July 2014


The Importance of Washing Makeup Brushes

Hello all of you beautiful makeup lovers! It is easy to say we love makeup, but do you pay attention to what you are putting on your face? No, not the makeup, we will get into that later… but the brushes. How often do you clean your brushes?

REVIEW: Simply Essential Angled Kabuki Brush

I love a good makeup brush! Soft bristles well put together… There is nothing worse than a brush that feels like is scratching your skin or a brush that sheds all over your beautiful face! Honestly, it is really difficult to find a good makeup brush online. You don’t know how it feels or if it sheds! You depend strictly on honest reviews from customers, that is why I am here to help you today J

REVIEW: Colvita Collagen Supplements

Colvita Collagen supplements are great for any woman! These supplements are for Natural Skin Care, Anti-Agin, and joint pain relief! They make your skin softer and smoother and more radiant! They tone, firm, and tighten your skin. These capsules aren't too big, so they are easy to swallow. The pack comes with a good amount, but you can choose the amount of capsules you would like when you order. I take these often and there aren't any side effects! I would definitely recommend these!

REVIEW: Everyday Minerals Cosmetics

If you have talked to me about make up, you know that I have an obsession with mineral makeup. I love everything about it. I love that most mineral makeups are all natural. I love that they are easy to use and absolutely beautiful on. One of my favorite things about mineral makeup is the pigment. I love that you can get a nice natural look just by dusting the makeup on and then get an intense look by wetting your brush. I recently tried a new makeup that I fell in love with.

Exploding Bath Surprise

My bath is exploding! Oh wait, it’s just an awesome, yummy, BLUE bath bomb! But this isn’t an ordinary bath bomb, this is a magical bath bomb that smells like Hawaiian Plumeria and has something special inside. Keep reading and I will tell you hehe.

Finally, Candles For Men!

Oh the famous Man Cave. A place for men to do, I don’t know what because I am a woman and I wouldn’t dare step foot in a dirty, stinky man cave. Hehe. I assume that every Man Cave has some sort of disgusting scent that needs to be masked. LolWhat do you do to freshen up your home? I always light a candle. There are so many yummy scents- lavender, vanilla, peony, cinnamon buns, candy canes, pine… I could go on forever with this list! What I have noticed though, that there aren’t scents targeted directly toward men. Most men, don’t care for the fruity, flowery scents that we love. Frankly, most men don’t care about candles.I decided to do a search for man candles and I found an awesome company! Man Cave Candles creates candles for men. These are unique fragrances that all men love. These are scents that we would never even think of for a candle!

Enter to Win a Tropical Paradise in Your Shower

REAL coconut water for bathing? What? Who thought of something so unique? Dial of course! Real coconut water, mixed with yummy mango makes for a tropical paradise in your shower! Coconut water is rich with antioxidant and electrolytes leaving your skin hydrated and fresh! This fresh body wash just hit stores in July 2014...

Review: Natural Collagen Inventia

Okay, so I will admit it. I have the worse dry lips. My issue is that I hate to wear chapstick. I am so stubborn. I don’t like anything glossy on my lips, unless its really really nice. Luckily, the product that I was sent from Collagen works really well. I am hydrating my lips, one product at a time. hehe

Pulse by Sengled LED Speakers

Morning are so hectic, rushing the kids to get ready for school, cooking breakfast, trying to pump the kids up and get them ready for the day. Anything that will stimulate the mind before school or work is a perfect way to start the day. What about music? Music is a fun and relaxing way to get everyone in a great mood first thing in the morning! Being in the music industry, I know how important of an impact music can make on our daily moods. Why not begin every morning, at home with music?

Make it RAIN Money with Liquid Money – GIVEAWAY ALERT

Do you love the smell of success? Who doesn’t right? There is no better feeling than finally succeeding at something that you have worked so hard for. Everything is falling into place, finally. You made it to that point in your career where you are comfortable and confident. The money is finally rolling in. Oh you smell it... Sometimes you just want everyone to understand your success and to be just as excited as you are. Have you ever just wanted money to fall from the sky, so everyone could be just as excited as you are? Well, that can kinda happen. No, not real money; NOT monopoly money either. Liquid money.

Get to Choppin with Kitchen IQ – Giveaway ALERT

You are finally in the mood to cook a beautiful meal for your family. This wont be an ordinary, hamburgers and hotdogs night. This is a 4 course meal sort of night and you are cooking everything from scratch! You have all of meal and veggies on their cutting boards and you are ready to get to choppin! When all of a sudden something terrible happens…

Petbrosia Pet Food Giveaway and Review

GIVEAWAY ALERT! How much do you love your pets? Haha. Silly question. Hopefully, if you have a pet you love it like it is your child! I have 3 cats and I would do anything for my babies. I love them to pieces, but the truth is, they got a little chunky throughout the years. Luckily there is a company that makes cat and dog food for pets with allergies or health concerns. They send you a food based on your cat/dogs size, breed, gender, activity level, and health concerns. Their food is Salmon & Sweet Potato Grain-Free. They use only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients, grown and raised by farmers across America. No corn, No wheat, No soy, and No by-products.

Adovia Mineral Eye Gel

Adovia has great products. This is a company that I love to work with because their products always impress me. I have a new product to introduce to you. They use dead sea minerals in all of their products, which makes them really unique. I am here to introduce you to another dead sea mineral product that they have.

My Feet Feel Super with Superfeet

I am thrilled to introduce you to Superfeet! This is a company that specializes in custom orthotics. With carbon fiber, blended polymer material, and an ultralight foam, Superfeet has created an amazing high performance insole! My feet feel super with superfeet!

One Direction Makeup Review

I am thrilled to announce a giveaway that I am co-hosting! 50 lucky winners will be receiving a Makeup One Direction Tin, before it hits stores!! Below are pictures of the 3 different makeup tins that they have. You could be a lucky winner of one of these tins!! After you enter the giveaway here, hop on over to Bites Reviews You Can Use for a second chance to win! Also, keep your eyes peeled because we will be reviewing a makeup tin so you can get even more excited about the release!

Abundance of Smell

Ahh don’t you just love natural ingredients? There is something about natural ingredients and fresh smells that make me very happy. What about homemade items? Anything homemade warms my heart because you know that what you have received is not exactly the same as anything else in the world! Well, lucky me, I have come across a company that incorporates all three of the things that I love- natural, fresh, and homemade. These soaps have an ABUNDANCE of smell which lead to an ABUNDANCE of clean, great smelling bodies in my household hehe. Abundance Soaps sent me two lovely soaps to review.

Ozeri’s Green, Green Earth Frying Pan

Where should I start? Upon receiving this I was super excited. A lime green frying pan? Count me in! haha. Not only is it a beautiful color green, it is green as in safe for the environment. A frying pan is “Green”? Who thinks of that? Ozeri does and it was very well thought out. Let me explain.
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