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Pick up The Jungle Book Blu-ray and enter to win a LIMITED EDITION The Jungle Book Lithograph

My heart filled with excitement when I found out that I was not only getting The Jungle Book lithograph, but that I could give one away to one lucky reader! That's right, my pretties, one lucky reader will win a limited-edition The Jungle Book lithograph. The number will be randomly chosen, but there are only 200 in this edition. You can enter below, but first let me tell you all about the incredible The Jungle Book Blu-ray.
Press Junket For Disney's "The Jungle Book"

The Jungle Book’s Sir Ben Kingsley Interview: Approaching the Role of Bagheera #JungleBookEvent

Bagheera, one of the most prominent characters in The Jungle Book, was voiced by the great, Sir Ben Kingsley. I've personally always been intrigued by Sir Ben Kingsley – his unique look, the interesting roles that he takes on, and his firm voice – I'll admit that the thought of meeting and interviewing him was a bit intimidating. Being that I'm a fan, I was nonetheless excited and ready to meet the man behind the black panther.
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REVIEW: The Jungle Book Sets Audiences Up For An Adventurous, Heartfelt Ride #JungleBookEvent

When I think of the original The Jungle Book, I think of a family-friendly, fun movie. It's a movie that makes me laugh and sing. I've always loved Disney's animated classics because I walk away from the movie feeling like a kid again. They make me forget about my worries and my strife (see what I did there). I didn't know exactly what to expect with the new The Jungle Book film. I mean, a live-action version of a jungle of animals? How much of a connection could we possibly have to talking animals? Will it be too unrealistic? Or even worse, will it be too creepy? These thoughts wandered through my mind before seeing the movie, but overall I was super excited. With a stellar cast and one of my favorite Directors (Jon Favreau), I couldn't help but to look forward to seeing my favorite childhood Classic on the big screen!
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The ULTIMATE The Jungle Book Giveaway – Enter to win! #Giveaway #JungleBookEvent

As you may know by now, The Jungle Book just released today! This movie is incredible. The balance of feelings put into the movie is perfect! You'll experience happiness, joy, laughter, fear, concern, and a well-established connection to each character. Because of the connection to the movie and the love shared among adults and children for The Jungle Book, we are celebrating with an incredible giveaway!
Press Junket For Disney's "The Jungle Book" - The Jungle Book Interviews

The Jungle Book Interviews: Lupita and Giancarlo get personal about their views on motherhood #JungleBookEvent

About a week ago, a group of bloggers and I embarked on an experience of a lifetime. We walked the red carpet for the world premiere of The Jungle Book. Little did everyone know, a few hours before that we got to meet and interview some of the incredible cast (and director) of The Jungle Book. Of all The Jungle Book interviews, the one with Lupita Nyong'o and Giancarlo Esposito was definitely the most personal. They gave us honest and very personal stories about where they drew inspiration from for their roles as the wolves, Raksha (Lupita) and Akela (Giancarlo). I think it's fair to say that these family-oriented actors were partially chosen based on their strong family values.
Press Junket For Disney's "The Jungle Book"

The Jungle Book’s Jon Favreau Interview: Casting Mowgli, Visual FX, & More Cowbell #JungleBookEvent

A group of talented bloggers and I had the honor of interviewing the talented The Jungle Book Director, Jon Favreau, and the young actor who played Mowgli, Neel Sethi. The interviews went so well that I walked out feeling as if I just had a chat with a couple of friends. Being a live-action remake of a classic animated movie, Jon Favreau had his work cut out for him. Some how he managed to cast actors that were seemingly born for their roles in The Jungle Book. Favreau brought each character to life so well that you the stigma of "talking animals" was lost and a deep connection to the characters was developed.
My Experience on the Jungle-Themed Red Carpet for The Jungle Book

My Experience at the Red Carpet The Jungle Book Premiere #JungleBookEvent

When I started blogging, I never could have imagined that my passion would allow me to travel. As I started attending events and traveling, I never dreamed that I would be walking the red carpet at the world premiere of a movie - much less a remake of my favorite childhood classic, The Jungle Book. Not only was I able to screen The Jungle Book well before it was released to the public, I literally walked the famous red carpet with the stars. We did make a pit stop on the famous Oscars stairs before walking the red carpet!
Lupita Nyong'o (voice of "Raksha")

The Jungle Book: New Clips & Never-Before-Seen Interviews in Featurette #JungleBookEvent

I can't believe I will be interviewing some of these incredible actors in less than a week! Every day that passes is another day closer to me tweeting, Facebooking, and broadcasting LIVE about the #JungleBookEvent just for my special fans! Be sure to read my announcement post which has all of the nitty-gritty, incredibly spectacular details. Until then, check out these clips and never-before-seen The Jungle Book interviews below. Also, let me know if you have any questions!
The Jungle Book Clip

Watch the FIRST The Jungle Book Clip here! It’s a good one! #JungleBookEvent

Finally! The Jungle Book has released their very first clip for their upcoming movie! If you weren't sure about seeing it before, you will definitely want to see it now. The animals are so realistic that it's eery. The voices seem to match the animals perfectly. And could Neel Sethi be a better Mowgli? It's like he was born for the role. You can watch the clip below and keep coming back because I will be interviewing quite a few The Jungle Book actors and the director! You can read all about that here. Until then, enjoy this brand new The Jungle Book clip!
The Jungle Book Event Photo

I’m Going to the red carpet The Jungle Book Premiere & More! #JungleBookEvent

I am so excited to tell everyone about my upcoming trip to LA! First of all, I want to thank all of you for your support and dedication to Women and Their Pretties. It’s because of all of you that I am able to cover incredible events like this one. I am going to Los Angeles, California from April 3rd to April 5th to walk the red carpet at the big premiere of The Jungle Book and guess what? You’re all coming with me.

Disney’s The Jungle Book – Coming to Theaters! Trailer Inside! #JungleBook

OMG!! I am totally excited right now. I cannot wait for The Jungle Book to come to theaters. This was my favorite movie as a kid. I even named my cats after the characters – Mowgli and Bagheera! This movie is at the top of my favorite childhood movies. I was born in the late 80s and grew up in the 90s, so the 1994 version was my favorite. Seriously, after watching this trailer, I am going to search Netflix for the ’94 version so I can reminisce. Disney is awesome because now all the little ones in my life can take pleasure in the Jungle Book just like I did as a kid! So, without further or due, here’s a sneak peek!
The Jungle Book in Dolby Cinemas at AMC Prime

Experience This: Go on an adventure with Dolby Cinemas at AMC Prime! #JungleBookEvent #DolbyCinema #ShareAMC

Among the countless experiences during our Jungle Book press trip, we had the opportunity to watch The Jungle Book in a Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime. Now, if you've never been to a Dolby Cinema then you don't know what you are missing! It's the most comfortable and technologically advanced theater that I've had stepped foot in! I am so lucky that my first experience in a Dolby Cinema was watching a live-action remake to the classic film, The Jungle Book. I have to tell you all about my experience because I want everyone to visit a Dolby Cinema for this film.

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3 reasons women cant wait to see Queen of Katwe - other than the INCREDIBLE cast!

3 reasons why women can’t wait to see Queen of Katwe (plus a new featurette) #QueenOfKatwe

Queen of Katwe is going to be one of the most beautiful, inspiring, and emotional movies to hit theaters this year. I get butterflies just watching the trailer and the new featurette. I believe that Lupita Nyong'o is perfect for her role as a mother. When I spoke to her about her motherly role in The Jungle Book she mentioned how much she wants to be a mother because of the strong mother figures in her life.
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