February 2016

Health Fitness Basket with free printable tags

DIY Fruit and Chocolate Basket – With Free Printable Tags!

I think that the most difficult part of a new journey is that we beat ourselves up and we push ourselves more than we reward ourselves. Rewards are encouraging and we all deserve them once in awhile. I have created a Fruit and Chocolate Basket, featuring DOVE® Chocolate Fruit & Nut products. This is the perfect combination of good and good for you and it's easy to make with these free printable tags.
BLING Trailer

Get the movie, BLING, for FREE on Google Play #FREEBIE

Rock out to a superhero adventure for the whole family with the exclusive debut of BLING on Google Play. Featuring the voice talents of Taylor Kitsch, Carla Gugino and James Woods, BLING follows the tale of lowly theme park mechanic Sam whose plan to marry the girl of his dreams is thwarted by a super villain. It is up to him and his team of superhero robots to save the city. Can this accident-prone amusement park mechanic get back his ring, stop the villain, and win the girl before it’s too late?
Pete's Dragon

Disney’s Pete’s Dragon – Teaser Trailer! #PetesDragon

I want to know who is super excited about Pete's Dragon!? I know that I am. Gosh, Disney is outdoing themselves this year - Finding Dory, Zootopia, and this. Here is a first look at PETE’S DRAGON, a reimagining of Disney’s cherished family film starring Bryce Dallas Howard, Oakes Fegley and Robert Redford.
Spring Guides Directory Featured Image
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2016 Spring Guides Directory #TwoBlogsFunGuides

The Two Blogs Fun Guides presents the 2016 Spring Guides Directory. In this directory, you can find direct links to all of our Spring Guides. We are really amping up the fun this year. We will have guides, giveaways, and possible tutorials and recipes!
The Lion Guard

The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar – DVD Now Available (Grab These FREE Activities Now)

We all loved the Lion King. Simba is a symbol for one of the most iconic Disney films of all times. The Lion King brings a sense of nostalgia to adults and parents all over the world and now kids can enjoy it too, with the new story of Kion, a cub of the beloved Simba and Nala. Whether your children already have watched the classic The Lion King films or they are new to this, it's a must-see.

“Yes, I’m a Natural Blue” New Finding Dory Posters Available!

Oh Finding Dory, how I already love you so. I am overly, tremendously, and stupidly excited to see Finding Dory. I have every intention on seeing it as soon as humanly possible. I have watched Finding Nemo more times than your child, I can promise you that. Every little bit that is released, I am all over! With that said, I want to introduce you to the brand new movie posters! Woohoo!
You Make Me Smile

You Make Me Smile #BehindTheBlogger

You make me smile when you look at me that way. It stops me in my tracks, losing the words I was about to say. You make me smile with those big beautiful eyes. They are more mesmerizing than a deserted, country, midnight sky. You make me smile when you tell me you love me out of the blue. It feels like there's nobody left in the world, but me and you.

New Zootopia Clips Now Available #Zootopia

I am super excited about Zootopia. It's releasing soon and I am constantly searching for the newest posters and clips for the movie. Does anyone else do this? Let me first say that I typically am not this way. I usually watch have of a trailer because I don't want any of the movie to be spoiled. When it comes to animated movies, however, I just love watching all of the special clips. I love getting to know the characters before I watch the film. I hope that you are the same way because I have some special clips to show you now. Enjoy!
TeeBlox Superman Shirt
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This TeeBlox Makes Me Feel Like A Superhero!

TeeBlox is a monthly subscription service that sends you a t-shirt and other goodies for between $9.99 and $12.99 a month. The best part is that if you use my coupon code PRETTIES you will get 15% off your first box. TeeBlox has a variety of box themes to choose from: Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, Cartoons, Games, Movies & TV Shows, Beers & Liquors, or Hot Meex. I chose Hot Meex because it seems to be a variety of everything. After choosing your theme, you will choose your shirt size, and place your order. 100% authenticity is guaranteed and you can cancel at any time.
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