Can You Handlebar? You Can Now!

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Can you handlebar? That is the question. But, what does that even mean? I am sure a lot of you are asking me this question. Well, it has more than one meaning. To me, it means “Can you turn your plain mustache into a fabulous handlebar stache?” I know that most of my audience is full of women, so I should rephrase the question. Can you turn your husband stache into an old school, curled ends mustache? It sounds so funny to think about, but it is still a fashion statement!

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Can You Handlebar is also the name of a company that has developed a line of beard and mustache care products. They sent me an Every Day Care kit for my boyfriend to test and review. He has a trimmed mustache and has been growing his beard out for months. He is proud of his beard and gets compliments on it regularly. That’s how men are. They don’t compliment shirts like women do, they compliment facial hair. haha. I figured I would give this kit to him so he can take even better care of his precious man hair!

Can You Handlebar Moustache and Beard Care Kit

The Kit includes Moustache Wax, Beard Oil, a Guitar pick with the company’s logo stamped onto it, and beard/mustache care instructions for each product. The first thing I noticed was the packaging. It is so stylish and it would attract any men. It is simple with an old school feel. I love that the beard oil comes in, what reminds me of, a flask. My boyfriend was pretty excited about this cute and stylish kit.

Can You Handlebar Everyday Care Kit

The mustache care instructions state to heat the wax to body temp, scoop some out, and roll it between your fingers onto the stache. My boyfriend tried to curl the ends, but failed miserably. I am not sure if this wax was meant for that, but it did not work, if so. The good thing is that it did not leave any white residue or a leave it with a strange look or feel. The wax does not have much of a scent, which is fine with us either way. The container the wax came in had a loose lid that, for some reason, does not fit snuggly on the container.

The beard oil is simple to use. You rub 1/2 to 1 tsp on your hands and rub it into the beard. This oil gave his beard a bit of a shine. he thought it was funny to pull his hair straight and to shape his beard into some sort of strange swamp creature. haha. He was definitely more impressed with the beard oil than the moustache wax. Which isn’t too surprising since he is having an (not-so secret) affair with his beard or so you’d think. The oil is infused with lavender, citrus, and bergamot essential oils so it smells INCREDIBLE!

Overall, we like this kit. It is not a favorite, but we would definitely purchase it again as a gift for someone. It would be a great stocking stuffer or surprise gift for your beard or mustache loving men!

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