Bootights – Mad Men Inspired Fashion

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Bootights - Mad Men Inspired Fashion

Do you have a passion for fashion? I love creating my own styles. I will wear just about anything. If it’s flattering on my body, then I am all about it. I don’t care if others think I am “fashionable”. I am comfortable and confident, so that’s all I care about. Lately, I have been into the whole retro look. There’s something so lovely about old fashion. I especially love the fashion before my time. I was born in the late 80’s and grew up in the 90’s. That’s right – tube tops, scrunchies, and baggy jeans. Go ahead and laugh, I’ll wait…

Okay, so the point of this article is to tell you all about my obsession with the Mad Men fashion. If you don’t know about this show, it takes place in the 60s. You will see a ton of pencil skirts and updos. A famous fashion must-have on Mad Men is tights. Right, when I think of tights, I think of Peggy and her many different looks. It was rare to catch this intelligent young woman without tights. Peggy had it goin’ on! 

Bootights - Mad Men Inspired Fashion

A lovely company called Bootights  created a hosiery line that was specifically inspired by Mad Men. Their items are meant to be worn year round. The have tights, boot socks, and more. The Bootights that I am wearing in these photos are the Draper Herringbones. These were named Draper after Madmen’s Don Draper because even Don would think twice before removing them. (haha!) This timeless pattern covers you in all the right places and the ankle sock keeps your feet comfy all day long. These are meant to keep your comfortable and to give you a whole lot if style.

Bootights - Mad Men Inspired Fashion (1)

I love the design. I think it’s stylish and just dark enough to keep your outfits classy. I paired these with my top from MetroStyle and my boots from Bernie Mev. I love the way these look and feel. They are really soft and well made. You don’t have to worry about them ripping easily or getting a run in them. You can slide your feet into any boot and feel comfortable and stylish all day long. 

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