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10 Useful & Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts for New Homeowners

Being a new homeowner is really exciting, yet incredibly exhausting (especially if you're pregnant like me). When you're buying housewarming gifts for new homeowners, it's important that you really think about the recipients. Don't give them something only you would like, but something they would find useful for their new
I'm OFFICIALLY a Homeowner – New BLOG SERIES Coming Soon!

I’m OFFICIALLY a Homeowner – New BLOG SERIES Coming Soon!

A newlywed, new homeowner, and mom-to-be: that would make for a great reality TV show, but instead – it's my life right now! Here's my quick story on my husband & I becoming new homeowners only months after getting married (while 8 months pregnant), with an exciting new blog series

5 easy steps for a feminine bathroom update

Do you want to add a feminine touch to your home with an easy bathroom update? These are my tips for a bathroom update. Remember, a little goes a very long way. This unbiased post is sponsored by Moen. I've been eager to add some femininity to my bathroom for
How to trick people into thinking your don't have pets – 6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Pet Parents

5 Tips for making Spring Cleaning FUN – featuring my favorite new tech device: Chromecast Audio

I'm sure you've never heard cleaning and fun in the same sentence before. At least not in my house. I don't mind admitting that I hate to clean. I love being in a clean home, but cleaning isn't my strong suit. I guess my hate for cleaning makes me a little more creative while doing these dreaded tasks. I do whatever I can to trick myself into thinking it's fun. I know it sounds silly, but I swear it works. Especially with a new device I'm come across.
The Top 20 Pineapple Decor Finds on Amazon
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The Top 20 Pineapple Decor Finds on Amazon

I'm kinda of obsessed with pineapples. Not only are they sweet and delicious, they are super cute. There's something about pineapple decor and patterns that I'm obsessed with. Maybe I like to pretend I'm living in a tropical paradise with all this pineapple decor. Don't judge me – after you see these fun items, you'll be searching for pineapples too.

4 fun ways to celebrate autumn in your home (plus a really awesome Hallmark giveaway)

My favorite season is here. My only wish is that the Florida actually knew it was Autumn. Some cool weather and colorful leaves would be nice. We don't have actual season here in Florida, but as soon as September hits I begin to celebrate Autumn within my home. I mean, it's crazy how a few changes in your home can change the way you feel. Basically, we don't know it's fall until the I change a few things in my home. I figured that I can't be the only one, so I'm sharing my ideas with you. Enjoy!
Create a reading nook that will fit into any corner of your home - it's quick and easy (and not just for kids) #HomeDecor #Reading

Easy DIY Reading Nook for any corner of your home| #HomeDecor #Reading @KESSInHouse

My idea of a perfect reading nook revolves around comfort. I wanted big pillows, soft blankets, and of course, really good books. I don't exactly have a location in my home that's free. So I decided to build my reading nook in a corner of a bed and a wall in our guest room. It's in a location that doesn't have much traffic, but can be removed quickly when we need the space.
Looking to create the perfect Girl Cave? Check out these 9 wallpapers that are feminine, funky, and colorful! Plus, get 15% off with this Graham & Brown coupon code #GirlCave #HomeDecor #Goals

The first step to creating a Girl Cave is to glam up those walls | #GirlCave #Goals

Have you ever walked into your bedroom and thought, "This room is a mess" only to make the bed and realize that's all it took to make your entire room look different? My point is that sometimes all it takes is the simplest touch to completely change the look of a room – a chandelier, an accent table, a fresh coat of paint, even a picture on the wall. Transforming a room doesn't have to be difficult and it doesn't have to be expensive. Let me explain.

DIY wind chime inspired by Nicholas Sparks’ The Choice #TheChoice #DIY

Have you watched The Choice? It's one of the most romantic movies that I've watched in quite awhile. It's no surprise, though. I mean, it was written by Nicholas Sparks, the biggest hopeless romantic in the world. The movie takes place in the country, by a big beautiful lake. The homes in the movie have a very country feel to them. You'll notice a beautiful wind chime in the movie. It's made of sea shells and compliments the home well. As inspired by the film, I have a super fun wind chime tutorial for you. This one is made with sea glass, as you may have seen Travis fiddling with at some point in the film. I hope that you enjoy making your windchime just as much as I did.
Precious Moments Musical Fountain

REVIEW: This non-traditional Precious Moments figurine rotates & plays music! #LifesPreciousMoments

What comes to mind when you think of Precious Moments? I automatically think of their trademark teardrop eyes. Maybe you'd look at this birdbath and wonder how it fits into the Precious Moments brand. It's definitely a non-traditional figurine. Well, if you look very closely, you will see the sweet tear-shaped eyes on each little bird. It's the little things that make Precious Moments a reliable and fun brand.
Add some Bohemian Flare to your home

Add some DIY Bohemian Flare to your home! #Bohemian #Boho

I've decided to completely redo my guest room. I want our guests to feel comfortable and excited when they stay at our house. I also want the experience to be memorable. If they don't walk away thinking, "Wow! That room was like no other," then we aren't doing something right. I've always loved bright colors, but I've always settled for neutrals in my home. With my guest room, I decided to experiment with colors and I love how it turned out. Hopefully, I can give you some ideas!
Spray Scrubbing Bubbles for April Showers

Get the dirt on how I prepare for ‘April showers’ #SCJMessyMoments

Have you started the dreadful task of spring cleaning? I've started, but it still feels like I haven't made any sort of impact. The most frustrating part of tackling my spring cleaning is working with products that don't actually... work. I'm sure that we've all been there before. You get sucked into an infomercial, spend more than you'd like to admit, and then end of with a product that doesn't magically make the mess disappear. It's embarrassing, discouraging, and frankly, a waste of time.
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