6 Reasons Why More Gardeners Are Using A Chicken Wire Fence

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Your green thumb is your pride and joy, if you are like most gardeners that is. Gardening is not just about growing premium, organic produce, but also about the love of the craft. If you are like most gardeners, you’re always seeking unique solutions for pest control and a better garden. Along the way, make sure you take some notes from these six reason to consider using chicken wire fence in your setup.

6 Reasons Why More Gardeners Are Using A Chicken Wire Fence

Cost Effective

One thing that you will immediately note is that you can find chicken wire fence at bargain rates online. Due to its economic pricing, it’s an ideal pest control solution that can be setup rather quickly and inexpensively. Being able to spare the use of pesticides as much as possible will only help you grow better-tasting produce.

Banishing Hopping Pests

A great usage for chicken wire fence in your garden is with preventing those hopping pests, like rabbits, from scoring an easy lunch off your vegetables. Experts advise that you construct a sort of ceiling that meets the “chicken wire walls” of your garden, creating a full enclosure that’s impermeable to hopping produce vandals.

Eliminating Flying Pests

The same method described above can also be used to deter flying pests, too. The key is in how you attach the chicken wire top to the walls. With the right ties, you can assure that even the feistiest of birds are unable to squeeze their bodies through and gain access to an organic feast.

Deterring Burrowing Pests

A classic use for the chicken wire fence is to deter any burrowing pests, such as hungry moles or gophers that want to munch on your beautiful garden. Setting up your garden to include these deterrents is a lot easier than you may think. In fact, the SF Gate offers a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that can enable you block out bunnies once and for all with poultry netting.

Protecting From Sun Over Exposure

Another way that chicken wire fencing helps you protect your garden is by preventing overexposure to the sun. In hotter places, like Phoenix, Arizona, this is a big problem. But you can affix shades to the top of the fencing that allow some sunlight to trickle through, but that also prevents too much. This will keep your crops from burning while still providing the necessary light for photosynthesis to occur.

Easy To Install & Maintain

Lastly, of all of the gardening tools that you can utilize, chicken wire fence is rather easy to install and is also cost effective. What’s more, it’s budget-friendly to maintain. It is not uncommon for some gardeners to create doorways that can be untied and opened so they can access their garden with ease. Use your creativity when designing your ultimate garden, and you can enjoy a pest-free harvest that is sustainable and easier to care for than ever before.

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