May 2016


3 Reasons to read The BFG book before seeing the movie #TheBFG

There are some books that are so incredibly written and imaginative that you secretly beg for a movie – The BFG is one of those books. It's so weird, funky, and fun! With his own crazy language and massive size, you can't help but wonder what he'd look like on the big screen. Would he actually fit into the big screen? bahaha! This is one book that I think should be read before you see the movie, for a number of reasons.
ZTE SPro 2 Wireless Projector Smart Projector

REVIEW: Amp up your movie watching experience with a smart projector | @BestBuy @ZTE_USA #ad

The ZTE SPRO 2 Wireless Smart DLP Projector is the most technologically advanced projector that I've ever come across. I'd say that the most prominent feature of this projector is that it's a smart device. We are gradually turning our home into a smart home with our smart doorbell, indoor and outdoor cameras, smart garage door opener, smart lighting, smart tv, and more! It seemed like this only missing piece of our smart entertainment collection, was a smart projector.
Kindergarten Cop 2 review

Kindergarten Cop 2 Review: Did it live up to the first? #KinderCop2

I watched Kindergarten Cop 2 today. Honestly, I felt as if I was betraying the first movie by watching this one. Don't get me wrong, though. I am all for a sequel to any movie. My only requirement is that they have the original actors in it. I hate when a series replaces an actor and pretends like it never happened.
Mickets Sport-Y-Thon Activity Sheets

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Mickey’s Sport-Y-Thon: Activity Sheets and New Clip #FREEBIE

Put on your sneakers and get ready for the greatest sporting event ever! Join referee Goofy and all your Clubhouse Pals from Earth and outer space as they compete in wonderfully wacky games. Share the excitement -- and a sky-high view of the action -- as sportscasters Pete and Donald Duck broadcast live from above in the Sport-y-Thon Blimp! Who will earn a prized Golden Mickey Medal? Help our heroes discover that with teamwork and good sportsmanship, everybody wins! Jam-packed with over two hours of song-filled fun, MICKEY'S SPORT-Y-THON will have you calling for an instant replay!
TMNT Activity Sheets

Celebrate World Turtle Day with these FREE TMNT activity sheets! #TMNT2 #Freebie

Did you know that today is World Turtle Day? Honestly, I'd never heard of it until today. I think it's incredibly fun and inspiring, though. We all deserve a safe environment that we can be ourselves in. That's why I love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They are always looking out for the little guy. Check out this TMNT2 World Turtle Day tv spot and grab some free TMNT activit
Be Our Guest DIY Wifi Sign

Be Our Guest DIY WiFi sign & Teaser Trailer: Beauty and The Beast – Live Action! #BeOurGuest #DIY

I made a sign for my guests to log into my WiFi with a simple scan of the customized QR Code. Since I’m a huge Disney lover I had to incorporate Disney into the room somehow. My all-time favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast, so I thought “Be Our Guest” would be perfect for the guest room and an awesome way to celebrate the live-action rendition of the movie coming in 2017.
The Finest Hours Storms home on May 24

REVIEW: The Finest Hours tells the true story of strength, hope, & determination! #TheFinestHours

Ever since I saw the first trailer for The Finest Hours, I was hooked. I thought to myself, "how could a movie trailer be this intense without giving away too much of the movie?" Well, today I got my answer – almost every scene is intense. What brings The Finest Hours onto an entirely different level than your typical action-thriller is that it is based on a true story.
Free Disney Activity Sheets

Alice Through The Looking Glass: FREE Activity Sheets & New Clips | #ThroughTheLookingGlass #FREEBIE

I am SO excited about this new movie. I will be attending an advanced screening next week, so be sure to keep an eye on my blog to see what my personal opinion of the movie is. Don't worry though – All of my reviews are spoiler free! I've got your back, yo! Until then, I have some free activity sheets and some new clips to get your a little more pumped up about the movie. Enjoy!
ultimate movie night guide WOMEN AND THEIR PRETTIES
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2016 Ultimate Movie Night Guide with FREE Activity sheets #TwoBlogsFunGuides

Women and Their Pretties and Mama Smith are huge movie lovers. In fact, a lot of our conversations consist of movies, actors, and TV Shows. It's one of many things that we have in common with one another and with our readers. We all love movies. It's fun to lose yourself in a good film for a couple fo hours. It's even more fun when you dedicate an evening with your family to enjoy all of this together. We have compiled a list of our favorite movies – for families, children, couples, and adults. There's a little something for everyone on this list. We hope that you enjoy it!
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