About Me

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I am a 25 year old Music Producer. I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Music Production in June of 2014. I have also worked in customer service for over 7 years. Other than my love for music and people, I love to write. I like getting all of my feelings out in writing, it is a great escape for me.

 When I am not indulged in my blogging, I am spending time with my wonderful boyfriend, Mario. He is my very best friend. We go on tons of adventures together. Whether it be going to amusement parks, to attending music festivals, to exploring a new city, we are pretty much doing something new every couple of months. We are passionate about exploring the world and seeing new things. We want to live life to the fullest!

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When we aren’t out exploring, we are at home taking nice long walks or runs in our local parks. We enjoy nature. We recently moved to Deltona, FL and it is absolutely beautiful here. We recently discovered that there are food trucks here each month. If you haven’t experienced the joy of food trucks, DO IT! We are also foodies. We are always trying new, weird, and exotic things. Every time we visit a new place we try to find a very unique restaurant.

While it may not sound like it, we do spend a lot of time at home with our 3 beautiful, yet spoiled cats. Sometimes I feel like my days revolve around those brats. Hehe. The cats basically run our house.  We are always looking out for something innovative for them- new toys, new litters boxes, new beds, new treats. Whatever it takes for them to be happy.


Our days at home typically involve us watching tv or movies. We LOVE playing board games and card games. We usually play them once a week, but some weeks we play every night. We go out to eat a few times a month, but most of the time we are at home cooking. We love improving our home. We only rent for now, but we want our home to be the best that it can be! With that said, we are in the process of growing our own flowers, fruit, and veggies.

When I am home alone, I like to spend time doing my makeup. It’s fun to try new products, colors, and designs! I love beauty and fashion. It is fun to be a woman! We get all of the cool and pretty stuff! I also love to scrapbook. I save everything and paste it into a “Smashbook”. I absolutely love it. I like being creative.

Well that is enough about me!! Tell me about you!



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