Thinking about visiting Universal's new King Kong ride? Consider these tips before going!

6 tips to prepare for Universal’s new King Kong ride – Skull Island: Reign of Kong #UniversalMoments

We finally got the chance to ride Universal's Skull Island: Reign of Kong! We are annual passholders, but it's been quite a busy summer since the new Universal King Kong ride has opened. We've visited quite a few times since they started building Kong and we were just so in awe of how realistic it looked. When you're walking through Islands of Adventure you will see the mountains from Skull Island from far away. We were so excited the first time we saw them. We would try to peek over the wall every chance that we got. Then it finally opened!
MSC Cruises Beauty Services

These MSC Cruises beauty services make me want to jump onboard right now

MSC Cruises guests can now benefit from a comprehensive range of high-end, exclusive hair styling salon services whilst at sea, so that they can enjoy and indulge this additional element of pampering and look fantastic, whatever the occasion. The complete offering includes everything from a shampoo and style through to a hydrating oil therapy to revitalise hair.
AIMExpo is coming to ORLANDO!

The AIMExpo is coming to Orlando! – Tickets available for purchase now! #CentralFlorida #Orlando #AIMExpo

In honor of Independence Day, and the sense of freedom riding brings, AIMExpo is celebrating our nation’s birthday with a special 2 for 1 Admission Special. This extra-special savings makes AIMExpo more affordable than ever for the whole family as kids 14 and under are free when accompanied by a ticketed adult using promo code FIREWORKS16. This special Fourth of July promotion is available for a limited time, with the offer ending on Sunday, July 31th. Don’t miss out!
Cirque De Soleil Florida

Cirque De Soleil’s ‘OVO’ is coming to Florida| #Orlando #CentralFlorida #OVO

If you've never attended a Cirque De Soleil then you don't know what you're missing! I love to describe Cirque De Soleil has a circus on fire. It's a group of performance that have mastered their art. You will never see them slip, fall, or fumble. These talented performers do tricks, sing, dance, and put on a show that will have you mesmerized. And now... they are back with their newest production, OVO.
Dr Phillips Center front

Why everyone needs to see a show at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Orlando, FL #ArtsForEveryLife

From the food to the beauty of the place, the Dr. Phillips Center is truly one that every Floridian should visit. If there were one show at two locations, I would choose the one at Dr. Phillips Center every time. It sticks with the classic feel of an old theater, while adding just the right of modernness to keep up with what we want in a facility that we are going to spend hours at.
Orlando Ballet Production Team

The Orlando Ballet delivers an emotional and powerful Beauty and The Beast performance #OrlandoBallet

I had the pleasure of attending the Orlando Ballet's performance of Beauty and The Beast this Spring at the Dr. Phillips Center of the Performing Arts in Orlando, Florida. The experience was absolutely incredible. I laughed, I gasped, I cried, and I just can't stop talking about the fun that we had. It more than I could have ever imagined my first ballet to be
Painting With a Twist Orange City Studio

My Experience at Painting With a Twist in Orange City, FL #PWATOrangeCity

I've always wanted to find something unique and fun to do with my friends and family. I'm not the most creative when it comes to finding something fun and affordable to do. When I was approached with an idea to add Painting With a Twist to this year's Holiday Gift Guide, I just knew that it was something I would love to experience myself. I live in Deltona, Florida which is right near Orange City. I was able to set up an experience for a friend and I at the Orange City Painting With a Twist. I've done something similar to this, so I kind of knew what to expect. What I didn't expect was the incredibly comfortable and laid-back atmosphere.

5 Reasons to Vacation in Daytona Beach & My Ideal 3-Day Itinerary

I've lived in Florida my entire life and one of my vacation destinations has always been Daytona Beach. In fact, I was just there for Valentine's Day and I am ready to visit again. There's so much to do! I think that Daytona Beach is very underrated and a lot of people are missing out on all the vacation options and amenities available at Daytona Beach. Whether you're vacationing with the family or on a romantic getaway, Daytona Beach is one of the top vacation destinations in Florida and the festival capital of Florida.

Let Florida Environmental Pest Management Save Your Home #LoveFL

If you live in Florida you know that you cannot step foot outside without seeing bugs everywhere. It's a way of life for us. While we are used to seeing the bugs outside, we aren't happy when they invade our lawns and our homes. When it comes to indoor insect control, it's difficult to find a reliable pest control company. So many companies make promises that are unrealistic. They set your hopes so high that they are bound to fail you. If you want a reliable, flexible, and expert pest control company then you need Florida Environmental Pest Management.

Experience This: The Orlando Walker Stalker Con – #WSCOrlando

Hello my pretties! I had a fabulous day. I spent half of my day roaming around the Walker Stalker Con during their stop in Orlando this weekend (6/27-6/28, 2015). There's something that you should know about me. I am a girly girl with a horror film guilty pleasure. I was overwhelmed with joy at the thought of attending this zombie/horror related con!! I am not a super fan of The Walking Dead, but my boyfriend sure is. I knew that one way or another, we would have to go.

Tabla – The ONLY Indian, Chinese, & Thai Restaurant in Orlando

I was given the wonderful opportunity to try a restaurant near me that is like no other. Newly renovated, Tabla has opened it's doors once again - this time with a new twist on authentic cultured cuisine. Tabla is the only restaurant in Orlando that specializes in Thai, Chinese, and Indian food. If you're anything like me, you are thinking, "Okay, well what do they really specialize in?" Tabla has a group of professional and experienced chefs, each specializing in a specific cuisine: Thai, Chinese, and Indian. Anything that you choose to order, whether it be some delicious Indian Curry, Lemon Coriander Soup, or Mango Tirimasu, you can expect your dish to be made authentically, using fresh and quality ingredients.

My Experience at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo (& Discount on Admission!)

I have always been a huge animal lover, so visiting zoos and aquariums is kinda my thing. I have been to a lot of great zoos, some large and some small. The different animals from around the world never cease to intrigue me. With all of my fun zoo experiences, I can honestly say that Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo is my absolute favorite. From the safety and quality of the animal areas to the friendly and helpful staff, it's no wonder why Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo has been ranked #1 by multiple magazines.

Walker Stalker Con is Coming to Orlando! June 2015

Umm... How exciting is this?? I cannot wait! The Walking Dead characters will be there and OMG Giancarlo Esposito from Breaking Bad!! GUS!! Ahh I am totally fan girling right now! How exciting is this? I am going to try my best to go, so I can share my experience with all of you!

Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo Coupon and More

On May 11, 2002 Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo introduced Wallaroo Station, a 4.5 acre Australian-themed family area, where thousands of families with young children have enjoyed an interactive Australian adventure. The hands-on, family-friendly features helped the Zoo secure top honors from two national parenting magazines: Parents, "10 Best Zoos," (2009); and Child, "The 10 Best Zoos for Kids" (2004).

Experience This: Theresa Caputo Live! The Experience

I was given the wonderful opportunity to attend the Theresa Caputo Live! The Experience at the CFE Arena. The CFE Arena is on the UCF campus in Orlando, FL. This arena is the go-to venue for a lot of Central Florida sports and entertainment events throughout the year! In fact, I attended a Cirque De Solei show in this arena a couple years ago.
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