October 2015

Sugarloom Fall Nail Polish

Fall Nail Polishes That Will Make You Swoon

Fall is here and I am excited. I love the weather, fashion, festivals, and beauty. I really just love any excuse to buy more pretties. I swear it's my weakness! I've got my eye on all the best brands in fashion and beauty this Fall. I am so excited to share another great nail polish brand with you.
Save Up To $750 Per Year With a Little VOLUNTARY Research - Voluntary Insurance

Save Up To $750 Per Year With VOLUNTARY Research

This post is sponsored by Aflac. I was compensated for writing it, but all opinions are 100% mine. Did you know that during health insurance open enrollment that the majority of Americans rush through the enrollment process rather than researching the insurance plan that they choose? Listen, I get it!
BIg and Tall Mens Clothing ONline

Big And Tall Men’s Clothing Is Easier To Find Online – Here’s Why

Online shopping is quickly becoming a mainstay for many consumers, in spite of the fact that it comprises just a teeny 8% portion of all retailing. Still, there’s something about being able to shop from the comfort and privacy of your own home for the big and tall men’s clothing that you desire. Along the way, make sure you make use of these candid tips.
It Cosmetics Review - Naturally Pretty Romantics Palette - How to do a smokey eye

It Cosmetics The Romantics Palette Review: Naturally Pretty Vol.2

The first thing you will notice about the It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Vol.2 Romantics Palette is that the palette itself is soft, like velvet. It is a striking purple color that just screams romance. The outer appearance of the palette is enough for me to say that this would make a great gift for her – whoever she may be.
Addiction Series - Drug Addict, Addiction Awareness

Waiting Up For An Addict – Pretties Addiction Series Vol. 10

I'm not a mother yet. I don't the feeling of a mother/daughter relationship. I don't know how it feels to be a mom worried about her child, but I know how it feels to be a daughter worried about her mother. I think the comparison can be made because parents worry sick about their children. Teenagers are wild, reckless, and their brains aren't fully developed yet. My mom is wild, reckless, and her brain cells are fried from years of drug abuse.

Abdallah Candies – Seriously, the BEST Chocolate Ever

Seriously, it's the best chocolate ever. As I sit here writing this, I have rewarded myself with an ooey gooey piece of Dark Sea Salt Caramel. I almost cannot put into words how delicious the Abdallah chocolates are. Let me start by telling you a little bit about the company. Abdallah Candies
Roxys Fitness Clothing Line Workout Clothes

An Exclusive Look at Roxy’s Fitness Clothing Line

When I think of fitness and workout clothes, I think of ugly, baggy sweatpants or plain yoga pants. I never really thought about fitness clothing complimenting the body or making me feel confident. Roxy has always been a brand that I trust and rely on for quality clothes and extraordinary style. I would feel confident blindly choosing clothing from Roxy because I know that I can pull off anything they create. It's just one of those brands that I could wear all the time. When I was introduced to their workout clothes, I knew that it was something I needed to add to my life (and wardrobe). Enjoy this exclusive look at Roxy's cute workout clothes.

5 Reasons to Vacation in Daytona Beach & My Ideal 3-Day Itinerary

I've lived in Florida my entire life and one of my vacation destinations has always been Daytona Beach. In fact, I was just there for Valentine's Day and I am ready to visit again. There's so much to do! I think that Daytona Beach is very underrated and a lot of people are missing out on all the vacation options and amenities available at Daytona Beach. Whether you're vacationing with the family or on a romantic getaway, Daytona Beach is one of the top vacation destinations in Florida and the festival capital of Florida.

Introducing the My All American Movie Release – Win a Swag Pack! #Giveaway

I must admit, I am not much of a sports fan. I think watching sports on TV is boring. However, I have a guilty pleasure for feel-good sports movies, especially football movies. I don't know what it is about them that reels me in, but it happens every time – I end up crying, laughing, and on the edge of my seat. Some of my favorite movies are sports related – The Blind Side, Radio, A League of Their Own. That's why I am super excited about the new movie, "My All American."
Stainless Steel Water Bottle

This is Why Your Water Bottle Should Be Stainless Steel

This post contains affiliate links There are different water bottles that are great for different occasions. I use my plastic infuser water bottle for cucumber water; my glass water bottle is for tea; my stainless steel water bottle, now that one is my go-to bottle. The Futurepace Tech stainless steel

Illuminate Your Life With Aurorae Yoga Candles

Illuminate your life with Aurorae's collection of aromatherapy candles intended to help you focus while meditating or create a calm personal space while relaxing. I am a candle hoarder. Seriously, I have a candle closet. It's packed full of candles. Basically, if there's a power outage, I will not be phased,
Makeup Tinker bell Would Wear - Pixi Beauty

Pixi Beauty Review: 3 Makeup Products That Tinker Bell Would Wear

Is it just me or do Disney characters wear the best makeup? They have perfect skin, big beautiful eyes, and boy do their smiles light up the room. Yes, it's all make believe, but I think we could totally look flawless with the right makeup. Have you ever seen the Disney characters at a Walt Disney World? They are absolutely beautiful. I know that most women think of the Disney Princesses when we think of makeup and beauty. I, however, couldn't help but to think of beautiful little Tinkerbell this time around. So what are 3 makeup products that Tinkerbell would wear? Let's just pretend she's in the 21st century and a trendsetter.
Want a Gorgeous Look- Use Gorgeous Cosmetics! Fall Beauty

Gorgeous Cosmetics Review: Want a Gorgeous Look? Use Gorgeous Cosmetics!

I love trying new brands. Especially brands that I've heard only positive things about. Gorgeous Cosmetics is a brand that I've heard incredible things about. Gorgeous Cosmetics is a luxury Australian cosmetics brand founded by Celebrity Makeup Artist, David McConnell. Our full spectrum collection includes high-performance complexion, eye and lip

REVIEW: The Redken Blow Dry Collection #RedkenReady

Enhance your blow drying experience with the Redken Blow Dry Collection. If you've ever experienced damaged hair or an unfavorable look after blow drying, then this collection is exactly what you need. This new collection promotes healthy hair and a beautiful look. I personally used to avoid blow drying my hair because it always ended up poofy, dry, and frizzy. The Redken Blow Dry Collection was made specifically to rid the negative stigma of blow drying your hair.
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