December 2015


Dear 2015 Me #BehindTheBlogger

Dear 2015 Me,It's been a whirlwind of a year. Honestly, that's nothing new. Every year is a rollercoaster. I blame my wild, crazy, unapologetic emotions for that. Every year I look back and I see how far I've come, how much I've matured. Sometimes I look back to months ago and wonder what the hell I was thinking.
Valentine's Day Gift Guides
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The Most Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Guides #TwoBlogsFunGuides

The Two Blogs Fun Guides are at it again. For 2016 we are doing something different. Instead of doing the typicals "Gifts for Him" and "Gifts for Her" guides we are switching it up. We have some fun and exciting Valentine's Day Gift Guides. Each of the guides are listed below with more information and ideas. We hope that you will join us!
Three Shots in this Sexy Red Dress

Holiday Dress #4 – Bitter Lollipop Elena Red Midi Dress #12HolidayDresses

Christmas is over and now we are all thinking about New Years and Valentine's Day. Well, I am at least. In our fast-paced world we need to be prepared for the next holiday as soon as one ends. I always prepare as soon as possible because I want exactly what I want without the fear of it selling out or not making it to my house on time. When I buy a dress I usually don't know how I want to accessorize it until it arrives, so the sooner, the better. This is dress #4 in my 12 Holiday Dresses series.
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TeeBlox – Why You Need To Subscribe NOW!

TeeBlox is a subscription service that's such a great deal that I think anyone with a love for pop-culture should subscribe. They just added a ton of awesome new categories: Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, and Cartoons. I have a feeling they will continue to add awesome new categories as time passes. Seriously, Disney and Marvel is enough to win anyone over! COUPON CODE INSIDE
Shore Projects Women Watch Set Green

Looking For a Gift? Check Out This Watch Gift Box

Being a woman, I know that shopping for women isn't too difficult – beauty, gift cards, and jewelry. I am not saying that those are the only gifts that women like, but most women would be happy to receive any of those. When I say jewelry, I don't necessarily mean diamonds. Some of the best jewrly I've ever received weren't expensive, like the Pandora charms my boyfriends gives me or the cute necklace from a friend. A watch is always a good choice. I think watches are underrated these days because everyone relies on their cell phones to tell the time. Watches are a fashion statement, though. They should still be a gift-giving staple, especially with gift sets like these!
Disney Luggage

The Best Disney Luggage on the market – affordable and beautiful! | #AmericanTourister @AmTourister

You all know how much I love Disney. Just thinking about my favorite Disney characters right now has me excited and yearning to pop in my favorite movies. I hopped on a magic carpet and flew from Florida to California for an awesome press trip to Disneyland. I remember thinking that I wish I had a really cute piece of luggage to rock on these trips. Because of our crazy schedule, the end of our trip consisted of us toting our luggage around the Walt Disney Studios. How cool would it have been to walk around with American Tourister - the official luggage of Walt Disney World and Disneyland?

9 Last Minute, Affordable Holiday Treats and Gifts From Target

Not everyone starts their holiday shopping in July like I do. I know that many of you wait until the very last minute to pick up gifts and that's okay. I do it sometimes too. Sometimes I think of a great gift for someone or maybe I just need some more wrapping paper. Sometimes I even decide to throw another stocking into the mix for my mom, so I run to Target to see what I can find. Since I shop there so much for the holiday season, I want to tell to give you the ultimate shopping guide for treats! These are all items that you can find right in the holiday shop at Target. Good luck on all of your shopping ventures!

InStyler Max Review – One Tool For Curling AND Straightening Your Hair

I am sure you've seen the infomercials for the magical InStyler. It's the took that turns poofy, frizzy hair into shiny, flat hair. It's a unique device because of the rotating barrel. I've watched the advertisements for years and I've always been intrigued, yet skeptical. I think it's fair to be skeptical when there are thousands of products that claim to give you the same results - shiny, beautiful, model hair that you want to flip around and wrap around your finger. I think that most of us roll our eyes and change the channel, but there's always a little voice saying, "What if it actually works?" It was that little voice that led me to try the InStyler Max for the first time.
RiddleCube The Game

RiddleCube The Game – A Game For The Mind #EducationalInsights

The imagination is a wonderful thing. I sure can work up some crazy scenarios in my mind and as a child, I was, even more, creative. I love stretching my mind just to see where it can take me. Playing brain games or games that require creativity are my favorite. Even as an adult, I learn better through play. It's no wonder why I love RiddleCube The Game.

Give the ULTIMATE Geek Gift – A WD Desktop Hard Drive

Most of the men in my family are computer geeks. I'd say that I am quite lucky because shopping for a computer geek is pretty easy. Just give them something to upgrade their computers and they are happy. In exchange, I get 24/7 tech support, so I can't complain about the costs. Plus, I learn a little bit in the process of it all.
Fire HD 8, 8" HD Display, Wi-Fi, 16 GB - Includes Special Offers, Blue

Why You Should Grab the Amazon Fire HD 8 for Christmas #AmazonFire

I was the type that refused to give up my physical books. For the longest time I was completely against using an e-reader. I still love my paperback and hardcover books. I'd give almost anything to live in a library, on a bean bag chair, drinking delicious coffee, and reading until I fell asleep every night. I will never give up my tangible books and now, I will never give up my Amazon Kindle Fire. The Amazon Kindle Fire is everything that I didn't know I wanted and I just need to tell all of you about it.

6 Holiday Items That You Can Get From Sam’s Club This Season

When we are out shopping for the holiday season, I think that we forget some of the best places to pick up gifts. I love buying in bulk for all of my household necessities, but that isn't the only thing that Sam's Club has. They have tons of great individual gifts for the holidays. The best part is that you can grab these unique gifts at a low-price. Below are a few of my favorite gift ideas from Sam's Club. You can check all of these out online and
Disney Imagicademy Activity Books

Head to Target to Pick Up Disney Imagicademy Activity Books For The Kids #Wonderforge

I'm never too old for a good activity book. I guess some people grow out of these things, but not me. Seriously, I almost considered keeping a Frozen activity book recently. Give me anything Disney and you will have to pry it from my hands. Take my love for Disney, multiply it by 10, and you have the Disney-loving children. Getting kids something they will love for Christmas is fun, but getting them something that they will love and can learn from is even more exciting. What better way to teach them than through play? I am speaking of the Disney Imagicademy Activity Books for kids. They are kinda the "it thing" right now and I completely understand why.
Amope Gifts

Amope Review: Give Her The Gift of Spa Services in the Comfort of Her Own Home #Amopé #IC

I'm sure you've seen the commercials. The Amopé has two products that are supposed to make your feet and nails as beautiful as every before! I watch commercials like this all the time and I think, does this really work? Many advertisements are false or a bit exaggerated. That's why I take the time to try the products before you and give my first-hand (or foot) experience with them. With the holiday season upon us and the Christmas wishlists filling up with Amopé products, I thought that I should give you peace of mind before you buy! I am going to tell you a little bit about my personal experience and more information about the Amopé products.
Ugly Christmas Blanket Santas Favorite Elf #Christmas #GiftIdea #ChristmasBlanket

You’ve Heard of Ugly Christmas Sweaters. What About Ugly Christmas Blankets?

That's right folks! Ugly Christmas blankets are the next big thing! While all of the Ugly Christmas sweaters are fun and hilarious, these blankets are unique and original. I love wearing my Ugly Christmas sweaters during the holidays but when I am lounging on the couch, sipping my Peppermint Mocha Coffee, I like to cuddle under a funny Ugly Christmas blanket. Did you even know that these existed? I didn't and now I want them all! Read all about how you can win one!
Holiday Gifts Sephora #Beauty #GiftsForHer #StockingStuffers

6 Sephora Collection Gifts That Are Worth Picking Up For The Holidays

Any beauty lover knows Sephora like she knows her own home. They have all of the gorgeous beauty brands that we know and love. Sephora has awesome deals and sales all year long and they give samples of just about everything. Every woman would love a Sephora gift card in her stocking this year. I know that I would. If you aren't the gift card giving type, then I recommend these Sephora brand gifts. I think that the actual Sephora brand is forgotten and underestimated. It's understandable with all of the incredible brands that they have! With such a large and overwhelming selection, I figured that it would be nice to recommend a few holiday-themed Sephora products that every lady would love this season!
Let's Get Weird With Workaholics #Coffee

Let’s Get Weird With Workaholics #Coffee

Tis' the season for giving. I have all sorts of gifts to give, but the one thing that everyone is getting is a box full of delicious k-cups. There are so many brands to choose from, so how do you make your final decision? Well, I recommend giving flavored or themed coffee because it's something different and unique than most are used to.

The Good Dinosaur – Ultimate Prize Package Giveaway #GoodDino

To celebrate the release of The Good Dinosaur, The Hopping Bloggers has teamed up with the best bloggers around to bring to you this ultimate The Good Dinosaur prize package! Each blogger donated to the cost of the package and the prizes will be shipped to you individually from One lucky winner will receive this prize package, which is valued at over $100!
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