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5 ways to incorporate quality family time into your daily routine – with family gift ideas. #Wellness #TGGForFamily

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5 ways to incorporate quality family time into your daily routine – with family gift ideas. #Wellness #TGGForFamily

Let’s face it. Sometimes, life gets the best of us. We aren’t the perfect women, wives, mothers, or children. It’s so easy to let our responsibilities take center stage. We are so focused on making sure everything is so perfect, that we lack balance on the family front. Quality family time is more important than our literal responsibilities. We will not look back on our lives and think of the bills we paid on time, the house we cleaned just right, or the TV shows we watched. We will remember the quality family time we spent together. I’m not recommending that you neglect your responsibilities. I just want to give you a few ideas to incorporate quality family time into your daily routine. 

1. Order Groceries Online

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A great way to make more time for family is to cut down the time you spend grocery shopping. The days of the dreaded grocery store no longer have to burden you or your family. Simply, pull out the laptop and order your groceries online. Not only will this give you a ton of extra time with your family, but you can make it into a learning experience for the kids or a fun experience for couples. Teach your kids (or your husband) how to bargain shop. Teach them how to pick out the necessities and leave the temptations (for me, it’s chocolate) behind. Peapod aims to be the leading and preferred provider of online grocery shopping and delivery services. They partner with the best grocery retailers in the business to bring their customers high quality, good value and outstanding service.

2. Make time away, time together

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Okay, sometimes you can’t always be together. There are events, sleepovers, business meetings, etc. That’s why you’ve gotta take advantage of free mobile plans! Time away can still be time together. Plan a group video chat or group call date with every member in your family. Dedicate an hour each day to one another. Play a mobile phone “I Spy” photo game! The options are endless when it comes to quality family time. and FreedomPop is the way to go! FreedomPop provides disruptive mobile services including the world’s first 100% free mobile plan so that no one is left off the “connected grid.”

3. Make learning/teaching a family activity

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In many homes, children are secluded into a room to do their homework alone or maybe a single parent & child go into a room to learn. It doesn’t have to be a time spent alone. Learning can be so much fun with Educational Games, like ABCmouse Early Learning Academy. They have an award-winning curriculum and they are known for making a positive impact on the child’s learning. Make it into a family activity, sit together with these educational games. Take turns to see who get’s the high score. 

4. Shop together

 Layer It UpGet It Here

Shopping takes up just as much time as work does in many families. It can be a tedious, boring event for many. I know you’ve seen the husbands being dragged into stores by their wives. You’ve also seen the kids on their tablets, wishing their mom would hurry it up. Shopping can be made fun – made into an event. I’ve always loved going to stores with my mom to not only make fun of clothes, but to do little fashion shows with one another. Find a store or brand that has a little something for everyone.

Cuddl Duds makes layering a lifestyle. They have cute clothes for men, women, and children. Take your pick of the latest colors and prints in essential styles: v-neck tanks, crewneck shirts, long sleeve turtlenecks, zip-up hoodies, leggings with stretch, and more. Take the family on a little winter shopping trip, but make it into a show. Do a contest to see “who wore it best” and see “most likely to sweat to death” or even “most likely to lose friends because of this crazy color combination”. It can be super fun and your winter shopping or back to school shopping will be taken care of!


5. A family that cooks together, eats together

 Home CookingGet It Here

You don’t have to spend an hour in the kitchen cooking alone. Make it into a family activity. HelloFresh is my absolutely favorite delivery service! They send you fresh ingredients with easy recipes. My fiancé and I love cooking these meals together. I always feel like we are bonding when we are swirling around the kitchen, trying new recipes. We take turns cooking the meat and sides. If it fails, we fail together. If it’s a success (and it almost always is) then we can both take credit for it. We cook together and we always eat together. It’s kind of our thing. 

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