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Spoiler Free Get Out Movie Review: GET OUT of the house and see this movie ASAP! #GetOut

Spoiler Free Get Out movie review The movie immediately begins with action. I was cringing within the first 5 minutes and laughing in the next 10 minutes. Get Out is directed by a comedian, so you can expect some comedic relief. I'm easy to win over with comedy, but I'm really picky with the type of comedy I like – especially in a thriller flick. The comedy was blended into the story very well. It didn't feel as if the comedy was an after thought or forced, it was all natural and didn't take away from the tone in the slightest. I'm not a fan of Jordan Peele as a comedian, but the work he did for this film is genius and was respected & acknowledged by the audience. The laugh factor was on-point, as was the story.
How to Host a viewing party - light between oceans

How to host a viewing party – for a group of women & a drama flick #LightBetweenOceansBluray

Where does on learn how to host a viewing party exactly? I mean, we all have to learn somewhere. Maybe you've picked up ideas on blogs or from friends, but for me – I learned from experience and creativity. You'd be surprised at what you can do when you really put your heart into something. I was recently approached by DreamWorks to host my very own Light Between Oceans viewing party. This is a major drama flick, so I decided that my overall theme would be comfort. The guests at my viewing party were all women, so I made it a point to cater to them. If you're looking to host a viewing party for a drama flick, keep these tips in mind.
10 anticipated DVD/Blu-ray releases to add to your collection immediately #NewReleases

10 anticipated DVD/Blu-ray releases to add to your collection immediately #NewReleases

I love walking into the new year knowing that a ton of new films are set to release on DVD/Blu-ray! What better way to start a new year than with a bunch of new films to binge-watch at home? The weather has been cool and rainy here in Florida. Basically, the cuddle weather is on point which means my Blu-ray collection is wearing out. I've watched everything at least twice already, so I'm loading up my wish list with these new films and I think you should too! Most of these have not been released just yet, but are available for preorder on Amazon.
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