5 Quirky Ways To Fight Work Desk Boredom

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Tracking PixelThere’s definitely a stigma of desk jobs being incredibly boring. This isn’t always true. It really depends on the work you do. I worked at a hotel for many years and most of my hours were spent sitting at the front desk waiting… and waiting… and waiting. My job was to wait for someone to arrive or wait for someone to call. Since we had to remain at the desk at all times, my options were limited with what I could do to fight the boredom. I had to think of unique and creative ways that weren’t against the rules. Now, I am working at a desk again. I love my job, but it still gets really boring sometimes. Emerald® sent me some of their delicious new flavored nuts and asked me to come up with fun ways to fight boredom and it dawned on me – I can’t be the only one that gets bored at their desk. So, here are my favorite ways to fight boredom at my work desk. 

Emerald Jalapeno Cashews

Spruce it up with bright colors.

Make your desk fun to sit at. Make it colorful and personalize it. Add a calendar, family photos, your recent craft project. Add weird-shaped paper clips, fun decals, and a cool pen holder. It’s hard to get bored when your desk is so inviting!

Do a puzzle and time yourself.

I always have puzzle books at my desk. You know the type – sudoku, crosswords, word finds, mazes, and any other puzzles that work your brain. A puzzle a day keeps your mind working! If you want to make it more fun and challenging – time yourself. Then try to beat your time every time you do your puzzle again.

Listen to music and try to learn the lyrics.

Some light music usually is okay in the workplace. If you can pull it off, play some light and upbeat music in your office. It will not only ease your mind, but it will brighten your mood. If you want to take it an extra step, memorize the lyrics to a new song. This will make it a game for you and the time will fly by, which cures boredom without you even realizing it. 

Emerald Nuts Dill Pickle Chashews

Eat a new & delicious snack.

If you don’t already keep snacks at your desk then you need to start! Snacks will kick the boredom quickly. I keep a variety of snacks in a basket in my office. I have a variety of sweet and salty snacks. Try not to overload on sugar because it will slow you down.

Emerland Nuts Snack Basket

My personal favorite snack are nuts! Emerald has new and bold flavors that are sure to perk you right up when you get the afternoon blues. They have unique flavors like Dill Pickle, Siracha, Salt & Pepper, and Jalapeno! When I want to be more alert, I grab one of the spicy and zesty flavors. When I want a simple and classic flavor, I go for the Salt & pepper. If I want something fun and quirky, the Dill Pickle Emerald nuts are my top choice. I actually find myself craving the Dill Pickle ones. I love the tangy flavor. I share these with my coworkers, too. We can fight our boredom together!

Emerald Nuts Cashew Craze

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Emerald Jalapeno Cashews

Design a planner.

This is a fun hobby to pick up. Planners are fun to design. You can add stickers, embellishments, colorful tapes, and markers. The best part is that your boss won’t complain because you’re staying organized! You’d be surprised at how much fun creating something can be. 

How do you fight work desk boredom?

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  1. Oh man.. I’m the complete opposite, I need boring things at my “work desk”, aka the dining room table. If I have anything fun, unique or something that could be played with, I’m seriously distracted. So the more it’s boring at the table, the better I am. Lol. However, I do like listening to music as I’m working/blogging/writing. It does help with creativity.

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