Aocome Women’s Tahiti Multicolor Border Print Dress

This post contains affiliate links.

This post contains affiliate links

I lost some weight so I am totally into dresses right now. I love showing off my figure. Even before I lost weight I loved maxi dresses. I’ve always kept my eye out for something cute and flattering. Maxi dresses are the perfect casual dress. Whether you’re wearing it for a day in the sun or out with your friends, you know you will be comfortable and cute. 

Aocome Women's Tahiti Multicolor Border Print Dress2

When I first seen the Aocome Border Print Dress I was super excited because the design is so cute. The colors are warm, so I could definitely throw a jean jacket on it and wear it in the Fall. The material is really soft and smooth. I love how light and airy it is. It’s well made too. I didn’t notice any loose stitching and the materials aren’t cheap. I absolute love the flower back. I think it’s cool that it is a cutout design, rather than just a flower pattern. It’s very unique and flattering. The low cute neckline is a nice idea, but it shows a little too much, in my opinion. If you have a large bust, this dress may not be for you. As for the length, it’s too long for my 5’0 self. If you’re taller, I am sure it will be perfect for you. The length was too long for me and it ended up dragging on the floor. Since it isn’t a flowy dress, it’s easy to trip on the bottom of it. 

Aocome Women's Tahiti Multicolor Border Print Dress

Overall, I like this dress. I would change a couple of things, but it is very well made and flattering to the body. 

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