Can N Ball: The Ultimate Tossing Game Review and Video

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Can N Ball The Ultimate Tossing Game

Can ‘N Ball is a tossing game that includes 2 cans “cannons” and 2 felt tennis balls “cannon balls”. The object of the game is to catch the ball more times than your opponent, but you must play fair and see if you can master the perfect whipping motion for your overhand throw. You can bounce it off of the ground one time (which makes it much easier). This really is the ultimate tossing game!

There are three ways to play Can ‘N Ball. There is the Basic Challenge, which is what I just explained. There is the Antics Challenge, which seems really fun with a group of people because the losing player or team must perform and act that is determined by the winning team, like sing a funny song or do a crazy dance. The third way is The Blindfold Challenge. This challenge would be very difficult in my opinion because the blindfolded player would have to catch the ball. The plus side is, the points are TRIPLED for the blindfolded player who catches it.

Can N Ball The Ultimate Tossing Game Review and Video

This game is A LOT of fun! It had my boyfriend and I laughing the entire time. It takes some times to get used to the concept and to get the hang of the game. Once you get the hang of it though, you can spend hours playing it! It’s such a simple design that creates loads of fun! When you perfect your throwing technique you can feel like you are the master champion! It does take a lot of skill and we have a lot of practicing to do. It is actually a great work out too. You are doing a lot of running around trying to catch the ball.

I really recommend Can ‘N Ball to people of all ages. It is a great outdoor game that many would enjoy! Also, is a great deal!

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