BBQ Must Haves of 2015

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Hello my pretties! I have come across some really incredible products this year and I have to share it all with you. These are some of the items that we use for our weekly home barbecues. I hope that you think these are as cool as I do! 

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1. BBQ Mate – Barbecue Set 16pc

I was surprised by this set! It’s really nice and includes SO much. The stainless steel is great quality. The tools are very nice and useful for grilling. I love the spatula. It’s perfect for grilling because of the sharp end. It allows your to scrape anything off of the grill and the serrated sides allows you to cut with it, if needed. 

The case is very nice, but fork was poking out of the end of it when I received it. I do like that it zips up. This is great to take with you on a camping trip. 

The corn cubs were a nice addition to the kit, but unfortunately they did not work. They aren’t sharp enough or shaped properly to actually hold the corn in place. 

Overall, this is a good kit! We use most of the items in it on a regular basis. 

Purchase this set here

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2. Kovot Non Stick Grilling Skillet

We like this pretty well! The biggest feature is that it folds! I do wish the folding handle would stick a bit better, but I still use it often! It heats quickly and the heat is well-balanced. It’s large and non-stick! I absolutely love that it is so easy to clean and store! The end of the handle makes it easy to hang, as well. This is a great grilling skillet!

Purchase this skillet here


I hope you enjoyed these BBQ must haves! 

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