Add iKen Interchangeable Watches to the Christmas Stockings

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Most people I know have only one watch. It is usually gold or silver.  Being the fashionista that I am, one watch is just NOT enough! I need a watch that will match my outfit. Sometimes a watch is all you need to accessorize your outfit perfectly. While I want more than one watch, realistically I know that I cannot just collect a bunch of watches because it is too expensive and I just do not have the space for them. Lucky for me, there is a company that makes stylish and affordable interchangeable watches!

About iKen Interchangeable Watches

iKen has some of the most beautiful and stylish interchangeable watches! The idea of these watches is so cool and fun. You can purchase watch sizing straps, buckle straps, bezels, watch faces, and watch cases in a variety of colors. You can purchase some of the premade watches or you can purchase each component separately. Either way, you can switch out the components. Each component is easy to change, just by sliding and snapping the pieces together. You do not need any tools to put these beautiful components together. That means that these watches would be perfect for men, women, and children! It all depends on the colors and designs that you choose. The watches will comfortably fit anyone over the age of 5 years old! There are SO many different colors and designs that you could make 248,000 different combinations. Add iKen Interchangeable Watches to the Christmas stockings this year!

iKen watch Components

My Opinion

I LOVE these watches. It is a fun way to be fashionable. You can change the pieces with your outfits or you can trade colors and designs with your friends. These would make great gifts for children because they would have the opportunity to share them amongst each other. They are the perfect pieces of art, created by YOU. These can be masculine, feminine, cute, or sporty! It all depends on your combinations! I am going to buy more of these for the Christmas gifts! They are just too fun. I wish I owned all of the colors.

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