October 2014


Number 4 Hair Care Gift Sets for Beauty Lovers

Sick of giving the same gift sets every holiday? You know the ones I'm talking about- a christmas mug with a few pieces of candy that no one will really eat. The mug will be used once a year, if at all. The candy will just be thrown into a bowl with all the rest of the candy. Why not switch it up this year? Give the ladies in your life something they will love and actually use! Give them one of the three Number 4 Holiday 2014 Essentials Lounge Kit. What in the world is that? Let me explain...

The Best Way To Organize Your Music

I have around 10,000 songs on my computer that I have collected over the years. I am in the music industry, so it is definitely understandable. One of my biggest issues with having so much music is definitely organizing it. So many of the songs are named incorrectly, missing the artist, or the album. I have searched for easy solutions to this issue for years. It is WAY too time consuming to manually rename all of my files. I am sure that any music lovers out there know the struggle! Good thing for you, I am here to help you. I have found the best way to organize your music.

Little Candles with a BIG Scent

It is no secret that I LOVE candles and any scented home items. I collect scented candles, air fresheners, scented waxes, and any other home fragrances that you can think of. I always look forward to trying any new or unique ones. I love candles that have unique names and weird scents. I am all about creativity in life and I look for it in every product that I test or purchase. With that said, I am going to tell you about an AWESOME candle company that has a variety of weird, creative, and unique scents!

The Happys Will Make Your Kids Happy

I have a family of pet lovers. Since I was a child, I have had a deep connection with animals and a deep love for them. Growing up, my favorite toy was the cute little kitty cat that purred when you moved it or cuddled it. Toys have advanced SO much since then! Now toys talk, walk, play, and are more advanced than you'd ever think toys would be. To be honest, I am jealous. I wish that I had toys this cool growing up. At least I can say that the kiddos in my life are lucky enough to play with these awesome toys. I think it is very important that we buy children toys that we wish we had and that we can play with when they are not around. hahaha. When I said, "The Happys Will Make Your Kids Happy," I meant that they will make you just as happy.

Holiday Gift Guide Twitter Party

There may even be a special announcement at the twitter party so what are you waiting for? RSVP and tell your friends about this party by tweeting: "Join @JoyceDuboise & @MarvelGoddess24 for the #TwoBlogsHolidayGiftGuide #TwitterParty! 11/4 at 1pm EST. RSVP Here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1528500800726182"

The Amazing Zhus Circus Pets

Kids love the circus. Frankly, everyone does. I don't know a single person that finds the circus boring. What is your favorite thing about a circus? Many people would say the stunt people and the animals. Watching both, gives me a rush that I cannot describe. Being a kid, I would imagine that the rush is multiplied. They see things that they think are magic. They see animals that they have never seen in real life before. They see people do things that you only see in movies. The circus is incredible. The circus is magical. Bring the circus and the "pets" home to your kids with The Amazing Zhus.

A Hands Free Robot Back Massager

Ever since I was a kid, I loved my back rubbed. It has always relaxed me. The problem when you get older is that you don't have your mom there to rub your back until you fall asleep. As much as I beg and plead for my boyfriend to rub or massage my back, he isn't always in the mood. I've tried handheld massagers before, but it isn't comfortable to reach my arm up to massage my back. It isn't a relaxing experience. Other than a massage chair, our options are limited on getting a nice massage by ourselves. Well, my friends, the days of wishing, hoping, and begging for a back massage are over. You don't need to struggle, you don't need to beg your spouse, or pay a stranger for a back massage anymore.

Organization is KEY When Traveling

I am the weirdest messy person ever. I am seriously messy. I admit it. I leave things laying around. I don't always put things back where they belong. I leave my stuff laying all over my living room (it's my sanctuary). I am terrible. When it comes to traveling and to working though, I am completely an organization nazi! I NEED things to have a specific place.

Adfilic Tech Products

Adfilic offers some of the very best (and unique) products for the tech lovers in your life. I was lucky enough to review a couple of their products. Both of which worked great! These would be great to add to your holiday wish list OR shopping list

Dr. Song Rosehip Oil Uses + Recipe

Rosehip oil can be used for many different things. It is used in many cosmetics and is great for beauty purposes! It's important to learn about the benefits of Rosehip Oil and to learn how to use Rosehip Oil. I will be educating on the uses and my #1 recommendation for purchasing the RIGHT oil.

It Cosmetics Your Most Radiant You Holiday Collection

It is FINALLY the holiday season! That means new clothes, new shoes, and new makeup! Oh, and food, family, hay rides, blah-blah-blah! I am just excited about new fashion and new beauty. You don't have to be into fashion to know that the outfits and clothing colors change for the holiday season. That's a given. Did you know that there are a ton of holiday beauty do's and dont's ? I mean everything from the colors that you wear to the way you do your makeup; it all changed when Autumn and Winter arrive. That is where It Cosmetics comes in.

Personalized Media Kits

Hello bloggers! I am now offering low cost Personalized Media Kits. I will design and personalize a Media Kit for your blog for only $15 (Payment via PayPal). If you would like a Media Kit, fill out the form below and send your payment to the email address below. You can request anything you would like, so please do so in the form below.

Dino Pet A Living Bioluminescent Pet

I don't know a single child that doesn't want a pet. Even if you already have pets, your children want more. Maybe your significant other wants a pet, but you just don't have the time, patience, and/or money for a pet. Why not get them the next best thing? Get them a pet that has some of the responsibilities of a REAL pet, but is really a TOY!? It sounds crazy right? I thought the same thing! I am so excited to tell you about the toy of the year!!
ReviewsSubscription Boxes

Homegrown Collective Subscription Box October

Have you every wondered what was in your soap? Not all soaps list the ingredients, but when they do, do you ever wonder if they listed everything? Or even more importantly, do you wonder how it's made? I take a lot of time reading ingredients because I am just a curious person. After years of reading soap, shampoo, lotions, and other ingredient lists, I am now interested in making my own soap! Not only are you in control of the ingredients, scent, and textures, you can feel accomplished after making your own soap. It is a fun and unique experience and I know a subscription box that will send you everything you need!

Drink Your Wine In Style

Something that I have always loved is a girls night out! Getting all dolled up, laughing with the ladies, and drinking wine. It is always so fun. Whether it is in the home or a night out on the town, you want to look your best and feel your best. Why not dress your wine glass up too? I know you are thinking, "That sounds strange." It is actually a really cool and fun idea!

Light Your Candles With Ease

Before I begin with anything, I must begin by telling you that I am addicted to candles. I literally have a closet for my candles. It's a guilty pleasure, I admit it. Since I do have this love for candles, I know the struggle, more than the average person, of trying to light one. Have you ever tried to light a deep candle with a regular lighter? You either burn yourself or you have to flip the candle upside down or to the side to light it. It is so annoying and it is a struggle. Also, for non-smokers, it's annoying because I can never find a lighter. I have been using our grill lighter, but that is only if I can find it! One thing that I never though of was a candle lighter. Did you know that there are lighters specifically made for lighting candles? Did you know you could actually light your candles with ease?

How to Turn Water into Soda

Do you ever get sick of drinking the same thing over and over again? Obviously drinking soda, juice, water, or anything else is an every day thing. It isn't exciting or fun. It's just what we do to survive. The majority of us don't make our own drinks. I mean, we pour them in a glass and drink. That's it. We don't have a say so of what goes in them, how sweet they are, or how carbonated they are. We purchase them from the store and drink them. That's it. With that said, have you ever thought about making your own drinks? More specifically speaking, have you ever considered making your own soda? Yes, it is possible for the average person to make their own soda. Why not change your daily routine? Why not make something, as simple as drinking, FUN? I love the idea of turning every day routines into an activity or a game that the entire family can enjoy! How does that sound to you?

Add Carmex To Your Shopping List

I need lip balm, just like the next girl does. The problem with me is that I never remember to put it on and frankly, I am not the biggest fan of sticky stuff on my lips. I hate lip balm that wipes off onto everything or that my long hair sticks to. Ugh, or even worse, is a lip balm with a disgusting smell and taste. My thoughts on lip balm are bitter, no pun intended. I never even buy any because I feel like I am never going to find a lip balm that I will actually wear. Well, never say never folks...

Keep Your Hands and Kitchen Clean

I always need more kitchen towels. I use them for everything. Probably more things than I should. I use them to clean the counters, clean the stove, dry the dishes, to dry my hands, and much more. In my home, kitchen towels are like bobby pins- they are always needed and can never be found! They always disappear. Does anyone else have this pesky problem?

A Bathroom Must Have

For the past few years I have kept my Cotton Swabs and Cotton Balls in the bags/boxes that they come in. I kept them under the sink and would have to inconveniently reach under it every time I needed one. Sometimes I need one quickly to use for my nails or makeup (I know, such a girly reasoning). I don't know why I never thought of a more convenient way to organize these. When I bought my vanity, I added some cotton swabs and cotton balls to my makeup organizers, but that still left me without a great organizer for my bathroom.
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