December 2014


Make 2015 a Year Without Things

I used to think that “things” were important. I remember placing so much importance on places that I wanted to go and things that I wanted to buy. Now that I have every “thing” that I want, I realize that it isn’t important.

Two Rivers Mega Coffee Sampler Pack

Hello all of my coffee lovers! I am too a coffee addict, so we are in the same club! If you have a single cup brewer, you know how difficult it is to resist a cup of delicious coffee. Before my Keurig, I was too lazy to make coffee. The thought of making it just sounded unappealing. Just knowing that I can make a cup of coffee in 3 easy steps, tickles me all over! The ease of a single cup brewer is wonderful, but what really calls my name are the TONS of different roasts, flavors, and varieties of coffees, cocoas, and teas! When I purchase single serve cups, I ALWAYS choose a variety/sample pack because I love to try new things.

We Asked 50 Women Survey

I am starting something new for 2015 on Women and Their Pretties. Since my blog is intended to be geared around everything WOMAN related, I want to get women's opinions on a few different subjects! After each question receives 50 answers, I will do a post with the (anonymous) responses. Some responses will be quoted in my post, so have fun! Be honest and be creative!

Sand That Doesn’t Make a Mess? That Exists?

Don't we live in an incredible world? Every day there are new inventions and cool toys that just blow my mind. There are toys that FLY, mess free toys, and toys that are more technologically advanced that I can even understand. I wish I had toys like this when I was a kid! At least I can share these toys with all of the little ones in my life. They sure are lucky. One of my favorite inventions is the Kinetic Sand.

Make it a TMNT holiday!

Right now two toys/movies are "IN". I think that we all know what they are- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Frozen. With that said, all of the kids are literally going CRAZY over any of the toys, clothing, books, or movies that relate to those. Companies are really out doing themselves to create the bigger, better, more unique toy! Well my friends, there is one TMNT toy that really is set apart from the rest. It is so cool and every kid should have one!

The Original Kit Cat Clock

We all remember The Original Kit Cat Clock right? It was that cute cat clock that sat on the wall with it's tail wagging and eyes moving back and forth. I am too young to remember the clock when it was in its prime, but I still remember seeing it as a kid. As many of you know already, I am a HUGE animal lover. I am the mommy of 3 beautiful cats, so this kind of clock would fit right into my home. While many of us imagine finding a used Kit Cat Clock in an antique shop with a hefty price tag, I am starring at the low priced, brand new clock on my wall. Yes... BRAND NEW.

How to Create REAL Spiral Curls!

Ladies, there are a ton of different hair styling products on the market. How do you choose just one? When it comes to curling irons and wands, I don't choose just one! I will try any curling iron because they are all different in their own ways. Have you ever curled your hair and then realized that it doesn't look anything like the pictures? Sometimes it is the iron, but most of the time it is because you aren't doing it the right way. That is why Xtava created an iron with a spiral guide!

Cute Christmas Earrings

Hey folks! I have some adorable Christmas earrings to tell you about! A company called Enthroned Empress has some really pretty and elegant jewelry. Before I delve deeper, let me tell you something. I love jewelry. I am somewhat of a jewelry collector, to lighten it. I know good jewelry when

Personalized Holiday Labels

Every year I mix a little bit of DIY or customization into my Christmas gifts. I create a little bit of things myself and order something that is personalized. This year I was given the opportunity to review custom holiday labels, also known as beer labels. You can customize these to say whatever you want!

Enjoy a Cake Boss Holiday

I'm pretty sure we are all familiar with the famous "Cake Boss", more formally known as Buddy Valastro. Mr. Valastro is the owner of Carlo's Bakery in New Jersey. Why is he so famous? Well other than his successful TV shows, Buddy has single handedly mastered the art of cake decorating. His beautiful and delicious cakes have led him to success in the culinary field! He has expanded his restaurant line and now offers a line of bakeware, coffee, and merchandise. I had the pleasure of visiting the original Carol's Bakery this year, so I am just tickled to share my experience with some of the products with all of you!

Soft & Smooth Butter for Holiday Parties!

I love hosting holiday parties. Christmas is my favorite time of the year because it means cheer, family, and love! I find joy in spreading the love by giving and cooking for all of my loved ones. Hosting a party is a lot of pressure. You have to cook, clean, and decorate! Everything should be festive and comfortable! With every holiday dinner, you need butter. Whether you are using it to cook with or to spread on some of your delicious delights, you want it to be nice and smooth right?

Your Shower Just Got a Whole Lot Better!

I look forward to the peace and relaxation my showers bring me. I get my best thinking done in the shower! I love the steaming hot water, the privacy, and the peace & quiet. I love the pampering and the cleanliness of a shower. Just when I thought that I couldn't enjoy my showers any more than I already do, a company comes along and creates a product that I didn't know I can't live without!

Stocking Stuffer Idea: SinfulColors Holiday Nail Polish

Has she been naughty or nice this year? Is she a sinner or a saint? Whatever good deeds or naughty sins the ladies in your life have committed this year, one thing is clear: She deserves the very best. If you didn't agree, you would not be shopping for her. I have said it a million times and I will say it again: Women NEVER have enough makeup, shoes, or NAIL POLISH! Obviously at this point, you know where I am heading. I could tell you over and over again to purchase Sinful Colors Nail Polish, but without a good reason, why would you?

CHARMing Flip Flops for Kids!

I remember when kids HATED to receive clothes for Christmas. With all of the new and creative clothing out there, a lot of kids don't mind clothes (thrown in with a few toys) for Christmas. With Mottos however, they will be ecstatic to receive such a cool pair of flip flops! These flip flops can be decorated and styled in whatever way your child likes. Turn a plain pair of flip flops into something cool and fun!

Pika Boots, How I Love You So

I cannot tell you a thing in the world that I love more than a gorgeous and comfortable pair of boots. I would choose boots over heels or sandals any day of the week! Even in Florida you will catch me walking around in a pair of boots in the middle of the Summer. I pretty much love all types of boots. Whether they are grunge, preppy, relaxed, or basic, you will find them in my closet. Since you get the gist of my love for boots, I can introduce the Pika Boots.

The Cutest Holiday Stocking Stuffer: nügg Face Masks

Can you believe the Christmas is 15 DAYS AWAY!? This worries me a bit because I have still have stocking stuffers and a few other small gifts to purchase. So what are the best stocking stuffers for women? I always turn to chocolate and beauty products because I am a woman and I know what I would want in my stocking. Not all beauty products can fit right into a stocking though. Sometimes you need to improvise. One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season is to purchase sample size items or purchase in bulk and spread them out among my friends and family in little gift baskets. What if you didn't need to buy this way? What if products were the perfect size to add to the stockings? Well, nügg Beauty has some great products for you to spoil your lucky ladies with!
Subscription Boxes

Introducing the Smart Art Subscription Box

Hello again ladies and gentlemen! I am here to introduce you to the Smart Art Subscription Box! The Smart Art Box is a monthly subscription service that sends you a box filled with handpicked tools for you to embrace your creativity! The best part is that the tools are handpicked by real artists! How fun does that sound? I am a creative person myself and I LOVE creating new projects and sharing my newfound knowledge with my friends and family! These boxes are great for the creative people in your life. They would also make a great gift for a parent to do with their older children.

Family Fun Night Snacks Edition 1

Hey guys and dolls! The boyfriend has the night off so we are hanging out together and watching moves! We might fit in a game or two as well. It's a chilly day here in Florida so we are all cuddled up; me in my Funzee and Sockwork socks and him under our Cariloha Bamboo Throw! We had an early and a light dinner, so we decided to munch on some of our favorite snacks tonight. The best snacks are right here in our house. We don't have to go anywhere to enjoy something so delicious. I am writing to share some of these snacks with you, so your Family Fun Night can be [almost] as awesome as ours!

Mega Bloks Hotwheels Kits

Kids love toy trucks and kids love playing with blocks. This is something that we all know by now. One fact about toy trucks/cars and blocks is that no matter how old or new the products are they are always fun. They will never go out of style! Something that I love is when parents teach their children creativity and the importance of finishing what they start. As adults, we know that there is an incredible satisfaction in finishing something we have created ourselves. Just knowing that it was made with love, care, time, and creativity feels amazing! Mega Blocks Hotwheels Kits offer a little bit of building and creativity with blocks to create an awesome toy truck!
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