May 2015


By The Sea Candle Wax Warmer

I am a Floridian, so I've spent many days by the sea. Oh, the fresh scent of that salty ocean water just soothes my soul. It's so relaxing and comforting. As a child, I collected sea shells. I absolutely loved them. I would make jewelry with them and I would display them in my room. It was one of my many hobbies as an only child. Isn't funny what entertained us as children? As an adult, I am still pleased easily, just by different things, like new home decor and new fragrances. Nothing can get me more excited to redecorate and clean that pretty new things and yummy new smells.

Have Fun With Your Run – Wireless Headphones

This post contains an affiliate link Hello again my pretties! This one goes out to all of my active readers out there. What motivates you to stay active? Something that has always motivated me is music. That sounds strange, but it's the one thing that distracts me enough to keep my

Discover Original Art From Around The World

If it's original, it's worth it. That's always what I think when it comes to any form of art, whether it be music, dance, paintings, or body art. I love something new, unique, and one of a kind. There is something so special about someone creating something by hand. Just knowing that there will never be another piece like it is so exhilarating to me.

My Experience at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo (& Discount on Admission!)

I have always been a huge animal lover, so visiting zoos and aquariums is kinda my thing. I have been to a lot of great zoos, some large and some small. The different animals from around the world never cease to intrigue me. With all of my fun zoo experiences, I can honestly say that Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo is my absolute favorite. From the safety and quality of the animal areas to the friendly and helpful staff, it's no wonder why Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo has been ranked #1 by multiple magazines.

Custom Coins for Your Organization or Occasion

Sometimes you attend or host an event that you wish you could remember forever. Maybe it's a wedding, a vacation, a class reunion, or even a marathon. Whatever it is, you want something to remember the moment forever. Yes, you may receive the typical souvenirs at these events, but why not

Have Fun & Get Fit – Flip2BFit – Fitness Games in a Box

I think Flip2BFit has the right idea here. I think it's pretty apparent by now that it's easier for children to learn, when they don't know they are learning. The same goes for exercise. When you are having fun, you don't realize you are working out! I love that these fitness games promote family time too. This would be perfect for a family fun night!

Crafting on a Budget – Save Money & Give Back!

Hello my fellow crafters! If you are a crafter, you probably already know that you can use just about anything to create something incredible. Sometimes we need some inspiration though. When I craft, I love using odds and ends to create something awesome. You know, trinkets that I have lying

Breakfast at Tiffanys Necklace

The Jewel Bar has the latest in women's fashion. If you want luxury, fashion, and beauty at a reasonable price, then The Jewel Bar is for you. They keep up with the latest trends in modern fashion and provide it at a great price. Their jewelry ranges from casual to formal, is chic and sophisticated, and is something that you could find yourself wearing, no matter what your style is. If you browse through their site, you will see something for every kind of style: classic, bohemian, edgy, preppy, and any other style! I wish I could share every piece of jewelry with you, but I will stick to an edgy piece right now.

My Top 10 Dot & Bo Rustic Home Items & Get $20 off!

Dot and Bo has so many beautiful home items. They have items that will blend well with any home theme and items for any room of your house. When it comes to redesigning a room or adding something special to your space, Dot and Bo is the perfect place to turn

Jane Stone Chunky Crystal Bib Exaggerated Necklace

Jane Stone has some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry that you will find on the internet. The jewelry is unique and stylish. I absolutely love that they have so many statement pieces. You can turn any casual or simple outfit into something fabulous and glamorous. The most important thing about Jane Stone jewelry is how perfectly each item is crafted. They are made with quality items that are very durable.

Let Nature Made Take Care Of You

Nature Made is a brand that I have stayed loyal to for years. I always choose this brand because I know that their products are all natural and good for me. If you aren't very keen on which vitamins and supplements to take, I have some tips for you! Nature Made has something for everything you need. You can purchase them for yourself or include them in gift baskets! Below are a few ideas!

Summer Hairstyles with LA LOOKS Hair Care

LA LOOKS is a brand that you can always rely on to provide you with the very best products for any hair type or style. They have so many different types of hair products, that you will never be at a loss. From curling gels to frizz control serums, LA Looks has it all. These products are perfect for all of your summer activities, whether it be the local Music Festival, a day at the pool, or a pool party. The LA LOOKS and LA Bella hair products are great for braids, curls, frizz, or even straight hair. If you're wearing your hair up or down, I am sure that they will find something for you.

Send Your Grad Away With a CVS Care Package

If you don't know already, CVS has a little bit of everything. Whether it be holiday gifts, custom photos, or vitamins and medications, you can expect CVS to take care of all your every day personal and gift giving needs. I would like to say that they specialize in one specific thing, but that just isn't true. They are really great at multiple things. I recently worked with them on a custom photo canvas and the experience was incredible. They completely exceeded my expectations in that department. They literally have something for every occasion.

Put Artwork in it’s Place With Level Frames

Have you ever spent hours searching for the perfect picture frame? What about finding the perfect frame only to get home, add your photo to it, and find out it isn't exactly as perfect as you thought it was? As you can probably tell by now, I haven't had the best

Vanilla Creme Brulee Pet House Candle

Well love our fur babies. Most of us consider them our children. Just because we love them doesn't mean that we think they are perfect. Pets, just like kids, are a mess. They get fur everywhere and sometimes they stink. I have 3 cats and while I keep my house

Win a $6000 Rose Gold CrownRing! #Giveaway

CrownRing and Noam Carver have an incredible giveaway happening right now! From now until July 31, 2015 you can enter to win this beautiful $6000 engagement ring! This 14k Rose Gold ring has over one carat in diamonds. It's open to US and Canadian citizens that are 18 years of age and older.

Walker Stalker Con is Coming to Orlando! June 2015

Umm... How exciting is this?? I cannot wait! The Walking Dead characters will be there and OMG Giancarlo Esposito from Breaking Bad!! GUS!! Ahh I am totally fan girling right now! How exciting is this? I am going to try my best to go, so I can share my experience with all of you!
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