May 2014

FashionSubscription Boxes

REVIEW: The Blues Jean Bar Express

As soon as I signed up a stylist contacted me through email. (I am not 100% sure how long it typically takes for a stylist to reach out to you after signing up, but being that I am a blogger, I was already in contact with the BJB Director; she knew I was signing up at that moment.) She welcomed me to their site and asked me if there was anything specific I would like to see in my box. I told her that I love accessories and I wear jeans daily. I also mentioned that I was going to a music festival in June and asked that she put anything comfortable and stylish that would be trendy enough for a festival. She put a box together for me based on my direct requests and my style information from when I signed up.

REVIEW: Adovia Mineral Balsam Conditioner

First impression: I was impressed by the size of the bottle. It is 7.4 fl oz, which is difficult to find in a deep conditioner. Usually deep conditioners come in a small bottle since you don’t use them as often and regular conditioner. Like I do with all beauty products, I twisted off the cap and smelled the conditioner. It has a musty smell, kind of like a deep cologne or perfume. I personally love the smell. It leaves an amazing scent on your hair for the rest of the day after using it.

Review: Oz Naturals’ Anti Age Serum

First impression: This serum comes in a glass bottle with a dropper for an applicator. When I first received the product I opened it to smell it. The smell isn’t anything special. It doesn’t smell great, but it doesn’t smell terrible. I wish this serum had a citrus scent since it is a Vitamin C serum.

REVIEW: Hanau Premium Liquor Cakes

Absolutely delicious and addicting! I cannot get enough of these cakes. You cannot just have one slice. Great for any occasion and taste great after any meal! They are literally #CakesWithAKick!!

REVIEW: Pure Essential Minerals Dead Sea Mud Mask

First impression: Upon receiving the product I was happy to see that it came in a 6oz tub. This is a great amount for a facemask. I immediately opened the mud mask tub and smelled it. I was so happy that it had a pleasant smell. In my opinion it smells just like mint and eucalyptus. I then read all of the ingredients. Every ingredient is natural! AND it is cruelty free. I had to use the product right away.

REVIEW: Gillette Venus With Snap Embrace

First Impression: As soon as I opened my door to the very decorative Gillette Venus box I was excited! I ripped the box open and found a tiny blue container. “Hmm…” I thought, “Is this just a razor blade or is it the entire razor?” This razor is so small! It took me a few minutes to realize that the handle was meant for me to use and not just to hold the razor blade (haha).

REVIEW: Pure Essentials Morocco Argan Oil Hair Mask

First Impression: My first impression of this product after opening the tub was that the tub was only half full. I thought to myself, “Had I purchased this product, I would be very disappointed.” So I immediately smelled the hair treatment mask because I want to know how my hair is going to smell. I am sorry to say that the smell of the hair mask was not a pleasant one. Based on my first impression, I was not pleased with the quanity or quality of the product.

Review: Valentia Even Glow Vitamin C Serum

I will be doing a 3 day review on this product because I don’t believe that 1 day is enough to say whether or not the product does what it claims to do. I will use it each night before bed and I will tell you if I wake up with glowing, smooth skin. I’m curious to see if my skin still feels moisturized, smooth, and glowing with makeup on over the product. I hope this works as well as it is intended to because I would love to include this in my daily routine.
Shop Miss A

Shop Miss A Review – All the pretty little things for only $1 is an awesome new website that sells rings, bracelets, necklaces, nail polish, makeup, and accessories. Here is the kicker- Everything is only $1.00 !! This site is great! In the past month I have purchased about 5 times from them and I have not been disappointed. For only $1.00 the quality of the products is really good. If you are a fan of midi rings like I am, this site has tons of them! Oh and did I mention the shipping for the US is a flat rate of $3.95!
FashionSubscription Boxes

REVIEW: Cypress and 5th – Best Clothing Subscription Service

I don't usually do this, but I have to brag about this company Cypress and 5th is a subscription service that opens a virutal dressing room for you each month. After taking a style quiz, they add tops, bottoms, dresses, and accessories to your dressing room and you can choose either 1 top, 1 bottom, and 1 accessory or a dress and 1 accessory for only $75.00 a month! If for some reason the items in the dressing room aren't necessarily your style, they will open new dressing room for you. I am talking great quality and fashionable items!