Blum School Gear Kits for K-4 Back To School

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It’s already July which mean some school are starting in less than a month and some are just a little over a month away. Preparing your children for their first years of school can be difficult with all of the demands in certain schools and of teachers. Wouldn’t it be easier to just grab a kit that includes almost everything your child needs for their first years? Back to school kits make shopping a lot easier and less expensive. Especially kits that are mother and teacher approved, like the Blum School Gear Kits

Blum Gear Back To School Kits

These kits are so great for a number of reasons. First of all, they come in a durable and nicely designed case. There are designs that boys and girls will absolutely love and want to show off! I must say, I melted when I seen how cute these designs are. It really makes me wish I had something this perfect when I was a kid.  The kits are 41 pieces (including the case) and include the essentials that most U.S. school require. These all-in-one school kits are great because they are carefully put together and hold all of the necessities safely and comfortably. The padded, zipper pouch makes it so easy to keep track of all the items. The zipper doesn’t get stuck and isn’t difficult to open and close quickly. Not only are the items great quality and specifically chosen for grades k-4, they are safety tested. This means that the pieces of the kit aren’t dangerous for your children. 

Inside the Blum Back To School Kits

I am really impressed and excited about these school gear kits! I could see kids all over wanting to carry these. What a fun back-to-school idea!

Contents Include:
6 #2 pencils
7 eraser caps/point protectors
1 scissors
8 crayons
1 bi-color dry-erase marker
1 twin-tipped highlighter
1 glue stick
1 pink wedge eraser
1 sharpener
1 6-inch ruler
6 bi-colered pencils
6 twin-tip markers – 12 colors, washable without soap, leak-resistant point withstands 20 lbs. pressure
Conforms to ASTM D-4236, non-toxic, latex-free

*Based on a nationwide survey of required school supply lists

Blum Back to School Kits for Boys and Girls

About Blüm 

Blüm (pronounced “bloom”) is the flagship brand of the Blumberg Company, which was founded as a high quality gum eraser manufacturer in 1936. Although Blumberg has evolved over the years, it remains a family owned business focused on producing high quality products at reasonable prices. In addition to the Blüm School Gear kits, Blumberg manufactures Blüm art and travel kits as well as erasers, print making blocks and its own line of colored pencils. Blumberg is also the exclusive distributor of high quality art products manufactured in Italy by Carioca. 

Blum School Gear Kits are available nationwide through both traditional and online retailers, including, and Toys R Us.

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  1. I really love the organization built directly into the kit. I remember what my desk looked like in elementary school – Not so neat! LOL!

  2. I love these kits because everything is very organized and all in one place. That is awesome!

  3. i love that the kids have everything all together. no digging thru desks or backpacks for items

  4. Super cute!! I love that its all the necessities in one place!! Great for organization and keeping track of everything throughout the year!! Plus super cute designs!!

  5. I like that these kits are geared towards a boy or a girl. I also like that the cases can be closed securely and are durable 🙂

  6. My favorite thing about the Blum School Gear Kits is that they are organized on the inside. That keeps all the supplies in place and it’s less likely things will get lost or misplaced.

  7. My favorite things about these kits is that they are teacher approved and USA schools require! Plus, they are adorable and saves a lot of time getting it all separetly!!

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