Voltron Themed Cootie Catcher

FREE DIY Voltron Cootie Catcher Printable #Voltron #DreamWorks

I had the honor of attending the DreamWorks Voltron press event a few weeks ago and the event was incredible. I think that kids all over are going to go crazy about this show. One of the most fun things about Voltron Legendary Defender is getting to know each of the characters. Who do you relate to? Which color would you be? What personality traits do you have? I've created an old school cootie catcher that you can introduce to your children. Let's drop the technology for a little bit and have some fun with the easiest form of origami.
DIY BFG Dream Jars - Easy Tutorial - horizontal
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Craft Corner Vol. 1: DIY BFG Dream Jars Tutorial – colorful and whimsical #TheBFG #DIY

So, when I pictured the Big Friendly Giant hunting for dreams and stuffing them into bottles, I actually imagined the bottles as jars. At first, I pictured fireflies in jars with their beautiful green glow. Then, as the story progressed and the description deepened, a clearer picture appeared in my mind. I imagined jars that were full of pretty colors and lots of shimmer. If my favorite dreams were put into a jar, I'm sure that they'd be just as bright and colorful! That's when the idea of these jars developed!

DIY wind chime inspired by Nicholas Sparks’ The Choice #TheChoice #DIY

Have you watched The Choice? It's one of the most romantic movies that I've watched in quite awhile. It's no surprise, though. I mean, it was written by Nicholas Sparks, the biggest hopeless romantic in the world. The movie takes place in the country, by a big beautiful lake. The homes in the movie have a very country feel to them. You'll notice a beautiful wind chime in the movie. It's made of sea shells and compliments the home well. As inspired by the film, I have a super fun wind chime tutorial for you. This one is made with sea glass, as you may have seen Travis fiddling with at some point in the film. I hope that you enjoy making your windchime just as much as I did.
TMNT Activity Sheets

Celebrate World Turtle Day with these FREE TMNT activity sheets! #TMNT2 #Freebie

Did you know that today is World Turtle Day? Honestly, I'd never heard of it until today. I think it's incredibly fun and inspiring, though. We all deserve a safe environment that we can be ourselves in. That's why I love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They are always looking out for the little guy. Check out this TMNT2 World Turtle Day tv spot and grab some free TMNT activit
Add some Bohemian Flare to your home

Add some DIY Bohemian Flare to your home! #Bohemian #Boho

I've decided to completely redo my guest room. I want our guests to feel comfortable and excited when they stay at our house. I also want the experience to be memorable. If they don't walk away thinking, "Wow! That room was like no other," then we aren't doing something right. I've always loved bright colors, but I've always settled for neutrals in my home. With my guest room, I decided to experiment with colors and I love how it turned out. Hopefully, I can give you some ideas!
Health Fitness Basket with free printable tags

DIY Fruit and Chocolate Basket – With Free Printable Tags!

I think that the most difficult part of a new journey is that we beat ourselves up and we push ourselves more than we reward ourselves. Rewards are encouraging and we all deserve them once in awhile. I have created a Fruit and Chocolate Basket, featuring DOVE® Chocolate Fruit & Nut products. This is the perfect combination of good and good for you and it's easy to make with these free printable tags.

5 Quirky Ways To Fight Work Desk Boredom

Tracking PixelThere's definitely a stigma of desk jobs being incredibly boring. This isn't always true. It really depends on the work you do. I worked at a hotel for many years and most of my hours were spent sitting at the front desk waiting... and waiting... and waiting. My job was to wait for someone to arrive or wait for someone to call. Since we had to remain at the desk at all times, my options were limited with what I could do to fight the boredom. I had to think of unique and creative ways that weren't against the rules. Now, I am working at a desk again. I love my job, but it still gets really boring sometimes.

9 Fun Books That Inspire Imagination and Creativity In Everyone

This post contains affiliate links Before I list these awesome books, I want to disclose that these aren't Christmas-themed books. These are books that I personally think are awesome because I have them under the tree for all of the kiddos in my life. These are fun, unique, and affordable
DIY Craft Tween Gift Basket
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DIY Craft Tween Gift Basket / Pretties DIY Gift Baskets #2

As I mentioned in my last Pretties DIY Gift Basket post, everyone on my mom's side of the family is a crafter in their own special way. My niece is dabbling in many different kinds of artsy things, like writing, scrapbooking, and jewelry making. One day it just hit me, why not make her a gift basket with all sorts of crafty things. She's going to be 11 soon, so I think that she falls into the tween age range. I decided to add a little bit of everything to this basket. I am all about allowing kids express their creativity and I think it's important that we let them experiment to really find out what they are passionate about.
DIY Crochet Gift Basket

DIY Crochet Gift Basket / Pretties DIY Gift Baskets #1

This post contains affiliate links I am all about DIY gift baskets for the holidays. My signature gift basket is one that is packed with snacks. Everyone loves snacks, so why not? This year I want to do something different. I have a family that loves to be creative. We
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