Mental illness isn't a joke and shouldn't be taken lightly. So many shows display mental illness in the wrong way, but I've discovered 3 shows that display it appropriately

3 TV shows that touch on mental illness appropriately #wellness

Mental illness is real. Some illnesses are talked about and recognized more than others, like bipolar disorder. Then there are ones that people think are made up like body dysmorphia, self mutilation, eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. We need to talk about mental illness because ignoring it or hiding it will only push others away. We need a good support system and people around us who understand when it's time to give us our space, comfort us, or just to remind us that it's okay. It's shows like these that take us from pretending mental illness doesn't exist, to talking about it without shame or embarrassment.
Protect your family's eyes – one device at a time! #ProtectYourEyes #IC #sponsored

Protect your family’s eyes – one device at a time! #ProtectYourEyes

Being a blogger, I am on the computer more than 10 hours a day and usually on my phone when I'm not on my computer. Running your own business takes a lot of time, hard work, and dedication. I usually would say that people only should work this hard so they don't have to work later, but in this case – I love what I do. So, when I mention the countless hours that are spent writing and staring at a bright screen, it's just to give you an idea of how much I am straining my eyes.
Nature Made 2016 Health Goals

How I’m Staying on Track For My 2016 Goals #Wellness #Health

I usually don't make New Year's resolutions, but I promised myself that 2016 would be a year full of focus, hard work, and great opportunities. I am pretty proud of everything that I've accomplished this year. I can't take all of the credit, though. I've had a lot of help from Nature Made B-12 Vitamins. Nothing compares to a natural energy supplement from a brand that you can trust.
Health Fitness Basket with free printable tags

DIY Fruit and Chocolate Basket – With Free Printable Tags!

I think that the most difficult part of a new journey is that we beat ourselves up and we push ourselves more than we reward ourselves. Rewards are encouraging and we all deserve them once in awhile. I have created a Fruit and Chocolate Basket, featuring DOVE® Chocolate Fruit & Nut products. This is the perfect combination of good and good for you and it's easy to make with these free printable tags.
Dansko Sabrina Walking Shoes Bottoms

5 Reasons to Shop at Simons Shoes and Buy These Danksos

It's the second week of the New Year! A lot of women have fitness and weight loss goals for the New Year. That means that everyone is shopping for the best clothing and shoes for their fitness goals. Running shoes are easy to find, but walking shoes aren't as easy. I personally like a walking shoe that I can wear with anything. It needs to be shoes that I can wear with my fitness clothes and out while going on my numberous adventurues. The Dansko Sabrina shoes are a perfect example of an every day shoe.
INk N BURN Workout Clothes9

Ink N Burn – Workout Clothing With An Artistic Touch

I love art. I love every type of art – tattoos, graffiti, paintings, interior design – I love it all. Put a creative touch on something and I will appreciate it. That's why I am excited to introduce all of you to the Ink & Burn workout clothing. It's art on running, yoga, and workout clothing! How cool is that? So, in the spirit of Christmas and the new year with new resolutions, I picked up a couple of pieces to show everyone.

Keeping My Workouts Cool and Sexy With Elektrix Love

For some reason, my workout gear really effects my workout. I know it's all in my head, but there's something about feeling confident in my gear that really makes me push myself to run harder or walk a little faster. Confidence puts pep in my step and Elektrix Love puts the confidence in my each time that I wear the sexy Galaxy Voltage Pant and sports bra.
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