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Thor: Ragnarok Review – A strong female presence that BEGS for an all female superhero movie #ThorRagnarok

In this spoiler-free Thor: Ragnarok review, I'll discuss the strong female presence that has audiences questioning: Will there ever be an all female Marvel superhero movie? President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige and Thor: Ragnarok actress, Tessa Thompson, weigh in on the topic. This spoiler-free Thor: Ragnarok review was sponsored by
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Spoiler Free Get Out Movie Review: GET OUT of the house and see this movie ASAP! #GetOut

Spoiler Free Get Out movie reviewThe movie immediately begins with action. I was cringing within the first 5 minutes and laughing in the next 10 minutes. Get Out is directed by a comedian, so you can expect some comedic relief. I'm easy to win over with comedy, but I'm really picky with the type of comedy I like – especially in a thriller flick. The comedy was blended into the story very well. It didn't feel as if the comedy was an after thought or forced, it was all natural and didn't take away from the tone in the slightest. I'm not a fan of Jordan Peele as a comedian, but the work he did for this film is genius and was respected & acknowledged by the audience. The laugh factor was on-point, as was the story.
5 things the LOVING movie taught me about love, faith, and equality. #ThisIsLoving
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5 things the LOVING movie taught me about love, faith, and equality. #ThisIsLoving

When word of the Loving movie first came out, I had no idea what it was about. Like most Americans, I had never heard of the Lovings. I didn't know that this incredibly couple help shaped the country that I love. I didn't realize that it was because of them, that I am allowed to marry the man that I love. Their story is like no other because the Lovings weren't an interracial couple fighting for the freedoms of America. They were simply a couple, a family, that fought for their right to live and love together – in the land of the free.
Why every man, woman, and child needs to see Queen of Katwe – Important Queen of Katwe messages
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Why every man, woman, and child needs to see Queen of Katwe – Important Queen of Katwe messages

I typically walk into a new movie without many expectations. I like to give every movie a fair shot. I don't want to be disappointed. However, I had very big expectations for Queen of Katwe. It's a true story and when a true story is brought to the big screen – it has to be good. On top of that, I knew that the incredible cast would appropriately convey this beautiful story of strength and survival.
is the perfect date night movie
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4 reasons why Bridget Jones’s Baby is the perfect date night movie (and not a TOTAL chick flick)

I attended an advance screening of Bridget Jones's Baby and I took my boyfriend! I know, it sounds silly because Bridget Jones's Baby is totally a chick flick – or is it? Eh, not so much. It has the every fragment it needs to be a really great date night movie. Still think your guy wouldn't like it? Well mine said these exact words: "Every chick flick should be as funny as this one." Those are the words of a brand new Bridget Jones fan! Take your guy on a date to see this movie. I promise he wont be disappointed.
Pete's Dragon Review - 5 Reasons we all need a Pet Dragon, as taught by Pete's Dragon
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5 Reasons we all need a pet dragon – My Pete’s Dragon movie review #PetesDragon

I was invited to attend the first-ever movie under the stars at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. I was honored to attend such a fun event and to finally see the Pete's Dragon that we've all been waiting for. As you read in my last Pete's Dragon post, there are so many reasons to be excited for this movie! I was the most excited to see the relationships between Pete and Elliot, I mean, we all want a pet dragon, right? I mean, there are a lot of benefits to having a pet dragon.
When Home- Adventures with Tip & Oh premieres on Netflix July 29, Tip and Oh zoom past a moon made of sugar as they journey to the grand Gorg Birthday celebration.
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4 reasons Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh will make you laugh hysterically

I had the pleasure of watching a couple of episodes of the new Netflix series, Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh. After watching DreamWorks movie Home a few too many times, I was ecstatic to be invited on a press trip to get a sneak peek of the show and to chat with the stars! If you liked the movie, you will love the show! It's the craziest, silliest, funniest show that you'll ever see.
5 reasons why every woman should watch Fuller House - even if you weren't a fan of Full House. #Women #Netflix #FullerHouse_edited-1
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5 Reasons why every woman should watch Fuller House #Netflix #FullerHouse

I sat at my work desk one afternoon, set up my tablet, and decided t watch Netflix. I thought that I could just watch Fuller House while I worked. That's usually what I do with sitcoms. Little did I know that it would be so good and so distracting that I would sit at my work desk for 2 hours, binge watching it. It was the fun, sarcastic humor that initially grabbed my attention. But it was the adult topics that I, as a woman, can relate to that kept my attention.
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