January 2015

FashionSubscription Boxes

January Azura Box Review

If there's one thing that I love it is jewelry. I am a bit of a girly girl, so any chance that I get to try new jewelry, I am ALL over it. I recently received the Azura Box to review. It is a monthly subscription service that sends you

10 Toys That I Miss From The 90s

#FlashbackFriday I was born in 1988, so I grew up as a 90's child. All of my favorite times with my toys were from the 90's and there is nothing that I love more than reminiscing. Some say that the 90's was the greatest decade and well, I can't really

Tootsie Roll Hot Cocoa Sampler Pack Review

We love hot cocoa in my house! I am drinking some right now and I cannot get enough of it. Ever since I got a Keurig I have been drinking cocoa and coffee like it was my calling. When I learned about the opportunity to try cocoa that tastes just

Purex PowerShot Review and Demonstration

Purex is just brilliant! They have created a laundry detergent that takes the guess work out of cleaning your clothes. Do you mindlessly pour detergent into your loads of laundry without carefully measuring? Do you get sick of the messy measuring cup? I know that I do. I do laundry
10 Romantic Gestures That Men Often Neglect

10 Romantic Gestures That Men Neglect

  Ladies, we have all been there before: You are in a relationship (or marriage) for awhile and your partner stops doing all of the sweet little things that he used to do. The fact is that people get too comfortable and they neglect to show affection like they used to. You

Petunia Skincare Makeup Brush Kit Review

I have a slight addiction to makeup brushes. I love collecting brushes and trying to get the best bang for my buck. I decided to use my new brushes when applying my eyeshadow from the It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette, which I am completely obsessed with, but that's another story.  So

You Are What You Like – Scientific Personality Prediction

So, I have been a Facebook user for the past 5 or more years. Within that time I have liked more pages, posts, and other things than I could ever remember or count. Being a blogger, I am a social media maven! Seriously, I think that most bloggers know more

Reduce WaterWeek Villa Review

My boyfriend and I have a bit of an obsession with bottles, mugs, and glasses. We have a great collection of them and we are always open to adding more to our collection. In case you are wondering, YES we do use them. We use them daily actually. My point is that since we use them often, we love new and unique ones. That is why I am super excited to tell you about the WaterWeek Villa water bottles.

Gamesformotion Chocolate Classic Games Review

Love is in the air again. Valentine's Day is right around the corner and we need to start thinking of ideas for our loved ones. The go-to gifts for ladies are chocolates and flowers. That is perfectly fine, guys, just makes it a little different this time. Rather than giving

Universal Annual Pass Holder Benefits – Universal Studios Orlando #UniversalOrlando #UniversalMoments

My boyfriend is very careful and particular about his purchases. In other words, he makes sure that he doesn't regret them later. The Universal Studios Annual passes were one of the best purchases that we have made. The benefits are incredibly worth it! I know that many people have concerns when purchasing an annual pass to an amusement park. I am here to answer all of the questions that we had before taking the big leap. I will also explain to you all of the perks!

Top 5 Movies of 2015 For Women

Okay ladies, 2015 is finally here and there are a lot of great movies releasing soon. There are some movies that are just MADE for women. You know the type, they are the mushy-gushy romantic movies that will have you laughing and crying the entire time. They are more formally known as Romantic Comedies. Okay, so every movie on this list is not a RomCom, but they are all movies that women will be dying to see. This is a list of movies that you can take your friends to on a girl's night out or drag your man to when he is a bit vulnerable. Enjoy the list ladies!

The Woolly Pocket: A Living Wall Planter

The Woolly Pocket 2 is a wall planter that can be attached to any wall or fence (indoors or outdoors)with a (very) simple installation. All you need to do is mount the included hook and attached the Woolly Pocket to it. We mounted our Woolly Pocket to our wooden fence at our desired height. If you have a few of these, you can place them vertically, horizontally, or even diagonally. The options are really endless. You could even carefully place them to make a picture. Gardening is a work of art and the Woolly Pocket just reinforces that by giving you a new type of creativity. Idea: If you have children, place a couple of them low so they can help tend to and water the plants. The Woolly Pocket: A Living Wall Planter
MusicSubscription Boxes

January 2015 Music Box Subscription Review

#MusicMondays Hello again music lovers! I received my January Music Box Subscription in the mail today and boy was I excited when I seen the contents. I love the Music Box Subscription and they never fail to amaze me. They deliver a box of music related goodies that any real

Skrillex and Electronic Music Innovations

#MusicMondays “For me, it’s important to believe in and love the music you’re making.” - Skrillex   Skrillex’s Musical Impact Sonny Moore, also known as Skrillex went from being a band member, to being a sought after DJ, to becoming a highly anticipated music producer. Skrillex has taken advantage of

Make Music Social With Skrillex x UE Boom

This specific speaker was designed by the famous DJ and Music Producer Skrillex! The speaker feels as if it is made of cloth on the design portion. It is very unique. Obviously the design is full, weird, and creative- music like Skrillex himself. I don't expect any less from Ultimate Ears. I am sure with time, many more artist designs will be on these speakers.

Introducing Ulysses Press for Valentines Day

Ulysses Press has a ton of great books that anyone would love. Now, don't think this is your typical book store. You can immediately tell that Ulysses Press is a bit different from your average book store because of their unique genres, such as: Fashion & Beauty, Gifty Grabs, Pop Culture, and Mmm Bites. Those are just a few of the fun genres on Ulysses Press. I am a book lover and a advocate for reading as much as you can. I just knew that Ulysses Press would have something great for my boyfriend on Valentine's Day.
Gift Guides

2015 Valentines Day Gift Guide

Women and Their Pretties and Mama Smith's Reviews has teamed up again for another Two Blogs Fun Guide. Love is in the air and we are here to help you spread the love with some of the very best gifts that were tested and approved by us. Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, you can shop from this list to romance your hubby or wifey. Maybe you are buying for a friend, kids, or a family? That's fine too! We have a great list of products that everyone will love!

The Stigma of Being an Emotional Woman

So be yourself! Watch romantic comedies. Listen to sad, sweet love songs until you've cried all the tears that you can. Pick up a stray animal and give to the less fortunate. Don't sacrifice who you are or what makes you happy just because others aren't comfortable with it. Be the tender, sensitive, sweet woman that you are and be damn proud of it!
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