Black Charcoal Applicator Beauty Blender

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JGOB Beauty Blender Makeup BlenderThis post contains affiliate links

I just received a nice new makeup collection from It Cosmetics. Along with new makeup, I love new makeup tools. When I use highlighter or concealer, I tend to use beauty blenders rather than brushes. Beauty blenders seem to be a better tool for applying full coverage makeup, like my favorite concealer – Bye Bye Under Eye by It Cosmetics. I recently purchased the Original Beauty Blender and that was it. I threw out all of my other beauty blenders because this one was perfect. I never thought I’d need another one because this one was just right. Well, being the beauty addict that I am, I had to try another brand. 

JGOB Beauty Blender

The JGOB Black Charcoal Makeup Sponge comes in a perfect container. This is really what drew me to it in the first place. The container is a hard plastic and has a nice lid to protect your sponge. I love this because I can travel with it and not worry about it getting dirty or damaged from my other items. I am not the biggest fan of the black color though. I like a lighter color for my beauty tools because I want to see what is on it. I’ve heard too many horror stories of beauty blender growing mold. The black makes it difficult for me to see if anything is on it. I do wash my blenders regularly, but you never know. I was surprised at how soft this blender was. I expected it to be like the other blenders that I’ve tried – thick and hard. This one is really nice because I can squeeze it and hold it in the mold that I want for blending and contouring. It’s very light and airy too which makes me feel really comfortable and confident in using it. I have used this blender a few times already and I love it. It’s the first blender that is actually comparable to the Original Beauty Blender. 

I recommend this blender for anyone looking for an affordable alternative to the Original Beauty Blender. 

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