6 Must-See Documentaries on Netflix

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Netflix is probably my favorite place to be. It sounds a tad bit romantic, but I am happy wherever Netflix is. Netflix, I love you to the moon and back. We will never break up – ever (unless you raise the prices to a ridiculous amount). I’m pretty sure that we all have a pretty good relationship with Netflix. It does not disappoint. In fact, Netflix seems to get better and better. The Netflix Originals is the most genius idea Netflix ever had – well, besides a really awesome streaming service.

Since Netflix is my boyfriend, I spend all my days with it. I watch it for hours upon hours. Basically, I know more than the average person does about what is a must-see and what’s not-so-good. There are 6 documentaries on Netflix that I’d like to personally recommend. These are a few that have really had an impact on me. 

6 Must-See Documentaries on Netflix1. Amanda Knox

I’m just finishing up this documentary as I write this. The Amanda Knox trial is one of the most well-known in history. An American girl is accused of murdering her roomate, but is acquitted. Every single Amanda Knox documentary I’ve seen is edited to make her looks guilty. The Netflix Original Amanda Knox documentary shows us a different side. They show us facts that all add up and tell us things that actually make sense. This documentary is extra special because Amanda Knox and her ex-lover both speak in the documentary. If you want a new look at the Amanda Knox trial then this is for you. 

2. Audrie and Daisy

I also watched this documentary tonight. This is an honest and tragic look at two young girls that are the victim of brutal sexual attacks and humiliation. They are in the age of social media, so these attacks are taken a step further. I bawled during this documentary. It’s definitely a must-see for parents of teenagers. Watch it, learn it, and pass the knowledge onto your children. 

3. Making a Murderer

If you still haven’t watched Making of a Murderer then you’re behind on life. This is one of the most controversial cases in US history. It’s about a man that spent years in prison for a crime that he didn’t commit. Once he is freed, it seems as if they system is still out to get him. He is now sitting in prison for murdering a young woman – but did he really commit the crime?

4. Talhotblond

I watched this documentary years ago. I’m happy to see that it’s still on Netflix because it’s an insane story! This is about cyberspace love triangle that’s gone terribly wrong. There’s lying, cheating, love, and violence. It’s an intense look at the dangers of online dating. 

5. Blackfish

This is another that you’ve probably seen before, but I have to mention it. Blackfish is about the harmful effects of killer whales being kept in captivity at SeaWorld. This documentary will draw you in right away. It will probably piss you off and you may never want to visit SeaWorld again. 

6. Hot Girls Wanted

Hot Girls Wanted is a documentary that nobody wants to do and nobody wants to talk about. It’s about the girls that get into porn. It’s about a few girls that are in the industry. The girls talk about how they go there, how it’s changed their lives, and how fast your money and “career” are gone. It’s an industry that you age out of very easily. At times, it was very uncomfortable to watch but it’s actually really interesting. 

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