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The Lion Guard Unleash The Power DVD
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The Lion King is back with The Lion Guard Unleash The Power DVD – Includes a free necklace!

I often catch myself singing songs from the original The Lion King. There’s something about Disney movies that stick with you forever. I’ll always have a deep rooted love for The Lion King, so The Lion Guard has a special place in my heart before I ever even watched it. Now that I have watched it, I’m a huge fan. What kind of woman would I be if I didn’t? Not the kind of person I’d hang out with, that’s for sure! The Lion Guard is onto a new season – The Lion Guard Unleash The Power. I’m telling you that it’s so much fun! You’ll find yourself watching it long after the kids go to bed.

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55 Acts of Kindness Bucket List – with free bucket list printable #WomenPrettiesBucketList

It’s important in our lives to do as many kind things as possible. Some people don’t believe this, but I think the reason for our existence is to help one another. It doesn’t have to be big acts of heroism. It’s the little things that matter. You’d be amazed at how a simple act of kindness can change a person’s day or even change their life. It’s something that we, as individuals, should be practicing and something that we should be teaching the new generations. This is my 50 acts of kindness bucket list. You can even get this free bucket list checklist printable to check off all of the 50 acts of kindness! It’s something fun to do as a family, individually, or with friends.

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4 ways to get the family excited for Pete's Dragon (as if they need help) #PetesDragon
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4 ways to get the family excited for Pete’s Dragon (as if they need help) #PetesDragon

Pete’s Dragon is slowly inching closer and I’m getting antsy! I’m sure there’s are tons of you out there getting more excited as each day approaches. Pete’s Dragon is another Disney classic that’s being brought back to the big screen as a live-action film. Sometimes I feel like nobody is as excited as I am about new movies. That’s why I have a few ideas to get everyone just as excited as I am for Pete’s Dragon. Enjoy!

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When Home- Adventures with Tip & Oh premieres on Netflix July 29, Tip and Oh zoom past a moon made of sugar as they journey to the grand Gorg Birthday celebration.
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4 reasons Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh will make you laugh hysterically

I had the pleasure of watching a couple of episodes of the new Netflix series, Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh. After watching DreamWorks movie Home a few too many times, I was ecstatic to be invited on a press trip to get a sneak peek of the show and to chat with the stars! If you liked the movie, you will love the show! It’s the craziest, silliest, funniest show that you’ll ever see.

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