September 2014


Chocolate Covered Strawberries for Cats?

That's right all you pet lovers out there! There are Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Christmas Cookies, Fortune Cookies, and more denim and canvas handmade toys for your precious fur babies! These aren't your typical toys tough, these are CATNIP toys! Misohandmade makes the cutest, funniest, and the best catnip toys that my cats have ever had the pleasure of playing with. Each toy is handmade by someone with a lovely eye for design! Who knew that you could by cameras, zombies, Gnomes, bacon & eggs, and more for your cats haha. Those are just a few of the fun toys that this shop offers! They are really high quality too! My cats' reactions were hilarious and definitely unexpected!

Spa Sonic Skin Care System – The Perfect Gift For Her

Ladies! It is time that we take control of our skin! How often do you wash your face? How often do you exfoliate your face? Do you use a facial cleanser? Do you use a moisturizer? I know that some of you are thinking, "I do all of this and I do it often". Here is a question that many of you will say 'No' to, Do you exfoliate your body? It IS something you can and should be doing. Do you care for your dry heels, elbow, knees, etc? Some of you may not have those issues and if you do not, I envy you. However, I have learned that most people do suffer from one of the "dry plagues", as I like to call them. How do you treat your skin? Do you exfoliate with your hands? Do you use a glove? What about a tool? Sounds funny right? A tool for your skin? While it may sounds strange, I recommend it above anything else. Let me explain...

Pamper Yourself! You Deserve it!

It’s no secret that women love to be pampered. Some women may deny it, but deep down inside they want the luxurious pleasure of sitting back and indulging in all of the fantastic and complex aspects of womanhood. One of the most wonderful joys of being a woman is pampering ourselves and being pampered by others. A man once told me, “Women get to enjoy so many different and cool things,” I am paraphrasing a bit, but that is the gist of what he said. It is true, we get to enjoy clothing, jewelry, purses, and the best of all- beauty products!

A 6ft Phone Charger? Yes Please!

I ALWAYS have an issue with my phone charger being too short! Outlets are so close to the floor that I cannot use my phone while on the charger, which is sometimes necessary. I have actually purchased 6ft phones charges online before that worked great... at first. After a few weeks they quit working because they weren't Apple Certified.

Everyone Needs a Sports Armband

The iArrow Sports Armband is a perfect accessory for working out. You use the velcro strap to fit the armband onto your arm, fit your iPhone right into it, and get to working out! This sports band has a hard case, screen protector, and fits comfortably on your arm! I would definitely suggest this to anyone that is interested in fitness and safety.

The Planner Every Organized Person Needs

As a blogger, author, and an admin of a group I am very busy. I have TONS of product reviews to do every day. I want to make sure that my reviews are posted in a timely manner. It is very easy to forget what I have received and when it is due. I also have posts I need to plan for my blog and my group and darnit, my memory just isn't up to par with what I need to keep in there! I need organization and a schedule to keep my scattered brain together! This planner is seriously the PERFECT thing for me!!

VS Sport Vox Box Review

I was incredibly excited to receive this Sport's bra from Influenster! It is probably the best Voxbox that I have ever received from them. Check out my Unboxing Video & Then take a look at the information below! First, I will begin by telling you about Influenster, so you can get the feel of things :)

Sobo Ultra Youth Serum Review

I was unsure about this product. I have a hard time deciding whether or not I like serums, especially youth or anti aging ones. Mainly because it is hard to see the results.

Framesi BY Mist Spray Strong Review

I don't always do style my hair in a unique way, but when I DO I use Framesi By Mist Spray Strong. Haha. Did you get the pun? hehe no? I will move along then. Seriously though, this spray in incredible! It is long lasting (which is very important in

I’m a Fans’ FAN!!!

Yippee! How funny is it to say that? I am a fans's fan. In other words, I am a fan of fans. haha. I love a silly play on words. Seriously though, I am a fan of actual air blowing/ cooling devices aka FANS. I live in Florida people. Air Conditioner just isn't enough when the heat index in 101 Degrees and the Humidity is at 100%. I know, I know. Many of you are think, "I WISH I had that problem. I WISH I lived in Florida." Guess what?

iHeart Radio Music Festival Winner’s Experience Part 1

Arriving in Vegas: We are FINALLY here! After a very long (5 hour) flight. On the plane we heard a few people chatting about the festival. We were excited to see others on our plane attending. Our itinerary explained that we would have a complimentary shuttle from the airport to the MGM Grande Hotel and to look for individuals holding iHeart Radio signs. We got off of the plane as quickly as we could and seen the first person with the sign... iHeart Radio Music Festival Winner's Experience Part 1

Briefton’s InstantVeg Spiralizer

I have a love affair with cooking. One minute I am in love, the next I am despising it. I don't always feel like chopping, slicing, and preparing. WithBriefton's InstantVeg Spiralizer, slicing is FUN and easy! the day that I received this, I also received an Infuser Water Bottle. It

Something SO Lovely That You DONT Want To Use It

Have you ever used a product that is so perfect and so wonderful for you, that you just don't want to use it? haha. It sounds silly right? What about a perfume that you really love? You don't wear it ALL the time because it will be gone too soon. You wear it on special occasions because it is that special and wonderful to you. Understand where I am going with this? Sit back, relax, and envision your favorite products, whether it's food, makeup, skin care, or perfume. Are you imagining it? If you weren't the now you are :) Now you can understand how I much I adore this product that I am going to share with you!
FashionSubscription Boxes

Formio Stylists Subscription Box Review

Talk about a Fashionista's DREAM come true! Formio is a very unique subscription service. Unlike most subscription services, Formio allows you to select the items that you would like to see in your future "boxes". This means that every item that you receive will be something that you WANT. If you are anything like me, you are fed up with receiving items that you don't like or that you receive in EVERY subscription box. With Formio you will receive something shiny, new, unique, and GLAMOROUS each time!

Nature Lane Forskolin Review

This is not "just another" weight loss product folks. This is the real deal. Nature Lane's Forskolin Veggie Capsules are full of nutritional value! The day that I received these I started taking them. I expected to be taking these for a week or longer before seeing results, but the results were apparent that very day. I was a bit unsure if it was just how I was feeling or if it was the pills themselves, so I continued to take the pills twice a day, as directed.

Train’s Bulletproof Picasso Album Review

If you loved Train before then you will really love them after listening to this album! With a Maroon 5 flare and an upbeat sound, Bulletproof Picasso has everything that a music lover yearns for in an album! It contains songs that will make you laugh, songs that will make you dance, and songs that will make you cry. Train has a way of provoking emotions in me through their music that many bands are lacking. Maybe it is Patrick Monahan's sweet and smooth vocals that never miss a pitch or maybe it's the sweet melody of of guitar that keeps me wanting more. Whatever it is Train has got it goin on!
MusicSubscription Boxes

The Music Box Subscription

Yes! FINALLY a subscription box completely dedicated to music! I was shaking with excitement when I found this subscription service! It is a musician and a music producer's dream come true. Maybe I am more excited than most, but I am addicted to anything music related! Click here to see the contents!

Lauren Brooke’s Organic Cosmetiques

Hello ladies! What is your favorite brand of Organic cosmetics? Have you ever even tried organic makeup? If not, then you NEED to understand the benefits of it! Cosmetics with natural ingredients are great for your skin! Rather than clogging your pores and leaving your face looking and feeling too oily, too dry, or washed out, it leaves your skin looking refreshed, clean, and healthy! Did you know that your skin absorbes 60% of what you apply to it? That means that all of those toxins and chemicals in your make up is being soaked right into your skin! I am not saying that I only wear organic makeup, but if my skin is having a bad week, I go organic for awhile! If you decide to go organic, you should definitely begin with Lauren Brooke's Cosmetiques.

Top 5 Beauty Essentials for the Traveling Woman

Ladies, you have all been there before. You are packing for a trip and trying to decide which beauty items to stuff into that tiny ziplock bag! Checking a bag is just too time consuming and expensive, so you want to “carry on” every item that you can. Oh the struggle… We NEED so many beauty items, but they obviously all will not fit into 1 tiny bag, so we have to pick and choose.
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