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Men Don’t Do Baskets – Give Him a Wooden Gift Crate Filled With… Bacon?

What should you get your man for the next holiday? You could give him a traditionally wrapped gift, but that's too simple. You could make him a gift basket, but let's face it, most men just don't appreciate the time and thought put into gift baskets. It's time that we think outside the box and inside the crate. Yes, I said crate. Why not give him something that will immediately have him intrigued. Skip the gift wrap, bags, and baskets. Give him a themed crate that's packed full of unexpected goodies. Give him a Gift Crate.
Man Crates are Gifts For Men

Man Crates – He Has To Pry Open The Crate To Get His Gifts!

I knew that I needed a Man Crate for my boyfriend when I saw all of he unique themes for the crates. Whether your guy is into eating, drinking, grilling, sports, outdoors, or any other unique crafts, there is a Man Crate for him. If you'd prefer something a little more personal, you can choose a personalized crate which includes contents that are customized, like mugs and glasses.
BIg and Tall Mens Clothing ONline

Big And Tall Men’s Clothing Is Easier To Find Online – Here’s Why

Online shopping is quickly becoming a mainstay for many consumers, in spite of the fact that it comprises just a teeny 8% portion of all retailing. Still, there’s something about being able to shop from the comfort and privacy of your own home for the big and tall men’s clothing that you desire. Along the way, make sure you make use of these candid tips.

The BASICS Wallet – Minimalist Wallet for Women & Men

Sometimes I'd rather not carry my purse with me. It can be annoying, carrying something our your shoulder when all you need is your license and credit card. All of my wallets are large and bulky. They are definitely not something that I can fit into my pockets. When I

The Philips Norelco Shaver 7700 #GiftsForHim

Sometimes men are easy to shop for and sometimes, not so much. Everyone thinks that you can just give a man a tie and some socks and BAM they are happy. While that may be somewhat true, it's still nice to spoil our guys. When I shop for gifts, I

Hoka One One Clifton – Bike Riding Shoes for Men

Finding a good pair of bike riding shoes can be difficult, especially for someone like my boyfriend. He is very particular with his shoes, which is understandable. Our feet are precious. They take us from place to place and we need to take good care of them. The wrong riding shoes can

WAHL Elite Pro – At Home Haircutting Kit

Does your guy cut his hair at home? Do you save money by doing your guy's and your boys' hair at home? If your answer is no, why not? You can save a ton of time, hassle, and money just by trimming hair at home. If you are thinking, "I don't

Hallmark Kiddie Car Classics #LoveHallmark #GiftsForHim

Hallmark's Kiddie Car Classics are original, unique, and a perfect collectables to display in your home. These make great gifts for the men in your life! With Father's Day right around the corner and so many birthdays and anniversaries on the horizon, you should definitely think Hallmark! They provide you with quality gifts that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Give a Gillette Shave Club Membership as a Gift!

Sometimes it's difficult to pick out gifts for men. Unless your guys has a particular interest or hobby, you're options are: shirt, tie, socks, cologne, or a razor. But wait... you just got him a razor last year. Do men really need brand new razors every holiday and birthday?  If

Rockport Boat Shoes For Men #GiftsForHim

Whether he's at a backyard BBQ or sailing with his buddies, Rockport's boat shoes seem to fit the occasion perfectly. They are functional, versatile, and fashionable. This brand is based on quality and perfections and it shows in all of their shoes! You can take a chance on a brand that you aren't familiar with or you can take my word for it- Rockport shoes are built to last and they are a brand that you can trust!

Wrangler No Iron Ultimate Khakis #GiftsForHim

I recommend the Wrangler No Iron Ultimate Khakis to any type of man. Whether he wears them to the office or to an event, these will provide him with the maximum amount of comfort and style. They come in a variety of colors too: British Khaki, Black, Diesel, and Light Khaki. They are easy to care for and the price is great! Purchase from a brand that you know and trust!

Men’s Lugz Habit Denim Shoes Review & Giveaway

If you want style, comfort, and durability, then you want Lugz. Whether it's casual or formal, for business or adventure, for men or for women, Lugz has something just for you. They started out as a men's footwear brand and now they offer something for everyone. I personally feel like their men's selection
Gift GuidesMen

2015 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Welcome to another #TwoBlogsFunGuide! We are presenting the 2015 Father's Day Gift Guide for us to celebrate Fatherhood. We have items that Dads will love, keep, and enjoy as they continue being the best dads they can be! Each item on this guide was personally tested and approved by one or the both bloggers (and their families): Women and Their Pretties or Mama Smiths. Please enjoy and remember to keep coming back because new items are added daily!

The Poker Night BroBasket

As with most of the BroBaskets, the Poker Night theme comes in a beautiful wooden crate. This is what really sets the BroBasket apart from other men's baskets. The crate is well made and can be reused for so many things. The wooden crate really gives the basket a more masculine feel. The contents of the basket are below. What is really cool about these crates is that you can use the suggested "Upgrades that rock" to add in additional items that are relative to the theme.

Gift For The Groom: Hipster Foil Icons Composition Notebook

Weddings tend to be all about the bride. She is pampered and showered with love and gifts. The bride gets all of the attention. I think that the groom is forgotten a lot of the time. It's his wedding too and he should get a little something special to celebrate

Gifts For Him: The Big Mouth Inc Army Man Mug

I am in love with Big Mouth Inc! They have so many fun novelty and home items that I just can't resist browsing their website for hours. There are so many unique things that you could cross every name off of your shopping list. If you have any sense of humor,

Can You Handlebar? You Can Now!

Can You Handlebar is also the name of a company that has developed a line of beard and mustache care products. They sent me an Every Day Care kit for my boyfriend to test and review. He has a trimmed mustache and has been growing his beard out for months. He is proud of his beard and gets compliments on it regularly. That's how men are. They don't compliment shirts like women do, they compliment facial hair. haha. I figured I would give this kit to him so he can take even better care of his precious man hair!
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