August 2014


Premier Dead Sea Beautifying Nail Kit

How often do you care for your nails? Do you dedicate the time and care that you should to them? Do you cut them, clean them, and file them regularly? I will admit that I have never been the best at taking care of my nails. I always make the excuse that I never have time. I now realize that it wasn’t so much about time, as it was about having the right tools to take care of my nails.

Ozeri’s Electric Wine Bottle Opener Review

If you don’t have a corkscrew opening a bottle of wine is just a pain. If you do have a corkscrew it’s a pain. Most of us just want to open the bottle and take a drink without the struggle of popping the cork out. A good company knows what its consumers desire. Ozeri always seems to produce products that have their customer’s best interests in mind. That’s why I knew that their Wine Bottle Opener would be better the better than any of the competitors’.

A Water Bottle With A Twist

This isn't your typical water bottle. Yes, it is a plastic bottle for water, BUT this water bottle has an infuser! What a great idea! At first I was unsure about this bottle. I was thinking that the infuser wouldn't be long enough to actually flavor my water. I was

The Dreaded Days of Chopping Garlic are OVER

That's correct ladies and gentlemen- You don't have to cut your garlic anymore! I am no professional cook. I am just an average person. I can't chop up an onion into perfect slices and I definitely can't chop garlic into the tiny pieces that I need when I cook. I don't cook all the time, but when I do I want the preparation to be fairly quick and easy. I don't cook for a big family; it's just my boyfriend and I. He is the main cook in the house, but I whip something up every now and then. Tonight he is cooking Chicken Parm for me for the first time! Obviously garlic is needed in a nice Italian meal. We like to use fresh garlic, but it seems to take FOREVER to chop it up into the right pieces! I am so delighted to say that I don't ever need to chop garlic again!

King Athletic’s Speed Jump Rope

Kings Athletic has a jump rope that is specifically made for fitness training. It’s is great to use for many different crossfit workouts like MMA, Boxing, and cardio fitness! It is lightweight, which makes it a speed rope! I think speed jump ropes are a great use for switching up

The Magic Sponge!

Have you ever used a product that completely blew your mind? Something so interesting, useful, and innovative that you can’t believe you didn’t come up with it yourself? That is exactly what I have found…

No Ice Bucket Challenge for MY Wine!

Ever buy a bottle of wine and want to drink it right away? Haha I know you are all thinking “Well of course!” Sometimes we can’t drink a nice glass of wine right away because it is warm. A cold glass of wine is so delicious and relaxing, we can’t waste a drop by drinking it warm! I would say it takes a few hours to chill a bottle of wine, in your refrigerator at least! If you don’t have the time or the patience to wait for your wine to chill then I have just the product for you…

Cleopatra’s Choice Shea Butter

Why choose THIS shea butter above others? Adovia/Cleopatra's Choice is a great company with high quality products! I have used about 5-6 different products from them and they are all superb! This product is also a really great price. I definitely recommend this shea butter to any DIY/Crafty person or anyone looking for a pure and healthy product for their skin!

The Stainless Steel Hydracentials Water Bottle

I am always searching for a nice water bottle. My boyfriend and I both love new, weird, or unique cups, bottle, or jars. I personally love a bottle that I can take with me wherever I can go. That means a water bottle with a tight fitting lid, straw, and a thin bottle that can fit into my cup holder. Lucky for me, I have found just that.

A FREE way to save 3¢ per gallon of GAS!

YES ladies and gentlemen it is TRUE! There are good people out there. There are honest and reliable companies. There ARE companies that say "Hey! Help me to help YOU." That is what Shell is doing with their Fuel Rewards program. They are giving money BACK! Crazy right? I almost couldn't believe it myself.

REVIEW: AUTOGRAPHED One Direction Makeup Set

Well everyone! In celebration of the Macys One Direction Makeup launch, It is time yet again for another One Direction makeup set giveaway!! Woohoo! The difference this time is that these sets are autographed by One Direction :D How exciting! Just like before 25 lucky winners will receive one limited edition One Direction Makeup set from The Looks Collection!

REVIEW: Hair She Goes Hair Removal Kit

This one goes out to all of my beautiful ladies out there. Hair Removal.... YUCK. We all hate hair and we all hate to talk about it. Why? Because we wish that hair removal wasn't an issue. Why can't we just be born with smooth legs, a soft face, and perfectly shaped eyebrows? The fact of the matter is that we are not perfect.

How Prospect Tea Compares to Southern Tea

I am from the South. When I say South I mean a farm living, backwoods loving, country music listening, everyone knows everyone sort of place! While I may not fit into all of those categories (City girl at heart) there are a few things I can’t deny. I part with my love for the Southern cooking and you cannot have country cooking without a nice HUGE glass full of SWEET TEA!! Aghh… my mouth just watered.

Your Workout Just Became Exciting!

Sometimes working out is just plain BORING. It is to me at least. I think that we all get to that point to where working out the same way over and over again is boring and it begins to feel like work. When it begins to feel like work, we tend to start slacking. There is nothing like a new workout tool to help spice up your workouts!

Purple Prairie Organic Soaps Review

I LOVE trying new soaps. I especially love soaps that fill my home with a delightful scent. I was lucky enough to receive a wide variety of soap samples from Purple Prairie. I am incredibly pleased with my experience and would like to share it with all of you.
FashionSubscription Boxes

Rocks Box Review #2

Guess what! I got a new Rocks Box! Woohoo! I am LOVING this one. I actually like it better than the last one. This is my second one and now I am hooked. I love all of the jewelry in this one and I really wish that I could keep it all hehehe. I have a serious addiction to jewelry. Check out my review to get your first month FREE!
FoodSubscription Boxes

Try The World Subscription Box Review & Coupon Code

Who doesn’t love to travel the world? Most of us love to travel, to see new places, and to try new things. Like I have said before, I love to try new foods when I visit new places. Trying new and unique foods is one of my FAVORITE things about traveling. The smell, the taste, it really makes me nostalgic. If you don’t travel or you can’t travel you can still experience the culture, the nostalgia, the sweet sensation of trying something that someone in another city, state, or country eats every day! With that said I must introduce you to the Try The World subscription box. Keep reading to see what I received in the Paris Box!

Why You NEED Beauty By Shea’s Organic Shea Butter

The most natural and healthy thing you can do for your skin is use organic Shea butter. If you don’t know much about Shea butter, don’t worry. I am here to inform you and tell you about the 100% Raw Organic Shea Butter that I received from Beauty By Shea. Also, you will have a chance to win some of your own!

One Manufacturing Review

How many times have you dusted and knocked things over? How many times have you tried to squeeze your duster into that tiny area and it just doesn't get the job done? Sometimes wouldn't it just be better to use your hand? That's what One Manufacturing thinks too! Keep reading
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