14 of the best breakup songs that you've probably never heard - but need to hear ASAP

14 of the best breakup songs that you’ve probably never heard

I can't be the only one dying for a list of new breakup songs. I've searched my iTunes for my most-played breakup songs to make this list for all of you. I filtered out the popular songs, such as Sam Smith's Stay with Me and Adele's Someone Like You. Maybe you've heard a couple of these sounds before, but I bet you haven't heard them all. Listen to them. Cry. Buy them on Amazon. Listen to them 10 times back to back. Cry some more. Thank me in the comments below.
The Land Movie

Produced by Nas, The Land crackles with the energy and poetry of the streets – new Machine Gun Kelly single

The Land is a movie about family, friendship, and all of the struggle that comes in between. This is one of my most anticipated films this summer because it's starring so many incredible musicians, like Erika Badhu, Machine Gun Kelly, and it's produced by the legendary, Nas. In celebration of this film hitting theaters this Friday - July 29, 2016, Mass Appeal Records has released a hit single.
Add some Bohemian Flare to your home

Add some DIY Bohemian Flare to your home! #Bohemian #Boho

I've decided to completely redo my guest room. I want our guests to feel comfortable and excited when they stay at our house. I also want the experience to be memorable. If they don't walk away thinking, "Wow! That room was like no other," then we aren't doing something right. I've always loved bright colors, but I've always settled for neutrals in my home. With my guest room, I decided to experiment with colors and I love how it turned out. Hopefully, I can give you some ideas!
Hop To The Music Disney Easter Basket Giveaway

Hop To The Music Disney Easter Basket Giveaway

This spring get ready to Hop to the Music with your favorite Disney Music! We are offering a great (late) Easter basket giveaway! I would personally love to win this! To celebrate the incredible Disney Music, this basket is packed full of prizes some of the best Disney movies that we all know and love. This Disney Easter Basket is one that children and adults everywhere would love to win. Who cares if Easter is over? Enter to win it today!

MUSIC VIDEO: Shakira’s Song, Try Everything, for Zootopia is incredible! #Zootopia

If you know me, you know that I love animals. People call me the crazy cat lady, but that's another story in itself, haha. I love all animals. I always say that I am the type to try to pet a wild bear. I can't help it. With that said, animated movies with animals - yep, love those too. Zootopia, I believe is going to be a personal favorite for me for a number of reasons. I hope that you are just as excited for this movie. To keep you on your toes and looking forward to it, Disney has released the music video for Shakira's original song, Try Everything. She is the voice of the Gazelle in Zootopia and provides some of her musical talents for the movie. Enjoy!

Cinderella Bluetooth Speaker – Cinderella’s Carriage

This post contains affiliate links. Christmas is coming and everything Disney related is on my wishlist. Not only am I asking for gifts for myself, but I am buying Disney-themed items for everyone else that will appreciate them. I love Disney, but I don't just buy any old thing with
The Legacy Collection 12 Album Disney Box Set - Disney Soundtracks

The Legacy Collection 12 Album Disney Box Set – Disney Soundtracks

This is going to be on everyone's wishlist this Christmas! Walt Disney Records is releasing The Legacy Collection Box Set which is a 12-Album box set with the most wonderful, classic Disney soundtracks that we all know and love. This will be released on November 13th, 2015 and is already

RunPhones – A Headband That Plays Music #MusicMondays

A few months ago, I reviewed the awesome SleepPhones. The makers of the SleepPhones have taken this concept to an entirely new level with the wireless RunPhones. The best way for me to explain these is by saying that this is a headband that plays music. The speakers are embedded

The Life N Soul Waterproof Speaker #MusicMondays

If you're anything like me then you want to listen to the music all the time. It doesn't matter if you're at work, by the pool, or in the shower - you have music on the mind. We all know that it isn't always convenient to listen to music. Maybe you're with a group and your phone just wont cut it. It doesn't go loud enough. It isn't waterproof. It isn't convenient. If you want to listen to music anywhere, you need the Life N Soul BM215 Waterproof Speaker.

After Shokz – Be Open to Hear It All #MusicMondays

I am a bit of a worry wart. I used to be such a risk taker, but as I've grown, I've been more aware of what could happen. I like to be prepared and to be safe. I am the type of woman that would never say "Hey! What's the worst

5 Items to Make Your Home Music Studio a Success

This post contains sponsored and affiliate links I have so many musician friends that all have one major goal: to make it in the business. While success takes drive and talent, creating good music takes much more than that. You need quality studio equipment to produce quality music, right? There's
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