November 2014


Jelmar Cleaning Products

I worked at a hotel for over 7 years as a Guest Services Rep aka "the girl at the front desk". The reason I bring this up is because before I became a guest services rep, I worked in the laundry room. After working at a hotel for so many

Ozeri 42 Inch Wind Fan Review

Ozeri never fails to amaze me. They are always on top of the technological world. If there are new technological advances in houseware, you can expect Ozeri to create something amazing. I have tried quite a few of their products and I am always pleased with my experience. If you want great quality home products at an affordable price, then you want Ozeri. They have fans, frying pans, electric wine bottle openers, scales, and even more!

Save Money and Make Money with Campus Book Rentals

We all know how devastatingly expensive it is to buy your textbooks. Borrowing from friends is too risky and buying textbooks at full price just seems like a waste. I just graduated from college and let me tell you, the price of new textbooks is a bit ridiculous! It is hard to afford college as it is; we don't need the hundreds of dollars spent on textbooks on top of our outrageous tuition costs! College students- you can save on college textbooks with Campus Book Rentals!

Tis The Season Twitter Party Donation Form

To Celebrate the Tis The Season Blog Hop, we want to do something special for bloggers and fans! We will be hosting a Twitter Party blog hop for bloggers to gain traffic and for our lovely fans to win some prizes! Fill out the Tis The Season Twitter Party Donation Form below!

Add BEARPAW Boots to Your Wishlist

I don't know about all of you, but I cannot have enough shoes. I specifically cannot get enough boots. I live in florida, so I cannot wear boots every day. As soon as it is below 80 degrees, however, you will find me in my most beautiful pair of boots struttin' my stuff like it was my life's purpose. Boots are on my wish list every holiday, so you never need to ask me what I want. I think that boots can be paired with almost any outfit and can definitely be your statement piece. With that said, I would like to introduce you to my new favorite boots!

Don’t Be Mistaken About the One Direction Makeup

Don't be mistaken by the One Direction makeup. It isn't some cheap makeup being sold strictly because of the One Direction brand name. It is well made with beauty lovers in mind. By the quality you can tell that the company wants to reach a wide audience, not just tweens and teens, but for women who love to try new makeup brands!

Lashem Colour Strokes Brow Tint

Ladies, do you have trouble with your brows like I do? Years of plucking in all the wrong places have damaged my brows. With that said, I am always trying new things to see what the best brow products are. I've tried powders and pencils for my brows. I have

Soniclear Skin Cleansing System Review

Clean skin is something that we all need. It's important to not just wash our faces, but to PROPERLY clean them! Using your hands or a washcloth (horrible by the way) to wash your face does not always cut it. That's where a reliable skin cleansing system comes into play. Your hands will never clean your face like a mobile skin cleansing system will. It will exfoliate your face using your every day soap or facial cleanser. Exfoliating your skin is important to remove dead skin cells, bacteria, germs, and to unclog your pores! If you've read up to this point, you understand that a skin cleansing system is not just a necessity for women. Men AND women could and should be using a skin cleansing system.

Decorate For The Holidays with Liquid Chalkers

We cannot deny it anymore people! The holidays have arrived and we need to get the decorating over with so we can move along to our Christmas gift wrapping and planning. Christmas decorating in my home consists of pine scented everything, decorating our beautiful tree, and filling the home with Christmas trinkets! Something I have tried a million times and it never worked out is decorating my windows with the cute window decals. These never work out for me because they fall off within a few days. It is so frustrating. I always want to show my Christmas spirit in a unique way, but I could never find something good for this- until now.

The Franklin Mint Americana 50 Years In The Making

For as far back as I can remember, I have heard about Franklin Mint. I mean, haven't we all? You know the commercials- "The Franklin Mint collection is a superb collection, you will never find one of these any where else in the world". I'm sure you are thinking, "OH YEAH! I have seen those commercials a million times." These aren't just informercials that promise something that they will not follow through with. Franklin Mint really does provide an incredible amount of customer service and they offer quality products that you can only find through their company.

Frigoverre Leftover Glass Containers Review

I know they say that you are getting old when you become excited about new household stuff! Well darnit I must be old then. I just turned 26 a couple of weeks ago, but for the past 7 years I have been asking for household stuff for my birthday and the holidays. I just love new items that are unique and convenient. I will be the first to jump on board with a product that makes my daily life easier. That is why I am super excited to share Bormioli Rocco's Frigoverre Bowls.
Gift Guides

Two Blogs Fun Guides

Mama Smith’s Review Blog and Women and Their Pretties have teamed up to bring to you the best Shopping Guides around or as we call them- Two Blogs Fun Guides! You can expect Fun Guides all year long for different holidays and events! Below are the Gift Guides that are LIVE right now!

Salad To-Go Containers

I recently posted an article titled the Top 5 Unique Picnic Must Haves. I included some of the very best items that were tested and review by yours truly. Sometimes you find items that are so unique, yet useful you wonder how you didn't come up with the idea yourself. That is how I feel about all of the items, specifically these Salad To-Go Containers. They are so useful and convenient that I believe everyone needs one!

Franklin Mint Founding Fathers of America Coin Collection

As Americans, we hold our Founding Fathers with great esteem. We love our country and we love those who have helped make it what it is today. With that said, any American would be honored to have a collection that symbolizes the freedom and gratitude that we have for our country. Franklin Mint has some the very best items that are dedicated to our beautiful "home of the brave". They have the perfect gifts for grandfathers, father, and any history buff in your life.

A Story. A Tradition. A Keepsake.

I love Children's books contain a little something extra. It is something that excites children and pushes them to read more. Some books include stickers or maybe a CD to go along with the book. Whatever it may be, it takes away from the "boring" reputation that some believe books to be. A child's book must contains three important things: A valuable lesson, imagination, and great illustration. A Christmas book must contain three thing: The Christmas spirit, imagination, and great illustration. The Magic Christmas Key contains all of the above!

The Yellow Balloon Book For Children and Loss

It's a struggle finding children the right books to read these days. If you haven't read the book, you don't really know if you should purchase it. So what do you do? You either buy a book and take a chance or you just stick with the "big authors" that you know. You are missing out if you stick with the mainstream authors my friends. Some of the best children books are written by smaller authors with big dreams. If you are struggling with purchasing children's books this year, I would like to think that I could help you. I found a really cute book that children and adults will both enjoy together!

Personalized Bath and Body Products

There is nothing like a personalized gift. It is thoughtful, creative, and the most unique gift you can give. Personalized gifts were meant and made just for you and you can keep them forever. People may forget about every other gift you have given them, but they will never forget where a personalized or monogrammed gift came from. It shows that you put thought and time into their gift. The best kind of personalized gifts for women are Spa and Bath products, like robes, makeup bags, and toiletry bags. If this sounds like something that you would love, then you need to check out
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The November Swaag Box Review

I have tried plenty of boxes that are dedicated towards "that time of the month" for women. That time of the month is hard. We are uncomfortable, frustrated, in pain, and just want to eat chocolate and sleep the entire week away. It is something that we will never be completely comfortable with, but with the right subscription box, we can feel a little bit special at this time. So what do we, as women, want to ease our minds during our cycles? Well, we want our very favorite feminine products, chocolate, more chocolate, something to ease the cramps, and we want to feel beautiful. Out of all of the subscription boxes that I have tried, I have found one quite as thoughtful as the Swaag Box.

Let Calgon Take You Away

As a beauty lover, I can easily say that I will never have enough lotion, body wash, and skin care products. I always feel like I need more. I love to try new brands and new scents. It doesn't have to be a well known brand or an expensive brand. The way I see it, if it smells amazing and makes me skin look and feel amazing, it is perfect for me. My favorite bath and body product scents would definitely be any sort of relaxing scents. Whether it's lavender, tropical, or a simple vanilla, if it relaxes my mind, body, and soul, I will love it forever. When I do find a beauty product that I love, I have to share it with everyone. I feel like it is a secret that I cannot keep. That's why I am here today. I MUST share these awesome products with you!

Box Naturals Intimate Wipes

Sometimes you need a little pick me up. Maybe you have been sweating all day or maybe your unwelcome "visitor" has arrived for the week. Maybe it's just one of those days where you feel icky. Whatever it is, you want to feel fresh and clean at all times! That is why you need Box Naturals with you in those times of need!
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