How I brightened my smile quickly and easily - Luster Premium White Review

Rock that first impression with a bright & white smile – Luster Premium White review

Sometimes we get so distracted with life that we neglect ourselves. Then, all of a sudden we look in the mirror and notice things that we haven't noticed before – wrinkles, dull hair color, or maybe brightness fading from our beautiful smiles. Then, we have to change our beauty routine. My beauty routine has changed severely in the past 2 months. I cut 5 inches off of my hair, dyed it, started a new skin care system, and began whitening my teeth! Check out my Luster Premium White review to find out how I whitened my teeth in a few short days.
is the perfect date night movie
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4 reasons why Bridget Jones’s Baby is the perfect date night movie (and not a TOTAL chick flick)

I attended an advance screening of Bridget Jones's Baby and I took my boyfriend! I know, it sounds silly because Bridget Jones's Baby is totally a chick flick – or is it? Eh, not so much. It has the every fragment it needs to be a really great date night movie. Still think your guy wouldn't like it? Well mine said these exact words: "Every chick flick should be as funny as this one." Those are the words of a brand new Bridget Jones fan! Take your guy on a date to see this movie. I promise he wont be disappointed.
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