March 2015


Graduation Gift Idea: The Hot Pink Casio Graphing Calculator

It is graduation season! Woohoo! Lives are changing and kids are growing up. Graduation day is a big deal, whether it's an Elementary Graduation or a college graduation, it should be celebrated. I know that gift giving can be difficult sometimes. It is especially difficult when it isn't a big holiday because there aren't gift ideas everywhere... or are there? There are gift ideas everywhere, you just have to look and think outside of the box. The best gifts aren't always labeled as "graduation gifts" or "birthday gifts". Sometimes it is better to find something that not everyone would give.

Make it a Hallmark Easter

Since Easter is only a few days away, I want to give you a few ideas to make it a Hallmark Easter. Did you know that Hallmark has Easter cards for just about everyone? Easter doesn't have to just be about the kids or about religion. It can be about sharing love with your friends and family. What better way to express yourself than with a greeting card? The fact is that sometimes you can't physically be with your loved ones. That doesn't mean you can't surprise them with a nice card letting them know that you are thinking about them. Below are a few ideas that you should consider this Easter.

Premium Organic Matcha Review

Kiss Me Organics makes all natural products that a good for the body and soul. Not only are they healthy, they taste good too! They have created a culinary matcha and a ceremonial matcha. Their matcha is certified organic, so you don't have to worry about any surprises! Matcha helps with focus, energy, and it's a natural mood enhancer. There are so many great uses for matcha and Kiss Me Organics is a great place to learn all about it.

Save Your Lingerie With WashGuard

For the past few months I have been on a search for a delicates bag that I can throw into washing machine. I searched a few retail and grocery stores, but the only bags I could find were for the dryer or just too small for me to stuff my items in. My bras and other delicate items seem to get wrapped and tangled in the washer. I have had shirts and bras completely ruined after getting twisted up in the machine. The truth is that sometimes our washing machines, no matter how high-tech or expensive they are, just do not protect our clothing enough.

The Perfect Music Festival Sandals: BareTraps

BareTraps is a shoe company that creates stylish and affordable shoes that provide the ultimate amount of style and comfort. Their collections inspire uniqueness and creativity mixed with a bit of edginess, depending on what you wear with them of course. That's the best part. BareTraps are completely versatile. You could wear one pair to a wedding and wear the same pair to a work. They are that stylish! I will be wearing mine probably every where I go because that's how I roll. One place that I will definitely be flaunting my BareTraps is at my next music festival. Music festivals require a huge amount of fashion and comfort. BareTraps sandals provide a lot of both.
FoodSubscription Boxes

Try The World Subscription Box Review: Marrakesh & Coupon Code

Try The World is a bi-monthly subscription box that sends you a box full of gourmet snacks right to your door! Every box has a different theme based on a country or city. The box will be filled with gourmet items that are directly from or related to that country for only $39 per box (with discounted options for longer subscriptions). The items come in a very nice box that can be used again for storing things or for gifting.
FoodHealthReviewsSubscription Boxes

Plated- Eating Well Made Easy: Meal #1

Plated is a delivery service that ships fresh ingredients and chef-inspired recipes right to your door. These easy-to-follow recipes are perfect even for the most amateur cook. All you will need is your stove, cooking utensils, salt & pepper, and your reading glasses because Plated sends you everything else. Everything from the fresh veggies, specials seasonings and sauces, to the nice cuts of meat, Plated will make sure that they send you everything to make your job as a cook easy!

Batiste Dry Shampoo- A Music Festival Must Have

Batiste is a company that has perfected the magic of dry shampoo. For years they have tested and researched to make their hair products the best in the market. They have a variety of products that will make you say "ooh la la" and make everyone around you say, "Who's that girl!?"
FashionSubscription Boxes

Formio Subscription Box Review and A Free Box For You

Formio is a subscription box that delivers accessories right to your door each month. The accessories include bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and handbags.  They items are carefully selected by YOU. You add items to your Queue and Formio sends them based on your choices. This is a pay-as-you-keep service. So, the accessories that

CC+ Your Way To Radiant Skin Five-Piece Collection

It Cosmetics and QVC have teamed up again to provide their customers with another limited edition collection. This five-piece collection includes 3 BRAND NEW items! This collection is themed around your young and beautiful skin. We are women. We are ladies. We are professionals. We are moms. We are BEAUTIFUL and It Cosmetics wants to make sure that we FEEL beautiful with this incredible collection.

Mocktails Brand Non Alcoholic Cocktails

Mocktails Brand is a brand that has come up with the great idea of creating low-calorie, non-alcoholic cocktails. They developed this idea from their friends and families who wanted an alternative to an alcoholic beverage when they were at a social event. The best part about the Mocktails is that you can drink them with or without alcohol. This is the perfect addition to parties, family get together, or a relaxing night at home.

A Healthy Start for Your Little Ones

Rainbow Light is a company that specializes vitamins, health supplements, oral care, and much more. Their goal is to promote worldwide health with all natural products. The customer's health is Rainbow Light's #1 priority and it shows in the products that they make.

Dentz Denim is Pretty RAD (Coupon Code Inside)

Dentz Denim makes some of the funnest and stylish shirts that I've ever seen. Sometimes buying in stores isn't the best. With Dentz Denim, you can find the style and comfort right from your computer. Their shirts have fun sayings like "Take Me Drunk, I'm Home" and "More Issues Than Vogue". If you have a sense of humor or a sarcastic bone in your body, then Dentz Denim has something for you. In December, I reviewed two of their sweaters and I LOVED everything about them.

A Dress For All Occasions

The Mint Floaty Dress would be PERFECT to wear to a wedding or even better, to wear as a maternity dress. Since it is a loose fit, women of many sizes can slide it right on. The prices are really great for the quality of items that you receive. I would definitely recommend the Anassa Boutique for a classy or laid back look!

Get Crafty This Spring With Blick Art Materials

Blick is an art supply company that provides one of the largest arts and crafts selection that I have ever seen. They have Blick brand products and many other popular brands like Martha Stewart. They are perfect for family fun nights or for last minute projects. "Blick Ships Quick" is one of their popular mottos and they stick by it. They are known for having a little bit of everything for every kind of artist. Whether you are just a DIY type of person, a teacher, or a professional artist, Blick has something for you.

Blogger Opp: #TwoBlogsFunGuides Blogiversary Giveaway Event

As many of you may know Mama Smiths and Women and Their Pretties have teamed up to put together a ton of #TwoBlogsFunGuides events including gift guides and twitter parties. Since both websites were launched in May 2014, we thought it was the perfect time to celebrate our Blogiversaries (Anniversaries).

Vtech Go! Go! Smart Toys for Easter

Vtech is a company that specializes in electronic learning toys for children. They create toys that put a little bit of FUN into learning! The best way to learn is through fun and activity. Vtech's toys help with language & cognitive skills, physical & motor reviews, and social & emotional skills. They have a variety of products for all different ages.

Make Community Coffee a Tradition

With the variety of blends, Community Coffee has something for everyone. Which is understanding considering their history. I have been hyped up on Community Coffee for the past 2 weeks and I cannot get enough. I am starting my diet soon, so I am getting my fix while I can. I don't say FIX lightly because this coffee is addicting in the best possible way. It has completely replaced the other brands in my K-cup drawer and I don't have one complaint.

Morphology- A Game for The Creative Minds

Morphology is so much fun! It is unique, creative, and a great way to use your imagination without even realizing it. Creativity is KEY in Morphology. The most creative wins. Morphology is definitely a family game and would be a really fun game when you are spending the holidays together.
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