January 2016


MUSIC VIDEO: Shakira’s Song, Try Everything, for Zootopia is incredible! #Zootopia

If you know me, you know that I love animals. People call me the crazy cat lady, but that's another story in itself, haha. I love all animals. I always say that I am the type to try to pet a wild bear. I can't help it. With that said, animated movies with animals - yep, love those too. Zootopia, I believe is going to be a personal favorite for me for a number of reasons. I hope that you are just as excited for this movie. To keep you on your toes and looking forward to it, Disney has released the music video for Shakira's original song, Try Everything. She is the voice of the Gazelle in Zootopia and provides some of her musical talents for the movie. Enjoy!
The Finest Hours

The Finest Hours Pays Tribute to the US Coast Guard

The heroic action-thriller The Finest Hours pays tribute to the brave men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard, as well as two new clips from the film! Based on the remarkable true story of the most daring rescue mission in Coast Guard history, Disney'sThe Finest Hours is directed by Craig Gillespie and stars Chris Pine, Casey Affleck, Ben Foster, Holliday Grainger, John Ortiz and Eric Bana.The Finest Hours storms into theaters everywhere tomorrow!

Disney Unveils The First Poster for The BFG #TheBFG

This is going to be a good one! I never actually read this book as a kid, but it sounds like my type of movie. Knowing that the brilliant author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda (a personal favorite) is behind The BFG makes me want to read it right now. Disney has a habit of reeling me in and keeping my attention with these movie posters and with their new trailers. Ugh, why do we have to wait until the Summer for the really good stuff?
Udderly Smooth Beauty Products

REVIEW: Your Skin Deserves To Be Udderly Smooth

The lotions, creams, the body washes – sometimes I think we, as women, have too many options. A good skin care product can make our skin or literally break it... out. I've had great experiences with skin care products, but I've had quite a few terrible experiences too. Usually, I get something in between - a typical skin care product that doesn't change my skin at all. That's almost the worst kind of experience. At least if a product breaks your skin out, you know that you should throw it out. It's the products that don't do anything at all to your skin that are frustrating. Should you keep it? Should you throw it out? Eh, you might need it someday. So, you just put it in your cabinet and it stays in there forever. Okay, I have gone off on a bit of a rant here, but I promise it's for good reason. I've found a company that makes your skin utterly smooth (said with my best British accent).
Land Before Time-Journey of the Brave_on DVD Feb 2

The Land Before Time is Back! Get It Exclusively At Walmart on 2/2/16 #LandB4Time

Join your favorite young dinosaurs, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike, on their exciting adventure to rescue Littlefoot’s father. As they travel across strange landscapes and meet new friends, Etta (voiced by Reba McEntire), Wild Arms (voiced by Damon Wayans Jr.) Littlefoot and friends discover that by pulling together they can overcome any challenge. Filled with fun songs, surprises and laughter, it’s an inspiring tale of friendship and courage that the whole family will treasure.
The Choice Book

Nicholas Sparks’ The Choice Hits Theaters 2/5 – It’s a Must See!

When feisty medical student Gabby Hollan [Teresa Palmer] moves in next door to perennial ladies’ man Travis Shaw [Benjamin Walker], they embark on a surprising romantic journey neither imagined possible. Travis has always believed a serious relationship would cramp his easygoing lifestyle, while Gabby is preparing to settle down with her long-term boyfriend—until an irresistible attraction between the unlikely couple upends both of their well-planned lives. How far would you go to keep the hope of love alive?
Keyport Key Holder Key Organizer

REVIEW: The KeyPort – Organize All Of Your Keys & Some Tools In One Place

The KeyPort is small with a rectangular shape. You can put it on a keychain or carry it right in your pocket. The shape is nice. It isn't bulky or difficult to use at all. We love the KeyPort and recommend it for anyone with too many keys! There are so many customizable features on the KeyPort that I didn't mention here. You have to check out their site to see them all!

Great Places to Catch a Theatre Production Outside of London

There are many places to enjoy a theatre production outside of the capital city. Theatre venues are no longer only used for plays either, with concerts, stand up comedians, musicals, and other types of entertainment being put on stage for audiences to enjoy.
The Bacon Crate Header Image

Men Don’t Do Baskets – Give Him a Wooden Gift Crate Filled With… Bacon?

What should you get your man for the next holiday? You could give him a traditionally wrapped gift, but that's too simple. You could make him a gift basket, but let's face it, most men just don't appreciate the time and thought put into gift baskets. It's time that we think outside the box and inside the crate. Yes, I said crate. Why not give him something that will immediately have him intrigued. Skip the gift wrap, bags, and baskets. Give him a themed crate that's packed full of unexpected goodies. Give him a Gift Crate.
Keyhole Dress

Holiday Dress #8 – Red 3 Keyhole Dress – Lookbook Store Review #12HolidayDresses

I love a dress that makes me feel cute. You know the kind. They aren't too long or too short. They aren't too loose or too tight. Like Goldilocks and the 3 Bears would say, "They are just right." These are the type of dresses that I turn to when I want to feel pretty, but also want to be comfortable. This is dress #8 in my 12 Holiday Dresses series.
A Guide To Throwing the Ultimate Super Bowl Party
EntertainmentGift Guides

A Guide To Throwing The Ultimate Super Bowl Party #TwoBlogsFunGuides

Welcome to the 2016 Ultimate Super Bowl Party Guide! This #TwoBlogsFunGuides is all about throwing the Ultimate Super Bowl Party! Show your team spirit with everything from apparel to the perfect snacks - the items on this list are sure to impress your friends and family and have them talking about your Super Bowl Party all year long! Each of these items are personally recommended by Mama Smith's and/or Women and Their Pretties. Enjoy, and remember to keep coming back as more items will be added daily! This guide includes affiliate links.
Beautiful Calendar

Beautiful Calendar – Stay Organized With Style #Freebie

The Beautiful Calendar can be installed as an extension right into your browser. I use Google Chrome and it literally only took a click for my to install and begin using my Beautiful Calendar. Your browser will most likely ask if you want to add Beautiful Calendar as an extension, click yes. You will automatically be redirected to a page with a search bar for your to search the web. Simply scroll down or click "Show Calendar" in the top right corner.

Holiday Dress #7 – Burgundy Lace Low Back Dress – Lookbook Store Review #12HolidayDresses

With all of the dresses I have, I don't have one quite as sexy as this one. I have pretty, classic, basic, and cute dresses. Wearing a sexy dress takes a lot of bravery and self-confidence. It's difficult to find an affordable dress that's sexy and not too revealing. I can't wait to show you this gorgeous dress! This is dress #7 in my 12 Holiday Dresses series and It's a sexy one!
Valentines Day Gifts For the Lovers
Gift Guides

Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Lovers #TwoBlogsFunGuides

Welcome to the 2016 #TwoBlogsFunGuides Valentine's Day Gifts For The Lovers Guide! This guide is full of fun and exciting gift ideas for couples or romantic partners. All of these gift ideas will be sweet, cute, romantic, and thoughtful. Each of these gifts are personally recommended by Women and Their Pretties and/or Mama Smith's. Be sure to check daily because we are constantly adding the new items that we discover!
Odd Gifts Valentine's Day
Gift Guides

ODDly Awesome Gifts That You Didn’t Know Existed (Valentine’s Day Edition) #TwoBlogsFunGuides

Welcome to the 2016 #TwoBlogsFunGuides ODDly Awesome Gifts You Didn't Know Existed (Valentine's Day Edition)! This guide is full of weird, unique, unusual, odd, and innovative gift ideas. Maybe you have seen these around before, but most likely you haven't. These gifts will definitely be one-of-a-kind and sure to make your loved ones smile this Valentine's Day! Each of these gifts are personally recommended by Women and Their Pretties and/or Mama Smith's. Be sure to check daily because we are constantly adding the new items that we discover!
Gift Guides

Fun Valentine’s Day Gifts For Kids #TwoBlogsFunGuides

Welcome to the 2016 #TwoBlogsFunGuides Fun Valentine's Day Gifts For Kids guide! This guide is full gifts idea that children will love on Valentine's Day. You can expect books, toys, or even clothing for kids! Each of these gifts are personally recommended by Women and Their Pretties and/or Mama Smith's. Be sure to check daily because we are constantly adding the new items that we discover!
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