November 2015

Star Wars 3DlightFX

Star Wars Lights – Celebrate The Force Awakens With These Cool 3D Lights!

You may recognize the 3DlightFX from my Marvel's Avengers lights from a previous post. These lights are battery operated and can be controlled by switching them on and off in the back. Each light is unique to it's design meaning that the colors, location of the light, and amount of light differs. For example, the Hulk light is green. One thing that is missing from my photos is the stickers that come with each light. The stickers are to be placed on the wall behind your light to make it look like the lights are crashing through the wall. Since we rent our home, we decided to save them for when we buy.

Family Fun Night Game Ideas

Family Fun Night is big in my home throughout the year, but I have noticed that we neglect our night when the holiday approach because we are too busy with holiday planning. To get back on track, I brought out games from some of my favorite companies! Family Fun Night has never been so easy!
Hello Fresh Review Ingredients

Hello Fresh Review – Fresh Groceries With Easy Recipes (Coupon Code Inside) #HelloFreshPics #HelloFresh

I've never thought of myself as a great cook or an adventurous one. I will try anything once, but I don't experiment when cooking. I typically cook what I know. I guess since cooking isn't necessarily my thing, I want to make sure that all the time spent cooking is worth it in the end. I try to follow recipes online but they always require ingredients that I cannot find anywhere near me. That's why I decided to try Hello Freshand write a Hello Fresh review for my lovely readers!
Ami Clubwear Waist Belt Fashion Blogger

A Lot of Style With A Little Cost #AmiClubwear

I'm a simple gal. You don't need to spend a lot on me for me to appreciate something. I will wear a $2 dress if it looks cute and if it's good quality. That's why when I shop online, I only buy at a bargain. I cannot justify paying $100 for one piece of clothing when I can get something similar for a quarter of that price. I am currently obsessed with boots and dresses – both are typically overpriced. While on the hunt for something stylish and affordable I found Ami Clubwear.
pulmonary embolism

Treating pulmonary embolism with Innohep

Pulmonary embolism is almost always developed as a complication after deep vein thrombosis. Blood blot, which was separated from deep vein, enters the bloodstream and through circulation, it passes through heart finally ending in lungs. If that problematic piece of clot is big enough, it can remain within a lung artery partially preventing blood from flowing. The heart will be deprived of oxygen, which was previously transferred together with blood. This will disable heart from functioning properly. Given the importance of the organ, it can easily lead to disastrous complications. However, if you buy Innohep online, you can control this issue.
DIY Craft Tween Gift Basket
CraftsGift GuidesShopping

DIY Craft Tween Gift Basket / Pretties DIY Gift Baskets #2

As I mentioned in my last Pretties DIY Gift Basket post, everyone on my mom's side of the family is a crafter in their own special way. My niece is dabbling in many different kinds of artsy things, like writing, scrapbooking, and jewelry making. One day it just hit me, why not make her a gift basket with all sorts of crafty things. She's going to be 11 soon, so I think that she falls into the tween age range. I decided to add a little bit of everything to this basket. I am all about allowing kids express their creativity and I think it's important that we let them experiment to really find out what they are passionate about.
ACEVOG Review Clothing

ACEVOG: Modern to Classic Clothing For An Affordable Price

I've been into the whole retro style lately. I just adore retro dresses. I love the flare and I love the way old style dresses fit your body. I always feel sexy in a retro dress. While on my hunt for the best (and affordable) retro dresses, I discovered a site called ACEVOG. This company sells classic and modern clothing. You will find dresses, tops, bottoms, and shoes! I must say, everything is quite fabulous, but it's their retro dresses that catch my eye every single time.

Disney’s Zootopia – New (Hilarious) Trailer #Zootopia

This is one of the many movies that I am looking forward to. So, what's so special about it? Well, that's an easy question. The voice actors, the animation, the storyline, and everything in between. First of all, it has a bit of a crime theme. That's a first for
Pamper Yourself

Now THIS is How A Woman Should Pamper Herself

Most women don't have the luxury of going to a salon or a spa. I don't think I've ever been to a spa, but I've experienced the next best thing – Tiger Lily Soaps. They have spa quality items for "real life" prices. What really makes them unique is that all of their lovely bath and body items are handmade. There's something about handmade items that I absolutely love.
Lugz Tambora Boots Shot 4 featured

Lugz Has New Fall Styles & These Are My Fave!

Lugz is back at it, but this time with new Fall boots! I am a boots gal, so I was super excited about each and every new addition. I just had to have the new Tambora boots in the coffee/antique brass/black color. Everything from the fur lining to the suede shaft just screams Fall! The style is rugged and not too feminine. It gives you the right amount of comfort and style. I just had to pair mine with my plaid top and some leggings.
Painting With a Twist Orange City Studio

My Experience at Painting With a Twist in Orange City, FL #PWATOrangeCity

I've always wanted to find something unique and fun to do with my friends and family. I'm not the most creative when it comes to finding something fun and affordable to do. When I was approached with an idea to add Painting With a Twist to this year's Holiday Gift Guide, I just knew that it was something I would love to experience myself. I live in Deltona, Florida which is right near Orange City. I was able to set up an experience for a friend and I at the Orange City Painting With a Twist. I've done something similar to this, so I kind of knew what to expect. What I didn't expect was the incredibly comfortable and laid-back atmosphere.
IT’s Your Top 5 Superstars & More Kit

An Exclusive Sneak Peek at the IT’s Your Top 5 Superstars & More Kit #ITSuperstars #ItCosmetics

It Cosmetics and QVC are teaming up again. This time to bring to us a Six-Piece collections like no other. This is the It’s Your Top 5 Superstars & More! Six-Piece Collection. The collection will bring to the best of the best It Cosmetics products, all in one exclusive collection. What's the catch? There only catch here is that you can grab it at a special price for one night only.
5 Things to Remember When Traveling Abroad

5 Things To Remember When Traveling Abroad #TravelBlogger

If you’ve got a dreamy trip abroad planned and in the works, it’s always good thinking to have a few handy tips in place before you decide to make the big trek. Each year, millions of people run into troubles when traveling that could have been prevented with some forward minded thinking and a little bit of preplanning. To help you get a head start on assuring your next vacation is as memorable as possible, make sure you glean from these helpful travel tips first.

To Whom It May Concern #BehindTheBlogger

To whom it may concern,I am Joyce and I am full. I am full of love, life, emotions, and experiences. I am empty. I am empty from all of the love that you took from me; empty from the childhood that you stole from me; empty from the spirit that you broke.
Disney Screen Quarterly Calendar

Watch All The Disney Movies in Theaters with Disney Screen

Each week, Disney Screen hosts four classic Disney films. All four similar themed films play each day and are accompanied with a short film. New films start each Friday and each week has a theme (e.g. Pixar, Zero to Hero and Fun with Families) consistent with the four films being shown.
Amwell Review

Use Amwell To Talk to a REAL Doctor Virtually #Amwell

I think we can all agree that we hate going to the doctor. There's not enough time to visit a doctor every time we need to. Sometimes you wish that you could get help from home. Every time I am sick I think about how nice it would be if a doctor would come to me. Being in a car while you're sick is not fun. It's even worse for the kids. Dragging them to a doctor is more work than it's worth. With the way technology has advanced, it's no surprise that companies like Amwell are offering visits via phone calls and video chats.
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