, no unlimited internet here so no chance of streaming or on demand, lucky us! Will have to wait to watch that one. And happy anniversary! I hope you had a great day with your boyfriend! Two years is a big deal! I cannot wait to read your post about addiction and see more crafts that you are doing – I love seeing what you can create.

    1. Yeah you totally need to read this book! It’s so good and a fairly quick read. At least I think so. haha. As for the Whispers, we missed the 1st recording too but caught it On Demand! woohoo!

  14. I am so loving these currently themed posts. So fun to get a glimpse into what someone is doing. The exploding box looks like so much fun to create. The Cellar sounds interesting but I am so not a scary show person so I think I may stear clear of The Whispers…LOL

  15. I still love those shoes. I wish I could get back into crafting. I can’t find the time or the money these days. I can’t wait for your series on addiction, both of my parents were/are addicts too. Happy 2 year anniversary! 😀

  16. I love making exploding boxes! They are so much fun to do and make great gifts! You should try making one that is also a mini photo album too. Those are fabulous and it’s fun to see people’s reactions to them! Oh and I love Keds too!!

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