A Peanuts Halloween Adventure – Celebrating the Old and New #Peanuts with #CafePress

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PEANUTS Halloween Giveaway

It seemed like just yesterday that I was sitting with my grandfather reading the Funnies. When I think of Peanuts, I think of my grandpa. I remember spending the weekends with my grandparents, as a child. It was always a Peanuts Halloween with him! My grandma was the serious, more strict one. My grandfather is, and always has been, the goofy one. He is sarcastic, tells jokes, laughs with (and at) you, and is always up for an adventure. For as long as I remember, my grandfather would clip the Peanuts comic strips out of the paper and hang them on the refrigerator for me to read. I loved reading them. I loved looking at the pictures. I loved laughing with my grandpa and boy did I love Charlie Brown, Lucy, and the rest of the clan.

PEANUTS Halloween Giveaway

As time went on, I was introduced to Charlie Brown in television. I remember “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and “A Charlie Brown Christmas” being my favorite. As I grew older and became too cool for cartoons, it was still at the back of my mind. I always think of Charlie Brown’s teacher when someone is talking and I am not listening. When I visit my grandparents, I still read the comics that my grandpa still hangs on the refrigerator. I guess they make him nostalgic too. 

Now, there’s a new Peanuts movie, called “The Peanuts Movie” – Never would have guessed that one, would ya? haha. Cafepress has a ton classic Peanuts merchandise, as well as Peanuts Movie gifts. They have everything from Peanuts mugs and home goods to apparel and accessories. They even have holiday-themed products, like this Peanuts Halloween merch. Here are a few of the Halloween items that I knew would be a great hit with all of you!

Halloween Peanuts Gifts

Peanuts Mummy Snoopy Tote Bag1. Mummy Snoopy Tote Bag – Purchase here

This canvas tote bag is perfect for Halloween. Actually, I will be carrying this year round because it’s so cute. The canvas is perfect because it’s easy to clean. It’s well made too. You never have to worry about the design wearing off. I think this is a great trick-or-treat candy bag. This is definitely going to make an appearance during my Disney World Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. 

halloween_snoopy_acrylic_doublewall_tumbler2. Halloween Snoopy Acrylic Tumbler – Purchase Here

Drink your pumpkin spiced lattes in style with this acrylic tumbler! This tumbler is perfect for your log trips or for the office. 

peanuts tag3. Day of the Dog Snoopy Luggage Tag – Purchase Here

This design is super cute. I will be rocking this year-round, on all of my trips. I am all for the “Day of the Dog” design. This luggage tag is so cool! Any Peanuts fan will love this tag. 

pumpkin_patch_lounger_rectangle_magnet4. Pumpkin Patch Lounger Rectangle Magnet – Purchase Here

Hang your busy Halloween calendar on the refrigerator wit this stylish magnet. It always makes me giggle to see Snoopy lounged out, especially on this pumpkin!

the_peanuts_movie_trick_or_tr_small_serving_tray5. The Peanuts Movie Trick Or Treat Serving Tray – Purchase Here

Serve your favorite seasonal beverages on this serving tray. Maybe you want to use it to hold your craft supplies while you do your favorite art projects for Halloween? Or maybe you want to hand out candy with this tray! I love all of the options. This would be a great prop for all of your Halloween needs. 



Watch the new movie trailer here

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